23 Adorable DIY Christmas Baby Photo Ideas

Halloween is over, which basically means Christmas is next weekend (that’s how it works right..)? This has everyone falling into the Christmas spirit with visions of sugar plums and gingerbread men dancing in our heads.

With Christmas items in every major store and holiday tunes already filling up the radio, you will definitely be feeling the excitement of getting some cute Christmas baby photos!

Christmas is the perfect time to capture some of the most adorable moments of your little one’s early years, with so many options of themes and outfit choices, how can you choose just one?

Before you get started:

Here are some tips for taking your baby’s photos easily and capture them looking almost professional!

  • Use Natural Lighting
    • Lighting can make or break your photos. The overhead lights in your home will give your photos a yellow tint to them and it’s hard to get that out even when editing. Set up your backdrop near a window that gets the most light in your house.  
  • Have an assistant on hand
    • Don’t expect to take these photos all by yourself.  Make sure someone is around to help you position the baby and get their attention.  
  • You don’t need to have a fancy camera
    • New smart phones have excellent cameras and if you’re not planning on blowing up the pictures very large, they are sufficient to print. 
  • Use Simple Props
    • Dust off your Christmas decor and get started!

Grab your iphone or camera, head out to your storage building, and pick one of the following adorable photo options. You are sure to find the perfect one to add to your Christmas cards this season!

Christmas Baby Pictures

A baby in a Santa Bucket makes an adorable photo app this Christmas. Throw them right in front of your Christmas tree with some ornaments and a mountain of presents and you have an adorable Christmas baby photo.

via Instagram

This picture is adorable with all the Christmas lights scattered. Good lighting makes this a Pinterest worth photo so play with the lighting in your home to get the perfect glare of the lights and your baby’s face.

Grab a fuzzy white blanket or rug, add this adorable hat and bootie set from Etsy, and finally let your baby hold one of your favorite Christmas story books and you are all set for this photo opp!

To recreate this simply adorable “elf on a shelf” look, all you need is a cute little costume – like this one from Etsy, a white shelf, a jar, and some candy canes!

Now, this picture gives the illusion of your baby being on the wall, but all you need to do to achieve this look is lay your props on the ground (with a backdrop of choice), and simply “set” your baby atop the shelf! Easy peasy!

If you are crafty this crochet snowman pattern is the perfect Christmas photo prop! Add some fluffy fake snow, and a Christmas tree in the background and you have it!

Sleepy little newborns would be great for propping up during this photo! If you don’t feel like being crafty you can buy the finished product here!

Do you have a milk drunk baby? Set up the scene that Santa is sleeping on the job with a adorable crochet Santa outfit, some lights, and milk and cookies.

I love this photo with the sweet baby in Christmas pajamas the background. You can hold up a festive Christmas mug or decoration to make it unique.

via Simple Fashion Lovee on Instagram

How cute is a naked baby with just booties and a Santa hat? Adorable! Position him so there’s nothing showing but his chubby little rolls and holiday garb.

Dress your baby up like a little elf and perch him atop of anything! This picture is funny with him sitting on dad, but you can pull this stunt anywhere!

Use a red blanket and some garland to give the appearance of your baby in a stocking. We know babies can fall asleep anywhere so do this trick while they’re sleeping in a large open space.

If your baby is still small enough to fit into a real stocking, get them in there! How cute is this photo op with the lights too?

Is your baby stealing Santa’s treats? You simply cannot go wrong with a milk drunk and cookies photo shoot!

Add an adorable Santa Suit and you have a recipe for the most adorable Christmas photo of all time! Choose an area with good lighting and pick a time when your baby will be sleepy for the best results. The best part is that you likely have everything you need for this photo already in your home!

What could be better than milk and cookies? A cute little baby bottom of course! This enchanting Christmas baby photo can be used even without the arrival of a new baby brother!

Write anything you want on the chalkboard sign or you can even go without the sign and just display your Christmas tree in the background. This one also doesn’t require many props except for a blanket, chalkboard, and this adorable little hat!

If you have a little one this holiday season, you'll need to snap some good Christmas baby photos. Here are some unique & adorable ideas

What is Christmas without presents? And your little one will be the most charming little present under the tree!

I love the simplicity of this photo! Simply grab a box and wrap it in some festive paper and ribbon. If you’re not feeling crafty, you can purchase a ready made gift box photo prop here! Don’t forget a fluffy white blanket or rug, and a little bow or hat to complete the look!

You can find some gorgeous Christmas throw pillows at your local Home Goods that would make great props for a baby photo. Simply prop your baby up against the pillow and put them in a festive outfit, and there’s a simple, yet adorable photo!

Lay your sleeping baby atop a fuzzy white blanket while wearing some festive Christmas Pj’s. Add a Christmas bow on top of their head to really pull the look together!

This look is simplistic, and yet really pulls on the heart strings! This will be a photo you will be able to enjoy for years to come!

You can’t go wrong with a baby in a milk bath and Christmas offers the perfect opportunity to make this photo opportunity even cuter! With a spin on the traditional milk bath by adding Christmas cookies or decor, you have a seasonal photo in minutes.

If you have a little one this holiday season, you'll need to snap some good Christmas baby photos. Here are some unique & adorable ideas
Via Dotty Lotty Photography

If you are looking for a quick and simple photo opportunity, you won’t find a better one than this! All you need is a bowl big enough for your baby, some ornaments, and a cute little Santa hat like this one! If you are feeling up to it you could even change out the color of ornaments or the hat for a completely different look!

Do you love milk bath photos? What about hot chocolate bath photos? (Don’t worry no babies were harmed in the makings of these photos!)

What looks like hot chocolate is actually a few drops of brown food coloring mixed in with some powdered milk and water. Toss in a few jumbo marshmallows and add one sweet baby! Don’t forget to add a cute hat or festive bow to complete the look!

Need another super simple photo idea? You can’t get any simpler than this!

All you need is a classic Christmas story book, some cute Christmas Jammies and an adorable sleeping baby! Pick an area with good lighting that is free of clutter and you will have a Christmas photo everyone will enjoy!

Sometimes you just need to take it back to the basics! A beautiful photo of your precious wide eyed little baby in the anticipation of opening presents can be the perfect Christmas photo keepsake! Bonus? You don’t need to purchase a single extra prop! Simply place your baby down in front of the presents and snap away!

You can’t have baby photos without cute little baby bums! If you have a younger baby you can have them lay on their belly for this photo. Prop up a white sheet for a backdrop and then simply add a cute Santa or Christmas hat and you are good to go!

If you have a little one this holiday season, you'll need to snap some good Christmas baby photos. Here are some unique & adorable ideas

You will definitely need a helper for this cute photo, but it is completely worth it!

Ask your adult helper to put on a Santa costume and add a cute Christmas outfit for your little one! Have “Santa” to bend down and hold your baby’s hands for a simply adorable Christmas moment!

Christmas wrapped up in a single photo with a cute Christmas tree, ornament, and your sweet little wide eyed baby! Place them on the ground underneath the Christmas tree and they’ll have a blast swatting at the ornaments, making for adorable baby Christmas photos.

I hope you enjoy this season with your little one and get those cute, Christmas baby pictures you are envisioning! If you need more Christmas inspiration, check out these 21 Adorable Christmas Pregnancy Announcements for Siblings or 38 Christmas Pregnancy Announcements.

If you have a little one this holiday season, you'll need to snap some good Christmas baby photos. Here are some unique & adorable ideas for newborns, infants, and babies.
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