Naughty & Nice Coupon Book For Your Spouse

Let’s be honest, once you have kids, you probably have lost a bit of that romance & sexual spontaneity. Most days I’m covered in spit-up and still wearing my pajamas when my husband gets home from work. I don’t quite feel sexy nor do we even have as much time or energy for it as we used to.

I made this little coupon book to give to my husband to spice things up. Plus, I was searching for a gift for him and it’s hard to find anything for a man who says he doesn’t need anything.  I usually end up going with homemade gifts or experiences that come from the heart which we always appreciate more anyway.

The coupon book is a collection of things that he may want but feels guilty asking for, don’t happen on a regular basis, or that I usually say no to. I made some options naughty and the others nice which gives plenty of choices.

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The nice pages are typically things around the house or with the kids, depicted with a heart. The naughty things are self-explanatory and depicted with lips. Some examples of the coupons include:

Nice: Sleeping in, a day without chores, no diaper changes for a day, guys night out, no clean up tonight, uninterrupted sports game, favorite home cooked meal, and more!

Naughty: A new position, sexy lingerie, a quickie, naughty notes, 50 kisses not on the lips, oral pleasure, and more!

Take a look at how I made it and download your free copy! I added 3 extra blank nice coupons (hearts) and 3 extra naughty ones (lips) for you to fill in on your own.  You can print these last pages multiple times to make more of your own choices.

You can also just exclude the ones that don’t pertain to your relationship. This makes a great Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, birthday, or just because gift.

How to make the coupon book

I did all the hard work for you! All you have to do is print it out, cut out the pages, and bind them together. So put in your email right above and you’ll get the link to download shortly!

Once you receive the email, click on the link to download the PDF file to Google Drive. You can just print it from there or you can add some of your own ideas.

To add your own ideas: After you click on the link in your email, the file will open up in Google Drive. Once in Google Drive, click the save/download button in the upper right hand corner (arrow pointing down). The file should then open up in Adobe Reader (if you have that installed, but you can download it for free if you don’t).

Read below for a few more ideas to add to your coupon book!

One the top left, click the Tools Menu, then click on Fill & Sign. Now you can scroll to the bottom of the file, place the cursor on the blank coupons and fill in what you would like it to say. The font will be slightly different, but you can increase the font size to be larger if you wish.

The book will look best using thicker paper or card stock. I used medium-thickness card stock that I got from Michaels, but you could also just use regular copy paper.

Cut out around the border of each coupon, leaving a little space outside of the border. I used a paper cutter to make the edges straight, but you can use decorative scissors to add a little flair.

Put the book together in any order you wish and leave out any coupons that may not apply to you or your spouse. Take a small stack of a few coupons and use a regular hole puncher or a cute heart shape hole puncher to punch a hole on the left side right in the middle. Do this for the whole book. Take any string, ribbon, or twine that you have and tie them all together through the hole and you’re done!

Hope your spouse enjoys the gift!

More Naughty Ideas: Sexy Strip Tease, Morning Sexy Time, Extra-long Foreplay, I Do All The Work, Go Naked All Day, All Night 69, One Shower Together,

More Nice Ideas: Relive Our First Date, I Don’t Complain All Day, Us Spending the Entire Day Doing What You Want, One Free “I Don’t Want To” to Get Out of A Chore, Getting Out of Plans with No Questions Asked
Naughty & Nice Coupon Book
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