7 Baby Sleeping Bags with Sleeves: Keep Your Baby Safe and Warm

Keeping your baby warm while sleeping is important; we want our babies to get the best sleep possible, so that means finding the best sleeping temp. Since loose blankets are a no-no in a crib, try using baby sleeping bags with sleeves.

Wearable blankets come in many forms. Some have long sleeves, while some are vests. Some use cotton, while others use cozy fleece.

We used sleeping bags for all of my kids; I found it kept them plenty warm in our New Jersey winters but also perfect for newborns born in the warmer months. Even my toddlers enjoy cozying up with a sleep sack with sleeves!

Let’s take a look at some great options for baby sleeping bags with sleeves.

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Safe Sleeping Means No Blankets

Why wear baby sleeping bags with sleeves when you can just cover your baby with blankets?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, baby blankets are unsafe for use with infants. Doctors encourage parents to follow evidence-based safe sleeping habits, such as placing your baby on his back and keeping him in an empty crib.

The only thing that should be in the crib with your baby is a tightly fitted crib sheet.

However, we know that people, including babies, don’t want to sleep cold, and we tend to be colder while sleeping. How are parents supposed to keep their babies warm while sleeping without blankets?

One of the answers is to use wearable blankets! These go over top of your baby’s pajamas, adding an extra layer of warmth.

Babies get to literally wear their blankets – we should be jealous!

Sleep bags also have other benefits, such as:

  • They give your baby the cozy, snug feeling they enjoy but gives them freedom to move around safely.
  • It’s ideal for easy diaper changes in the middle of the night.
  • They’re great transition tools when you stop swaddling your infant.

The Different Fabrics for Baby Sleeping Bags

One of the most important features of baby sleeping bags. The fabric determines which ones are best for your baby and when they should wear them.

Many companies list the TOG rating of the garment – I include the details of each sleeping bag below – and this lets you know the warmth of the product.

Here are the general guidelines to remember when reviewing the materials for a wearable blanket.

  • 0.5 TOG – 74 to 78 degrees F
  • 1.0 TOG – 69 to 73 degrees F
  • 2.5 TOG – 61 to 68 degrees F
  • 3.5 TOG – 51 to 60 degrees F

You also should look at the fabric itself. 100% cotton is more breathable than polyester, so if you use a wearable blanket during warmer weather or when you keep your house at a warmer temperature, go for cotton.

I love muslin for warmer weather!

In the winter, polyester and plush fabric hold in more heat than cotton.

Don’t Overheat Your Baby

Babies are unable to properly regulate their body temperature, so in your quest to keep your baby warm, you might overheat them.

Overheating is a problem; it increases the risk of SIDS – sudden infant death syndrome. So, closely observe your child and ensure they’re wearing the correct fabrics and layers.

Here are a few signs your baby is too warm.

  • Sweating
  • Damp Hair
  • Heat Rashes
  • Red Cheeks
  • Heavy Breathing

7 Baby Sleeping Bags with Sleeves

1. Spasilk Baby Sleep Bag – Best for Everyday Wear

Sleep bags are great for babies to wear around the house when you have new babies. They’re cozy and make diaper changes even easier.

These sleeping bags by Spasilk are made with a single layer of 100% cotton. That means these bags are breathable and not too hot, especially during the summer.

These would be great to pair with a cotton onesie and some socks. My babies wore this outfit many times throughout the early weeks and months when we were staying home and cuddling.

2. Hudson Baby Plush Sleeping Bag – Best for Fall & Winter Sleep

Hudson Bay is known for creating adorable, high-quality baby items, and their plush baby sleeping bags with sleeves is a cozy option for fall and winter.

These sleeping bags are made with 100% plush, warm fabric that is soft and gentle on your baby’s skin. They come in a variety of size ranges from 0-6 months up to 18 to 24 months!

Since these bags are made with plush fabric, it’s best to save these for fall and winter sleeping time when the temperature starts to dip lower.

3. Hudson Baby Muslin Sleeping Bag – Best for Warm Weather Sleeping

You never want your baby to be too hot; it increases the risk of SIDS. However, babies also need to wear one more layer than adults, on average,

How are you supposed to dress your baby appropriately for sleep in the warmer temperatures?

The answer is to wear sleeping bags that have breathable fabrics! Hudson Baby created these wearable blankets using 100% cotton; muslin is one of the best fabrics for summer time or during warm weather.

These sleep sacks are warm, cozy, and comfortable for your baby. At the same time, they’ll keep your baby at a comfortable temperature while snoozing.

4. BloomSTAR Wearable Blanket with Sleeves – Great for Toddlers

Not all wearable blankets go up to toddler sizes, but the BloomSTAR Wearable Blanket goes up to 6T!

Yes, really!

This sleep sack is ideal for chilly temperatures – around 65 degrees F and lower – because it uses a material with a 2.5 TOG rating. It’s best not to use this if the temperature is any higher than 68 degrees F, or you risk your child becoming too hot.

If you like to keep your house at a lower temperature in the winter but need to keep your baby or toddler warm, you’ll love the BloomSTAR!

This cozy sleeping sack is made with 100% natural cotton on the inside with a cotton velvet shell. It even has a reversible zipper for easy diaper changing!

5. ChuChu Puff Sleep Sack – Best Sleeping Sack with Detachable Sleeves

If you’re looking for a year-round sleeping bag, the ChuChu Puff has detachable sleeves, making it perfect for year-round wearing.

ChuChu made their sleeping bag with 100% cotton and a two-way zipper, perfect for nighttime diaper changes. You can unzip from the bottom for easy changing.

The material has a 1 TOG rating, which means that it’s ideal for rooms with an AC or a heater. It’s not meant to keep your baby warm in cold temperatures.

The detachable sleeves adjust as you need; you can use this as a vest or a long-sleeve sleeping bag. You decide what your baby needs based on the temperatures.

ChuChu sells this sleeping bag in sizes ranging from small to 3XL and multiple colors.

6. Baby DeeDee Sleep Nest Travel Sleeping Bag – Ideal for Camping or Sleeping Outdoors

Headed out for a camping trip with your baby? You need a cozy warm sleeping bag with sleeves to keep your baby warm.

The Baby DeeDee Sleeping Bag is for indoor and outdoor use, but since the fabric uses material with a TOG rating of 3.5, most should use it for outside. A 3.5 TOG rating means that this keeps your baby warm in temperatures around 50 degrees F. If you’re taking your baby on a walk in the cold weather, this also works great!

The material is water resistant, so baby can join you in all your adventures, and it features removable sleeves and shoulder sips to make it easier to remove baby from the bag.

If you’re headed out on an adventure with your baby, the Baby DeeDee is a great option.

7. RestCloud Baby Sleep Bag with Feet – Best Sleeping Bag with Feet

Toddlers don’t always like to have their feet covered, so this sleeping bag has legs and feet openings. This design is ideal for older babies and toddlers.

RestCloud used 100% cotton to create this sleep bag, and it has a 2.5 TOG rating, so it’s ideal for chillier temperatures. It’s made with Oeko-Tex Standard materials that are safe and comfortable for your baby.

Another nice feature of this sleeping bag is the inverted zipper. You can unzip from top to bottom for easy dressing in whatever directions you want.

Following safe sleeping recommendations is important to reduce the risk of SIDS, so try these baby sleeping bags with sleeves to keep your baby safe and warm at night.

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