Pregnant at 5 Weeks With No Symptoms? Why You Shouldn’t Worry

Are you pregnant at 5 weeks with no symptoms and wondering if everything is progressing correctly with your baby? Rest assured, it is normal to feel good during those first couple weeks after you get a positive pregnancy test, despite what you may have heard.

If you’ve been eager to get pregnant, you’ve probably done your research and heard stories about the terrible symptoms of the first trimester. The ones that are typical of early pregnancy: nausea, exhaustion, cramping, mood swings, breast soreness, etc. However, you rarely hear about the women who have smooth sailing through the early months or even most of their pregnancy.

Every pregnant woman has a different experience and even every pregnancy in the same woman can be different. Try not to compare yours with everyone else’s. Instead, consider yourself one of the lucky ones who doesn’t feel awful every waking moment!

The time will come when you don’t feel like yourself, so take advantage of this time now!

If you're pregnant at 5 weeks with no symptoms & wondering if everything is ok with your baby, here is my experience with this happening for my pregnancies.

My Experience Being Pregnant at 5 Weeks With No Symptoms

Having no symptoms at 5 weeks pregnant happened with both of my previous pregnancies that resulted in beautiful, healthy babies. So, yes, this is absolutely normal!

Both times, I felt no differently – no physical, mental, or emotional changes – at 4 weeks, 5 weeks, and even into 6 weeks. It wasn’t until later on in 6 or 7 weeks came that my body started to change. Nausea and exhaustion just hit one day like a ton of bricks!

Experiencing this with both of my previous pregnancies (and now my current one) still worries me just as much each time. This lack of symptoms can often lead to a lot of anxiety for expectant moms.

I used to worry, how can I be pregnant if I don’t feel pregnant? Something must be wrong! However, that is definitely not the case! My healthcare providers always assured me that it’s normal to not feel symptoms until later on in the first trimester.

When the Symptoms Come

Once 6 or 7 weeks roll around, most women typically start to feel pregnancy symptoms coming on strong. This is the exact timeline that I experienced, as well. All of a sudden, I would be exhausted by 7pm, nauseous in the mornings, every odor made me gag, and my husband had to stay out of my way!

I used to say that I loved feeling pregnant because I actually felt like changes were happening in my body. It was more reassuring to me than no symptoms, so I didn’t mind a little nausea.

This also will be around the time when you will get your first ultrasound. So start counting down the days to see your baby’s first heartbeat and you’ll be reassured soon!

Why Does This Happen?

At 5 weeks, you may be experiencing a lack of symptoms because your body isn’t having a large response to the surge of hormones yet. Your baby hasn’t developed a fully functioning and beating heart, so he or she isn’t requiring a lot of energy from you just yet.

Have you checked out the size of your baby right now? It’s the size of a poppy seed! Do you think a poppy seed would always cause a dramatic change in your body’s functions? Sometimes, but not always.

Try Not to Worry

We want to feel differently to know that something is going on inside of us. We are creating a human being after all! However, it doesn’t always cause a huge change in our bodies.

If you’re pregnant at 5 weeks with no symptoms, don’t stress! Unfortunately there’s nothing you can do at this point to confirm the pregnancy until the baby is large enough to detect a heartbeat (at 6 weeks).

Like I said above, appreciate the time where you still feel good. The symptoms will come, the exhaustion will come, and the discomfort will come. Until then, take comfort in knowing that there are many women who don’t experience pregnancy symptoms until at least 6 weeks or later.

You’ll have plenty of time to “feel pregnant” with all the glory that comes with it, so be grateful that you’re one of the lucky ones!

If you're pregnant at 5 weeks with no symptoms & wondering if everything is ok with your baby, here is my experience with this happening for my pregnancies.
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