26 Best Quarantine Pregnancy Announcements

After the recent quarantine, there’s been an ongoing joke that the winter and spring of 2021 will bring about a huge baby boom. After all, we had nowhere to go and nothing else to do besides “Netflix and Chill.”

Regardless of the reason, if you were one of those who had an expectant or surprise pregnancy during the pandemic, you may want to reveal your quarantine pregnancy announcement in a funny way.

Here are some pregnancy announcement ideas for your quarantine coronavirus pregnancy! Have a laugh at some of these and hopefully it will give you some ideas for yours:

This quarantine pregnancy announcement reveals that this couple may have used their masks, but forgot a different kind of protection!

Use a flat lay pregnancy announcement to reveal your coronial baby! You can DIY a flat lay announcement or simply purchase one already made from Etsy. This way, you don’t have to purchase the items and the seller will customize it with your personalized information.

This quarantine pregnancy announcement is hysterical. This party of six will definitely be needing all of these items to keep them sane while quarantining with a newborn!

Quarantine has been pretty boring for some people, but others have definitely been keeping busy! This is another flat lay that can be purchased on Etsy or made yourself.

I guess Clorox, Lysol, and hand sanitizer isn’t enough protection against making a baby! This coronial made it well past that.

What an adorable little bear with a mask on! This is a nice quarantine baby announcement flat lay complete with a onesie, ultrasound, and little sign. These are the best types of digital announcements that are already made for you!

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Once again, not the right protection mom and dad!

Remember the toilet paper shortage?? So do I! Good thing that is over, but 2020 will still forever be remembered as the year that we hoarded toilet paper! Anyway, this onesie is adorable as a flat lay because when a baby is made in quarantine, it will stay in quarantine for 9 more months!

What a handsome little boy being promoted to a big brother just because his parents didn’t follow proper social distancing protocols.

Anyone else pack on the quarantine 15 or is it just me? This couple wants to clarify that it’s not just a food baby for this expecting mama- it’s a real baby!

These sweet little kids will have a younger sibling coming soon because mom and dad weren’t following proper social distancing protocols.

The toilet paper shortage was real in 2020! Thank goodness it’s back in stock! Grab this quarantine pregnancy announcement personalized with your name and date on Etsy.

A quarantine pregnancy is not like any normal pregnancy (trust me, I’m in one right now!). There’s so much more risk and worry while being pregnant in a pandemic and this picture shows just that!

This family may be a little confused on what protection they should be using in quarantine! Whoops!

Another gorgeous flat lay quarantine pregnancy announcement where mom and dad didn’t follow the rules! I love this one because it includes masks and other baby items.

These adorable sibling quarantine pregnancy announcements are so dang cute! I guess it’s good for this little one that her parents didn’t social distance because she’s getting a sibling!

This is such a beautiful flat lay quarantine pregnancy announcement with a social distancing fail onesie.

Clearly mom and dad can’t keep their hands off of each other. Don’t they know that 6 feet is the rule?!

If you’re revealing your quarantine pregnancy in person, this shirt is a great option! You can even use it for your photo reveal, as well.

Well played quarantine. You got this family expecting another baby!

I love the additionof the Corona beer in these quarantine pregnancy announcements. Obviously, there’s nothing funny about this virus, but we have to make light of the situation somehow, right?

Some of us were a lot busier than other during quarantine!

I hope you enjoyed these quarantine pregnancy announcement ideas. Have fun announcing your new baby to your family and friends! For more pregnancy announcement ideas, check these out:

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