Secret Santa Questionaire – Free Download

Have you ever done a Secret Santa in the work place or with family? It can be tough if you aren’t sure what to get someone or what they even like!

With Christmas time coming up quickly, I wanted to put together a Secret Santa Questionnaire to help ease the stress of buying for your secret Santa!

What is a Secret Santa Questionnaire?

A Secret Santa questionnaire is basically a short survey asking your person about themselves. They usually have questions about favorite drinks, candy, color, hobbies, etc!

Secret Santa Questionnaire’s help gift receivers to get something they actually want and gift givers not to stress out trying to get the perfect gift!

What should be on a Secret Santa questionnaire template?

If you are putting together a Secret Santa questionnaire template (psssst, I’ve made one below) there are definitely some things you want to include.

Tips for a successful Secret Santa

To make sure that you have a successful Secret Santa event, I think it is important to lay down a few ground rules first. This helps everyone to have a clear expectation.

Here are my best tips for having a successful Secret Santa event!

Make the Rules Clear

If there is anything that you want excluded during gift exchange, make sure you line that out. If you want to keep it PG, alcohol free, etc make sure the participants know that!

Set a price limit

This is always an important one because everyone has a different budget. You also have to remember that during Christmas time, that people are going to be buying a significant amount of presents.

Setting a price limit makes it easy for a crowd of people to stay within the same range. I like to have the limit set around $25-35.

Be sure to talk to your group and consider voting on the amount.

Get gift ideas

Favorite item ideas are great, but you should ask about some specific gift ideas too! This helps the giver to have some solid ideas of what the person actually wants!

Host an exchange party

I love doing Secret Santa at a party! This way everyone can open their gifts together and see the others reactions.

It is also a great way to get everyone to spend time together, laugh, joke, exchange gifts and maybe even sing some karaoke!

Have Grace

Remember that it is the thought that counts when receiving your gift. Secret Santa can really be challenging, especially without a good template!

You may encourage your guests to include gift receipts, just in case the recipient doesn’t like their gift it can be returned for something they do want!

Just Simply Mom’s Secret Santa Questionnaire – Free Download

If you are looking for a great template that really great questions, here is the one that I created! And, I’ll let you in on a secret…

It’s free! Yep, you read that right, I created a Secret Santa template that you can use for free!

Secret Santa 
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Need something more robust? You can get my entire Secret Santa Template Package here on Etsy

How To Use Our Secret Santa Template

Using our Secret Santa template couldn’t be easier! Here are the steps:

  • Add your email to the sign-up
  • Check your email for the template
  • Download the template
  • Print the template

That’s it!

Looking for more ideas? Here are some of my favorites I have found on the internet!

The internet has lots of options for Secret Santa templates, trust me I’ve looked. Here are some of my favorite ones that I have found on the internet!

Secret Santa Surveys

These Secret Santa surveys are great options, too! Check them out!

Secret Santa Sign Up Sheets

Making the Secret Santa sign up process easy and simple helps to start off the event on the right foot! Here are a few of my favorite Secret Santa sign up sheets!

Editable Secret Santa Forms

These editable Secret Santa forms are nice because that means you can personalize them to fit your needs better! Here are a few of my favorites:

Secret Santa Worksheets for Kids

Secret Santa isn’t just for adults, kids can get in on the fun too! This is a great way to teach giving and generosity to little ones.

Here are some really great children’s printables:

Other Fun Secret Santa Templates

Secret Santa is more than just gift giving, you can have lots of different fun activities! Here are a few of my favorite printables for a Secret Santa celebration!

Secret Santa doesn’t have to be stressful, it can be really fun! Secret Santa questionnaires make gift giving a lot easier because you aren’t taking a stab in the dark at a gift!

Do you have a favorite Secret Santa Questionnaire? Let me know in the comments below!

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