36 Sibling Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for a 2nd or 3rd Baby

Congrats on your 2nd, 3rd, or maybe even 4th pregnancy and giving your child a little sister or brother! I believe a sibling is literally the best present you can give your children (even though they may not realize it until much later on).

I bet you can’t wait to share the news and make your big sibling pregnancy announcement to family and friends. However, you may be looking for the perfect way to announce it. Do you want to be funny? Sentimental? Sweet? You will surely get an idea here.

If you have just recently found out that you’re pregnant, you’re probably anxiously awaiting the right time to tell family, friends, and coworkers the news of your 2nd baby.

Depending on how long you will wait, your sibling pregnancy announcement will come soon enough. Check out the images below for fun ways to capture that moment.

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Sibling Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Below are some clever ways to share the great news of your 2nd baby (or more) with family, friends, and the internet world. Some ideas are sweet and some are funny, but hopefully this will spark some creativity for your perfect sibling pregnancy announcement!

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Script Baby Balloon

Of course this one is my favorite because it’s mine! This script baby balloon is super popular right now as a way to make your sibling pregnancy announcement. You can even blow it up yourself and don’t need helium! My goal was to have the kids holding the balloon while we were in the background holding the “bump.” However, my actual favorite picture is the one where my husband is holding the balloon and the kids are hugging me and the new baby.

Big Sis or Bro Letter Balloons

These Big Bro or Big Sis Balloons make an awesome photo prop for a 2nd pregnancy announcement. They’re also easy to blow up yourself and don’t require helium. Using these balloons as a backdrop will allow you to sit your child anywhere and snap an adorable photo.

Number Balloons

Showing off the baby number with a number balloon is a cute idea. This works best for a 3rd or 4th pregnancy announcement. You can get these balloons in different sizes from small to large, but the larger ones require helium.

One more to love

I love the sweetness in this photo announcing their second pregnancy. Showing off the tiny baby onesie and still loving on their sweet baby is adorable.

These adorable, matching denim jackets (available on Etsy) make the perfect 2nd baby announcement. They are embroidered on the back so you won’t see your faces in the photo, but it still makes an adorable photo!

What’s a sibling?

This little girl is looking at the ultrasound image of her baby brother wondering, what’s this?? Use a felt letter board and some balloons for this sibling pregnancy announcement.

The Upset Older Sibling

Looking for the perfect idea to announce a pregnancy to family, friends, & the world? Here are great ideas that you will love for the big brother & sister.
Via Alex at AlwaysUs

These upset older siblings make for pretty hilarious announcements. Although you can’t predict what their reaction is going to be, in most cases, your toddler will probably not be cooperative during a photo shoot (so it works out!).

The Little Chef

Set up your child like a little chef with some kitchen appliances and a “recipe for a baby brother or sister.” You can grab a recipe sign from Etsy or make one yourself.

Family T-Shirts

The original, remix, encore, and mic drop shirts make an adorable sibling announcement. You can even do this for just the 2nd sibling with the original and the remix, but it gets even better with the more kids you have!

In this sibling pregnancy announcement, everyone has different family shirts. You can find the party of five shirt on Etsy here.

Have your children displaying their new sibling status with these adorable shirts showing Big, Middle, and Little. Of course you can just do “big” and “little” if it’s just you 2nd baby too.

Looking for the perfect sibling pregnancy announcement? Here are ideas for the big brother or sister & your 2nd or 3rd pregnancy announcement

Our daughter was only 6 months old when we found out we were having our 2nd pregnancy! This “Promoted to Big Sister” onesie from Ella Rose by Nicole was perfect for our simple 2nd pregnancy announcement.

Big Sibling Training Camp

Looking for the perfect sibling pregnancy announcement? Here are ideas for the big brother or sister & your 2nd or 3rd pregnancy announcement

If you already have at least 2 children and are expecting a 3rd, this is an adorable idea for a sibling pregnancy announcement. The oldest should be teaching the youngest how to be a big sister or brother so they can brush up on their skills in the “classroom.”

A sweet family photo

This sweet photo captured their little girl showing off her Baby Sister sign with mom and dad sharing a kiss in the background, but you can use any of your family photos to make a pregnancy card. Just get a handy pregnancy announcement maker with 400+ built-in templates to customize your pic with embellishments!

Simple, yet sweet

This simple sibling announcement features a chalkboard easel and baby #3. Add in some ultrasounds and the due date and you have an adorable announcement.

Oh, Sh*t

Whether or not your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th pregnancy came as a surprise or not, there’s still a bit shock that sets in when you realize that you’re having another baby. These hilarious pregnancy announcements really show the “Oh Sh*t” feeling that hits you soon after that positive pregnancy test!

In the age of quarantining and coronavirus, this picture below perfectly sums up using the “wrong protection.”

When you’ve already got chaos brewing in a household with a few kids, that next pregnancy may be a doozy. Definitely go with a funny sibling pregnancy announcement like these ones! #purechaos

via Pin Image. Source Unknown

Tie Breaker

If you have a boy and a girl and are expecting baby #3, that baby will certainly be the tie breaker! Will girls or boys run the show in your home?? You’ll find out soon!

Somebody’s Ready for a Playmate

Your child will be so excited that they will have a new playmate instead of just their dolls and stuffed animals. Create a little play date or “tea party” with your little one for this adorable 2nd pregnancy announcement.

Time to Vacate The Premises

Your little one will probably be getting kicked out of their crib by the time the new baby comes. Post this eviction noice on their crib to make your funny 2nd pregnancy announcement.

“You’ve Got a Friend In Me”

You’ll be giving your child a new best friend, so try out a Toy Story theme for your sibling pregnancy announcement. Use a letter board to post the phrase, “You’ve got a friend in me,” some adorable animals, and of course a Woody Costume for your little boy.

Favorite Football Team

If your family is die hard football fans and you have a special team that you root for, why not make your littlest player an adorable team onesie?

Learning How to Be a Big Sister

Make sure your little one is brushing up on how to be the best big sister or brother that they can be. Snap a photo of them reading a big sister or brother book for a cute sibling announcement.

Sibling Number Letterboard

A little play on the Jackson 5 song, “ABC,” change it to fit your family if you’re expecting baby number 3. You can make a cute flat lay like this with a letter board and some baby accessories.

Baby Name Sign

Looking for the perfect sibling pregnancy announcement? Here are ideas for the big brother or sister & your 2nd or 3rd pregnancy announcement
via Etsy

If you already have a name picked out for your new baby, you can have your children holding up their name sign. This is an adorable one that you can customize from Samantha Ann and Co on Etsy.

Fun Family Signs

Pink or blue, what will it be? Now we’re expecting baby number 3! Put it on a sign and take a cute family photo for a sweet sibling pregnancy announcement.

This is an adorable way to incorporate all the members of your family to hold signs. First came ME, then came ME, now we’re expecting baby #3.

A new office position

Looking for the perfect sibling pregnancy announcement? Here are ideas for the big brother or sister & your 2nd or 3rd pregnancy announcement

Being a big brother or sister is definitely a big role to fill in the family. If you’re a fan of The Office, you’ll love this idea for your sibling pregnancy announcement. Your oldest is the Regional Manager and your youngest will be the Assistant to the Regional Management. Make sure they can both fulfill all their duties!

I hope you found something to spark your creativity for this new sibling pregnancy announcement. Good luck with your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th pregnancy!

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Looking for the perfect sibling pregnancy announcement? Here are ideas for the big brother or sister & your 2nd or 3rd pregnancy announcement
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