Rustic Baby Shower Ideas for a Truly Unique Occasion

Like any other occasion, planning a baby shower takes a great deal of effort and most of it goes towards selecting a unique theme. The theme guides various other decisions, and it’s the reason why you need a solid vision in place.

Whether you’ve attended one of these gatherings or not; it always feels like any idea you come up with has been done before. Well, that’s the great thing about parties; borrowing inspiration from the past shindigs you’ve attended and giving them a creative twist makes your occasion stand out. 

Having a rustic baby shower sounds like a great idea but again, you might have trouble figuring out how to make yours a uniquely inspired theme. I have some rustic baby shower ideas and a rundown of how to incorporate this vibe into your occasion, including personal touches that will truly make the event your own.

Right before diving into it, have a look at some of the baby shower venues near you that promise to spring your rustic vision to life.

What is a Rustic Baby Shower?

You’ve probably encountered the word “rustic” when shopping for home decor, renovating, or organizing a party. A rustic theme describes anything that falls in the vintage-style, barn/garden backdrop, and farm or country setting.

When we think about a rustic party theme, it’s often a combination of vintage and country that comes to mind. It’s essentially all about bringing semblances of the outdoors inside in little charming ways.

For instance, mason jars are flexible and popular pieces for most folks who want to incorporate rustic elements into a project.

That brings us to the whole topic of rustic baby shower ideas and how you can pull them off.

Why Go For A Rustic Baby Shower Theme?

Since the beginning of time, women have gathered to “shower a pregnant woman” with gifts for her new baby. The tradition goes back to the Victorian era, and that in itself is a compelling enough reason to settle for a rustic baby shower theme.

It’s a wonderful choice for an expectant woman who loves all things natural. We can also agree that we don’t see the rustic vibe enough as an event theme, it hasn’t been overdone yet, and it isn’t a vibe that will get old any time soon. 

Naturally, it’s also amongst the most flexible theme choices because everyone can put their spin on it to make their gathering a highly personalized occasion. 

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How To Make Your Baby Shower More Rustic

Most people who gravitate towards the rustic vibe love it because it feels unpretentious. It creates a relaxed and approachable feel which is the precise atmosphere you want any gathering to exude.

Here are a couple of rustic baby shower ideas that you can incorporate into your shindig:

1. Emphasize natural and organic elements

The rustic style highlights nature at its best and organic forms. Have everyone gather their old decor supplies for the occasion to keep everything authentically affordable.

The best rustic baby shower ideas for throwing a trendy celebration to remember.

2. Choose neutral colors

The rustic vibe tends to lean more towards the monochromatic side and the colors are typically muted. Go for white, gray, brown, and beige tones for the occasion with a few warmer tints added to the mix. 

Use linens to add pops of color, and burnt orange is usually a great choice. Flowers are another great way to add some color to the theme and they blend well with twigs alongside other green decor pieces. 

3. Keep it simple

You don’t have to break the bank with a rustic theme because simplicity is the backbone of this style. Keep the table and chair arrangements streamlined to allow the materials to stand out.

The best rustic baby shower ideas for throwing a trendy celebration to remember.
via Etsy

Mason jars are great rustic baby shower decor pieces because of their versatility. Wrap them with ribbons or cream-colored lace. Place them on tables as decorative pieces with flowers, candles, or snacks stashed in them. 

Go for real wood, reclaimed wood, or unprocessed wood furniture for that authentically rustic touch. People will be more drawn to the material, instead of placements and other distractions, which is the whole goal with this theme. 

4. Make it textured

Given that the rustic style features several natural elements, including texturized varieties adds character to the event. Try materials like burlap and lace, like the burlap table runner shown above.

Getting a feel of the textured items is also what makes the theme stand out, and it’s easiest to include into your theme using rustic decor. 

The table decor and centerpieces can easily add a texturized feel to your occasion. Include a vintage touch through the plates and cutlery. Go for rustic-esque placemats and a mismatched approach to take things to the next level.

5. Use handmade pieces

The best rustic baby shower ideas for throwing a trendy celebration to remember.

This is the time to dust up your DIY kit and come up with personalized handmade decor pieces and gifts for the occasion. Giving handcrafted gifts is an ode to the Victorian era when guests attending baby showers gave the parents-to-be handmade items. 

Likewise, DIY the invitations for a handmade feel.

Display decor pieces in wooden crates and incorporate lace trimmings as well as timber slices around the venue. 

Rustic Sub-Themes

The rustic resurgence continues expanding as the years go by. There are unlimited ways to make your occasion both memorable and unique with these rustic theme ideas.

  • Make it a bohemian-chic rustic occasion.
  • Create a farmhouse experience.
  • Have a backyard barbecue baby shower.
  • Bring nature indoors with a woodland theme. 

Each of these sub-themes gives you a more specific approach on how to bring together different rustic elements along with personalized touches for an absolutely amazing experience. 

Rustic Baby Shower Themed Gifts/ Favors

Presenting gifts to the parents-to-be is a long-standing baby shower tradition. It’s also a lovely gesture to give rustic baby shower favors on the occasion. Here are some of the rustic-approved baby shower gift ideas.

The best rustic baby shower ideas for throwing a trendy celebration to remember.
  • Succulents are ideal mini potted plants to gift to the mom-to-be as well as guests as favors.
  • Seed packets are cute favors that allow you to customize the packaging for the occasion.
  • Handmade soap bars from Etsy or a local boutique are also charming gifts.
  • Homemade plums and jams are equally great favors with the personalized touch of including each guest’s name on the label.
  • Personalized tea, hot chocolate mix, and granola are other good options to gift at a rustic-themed event.

Final Thoughts About Rustic Baby Shower Ideas

It must be clearer now that there are endless lists of options when it comes to organizing an authentically rustic event. These rustic baby shower ideas should point you in the right direction and in turn, help you plan a personalized and memorable event.

You might even want to curate these ideas in a handwritten book and hand it over to the little bundle of joy for future reference.

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