Summer Pregnancy Style Tips

We tend to welcome summer weather and the opportunity to wear our favorite outfits, but if you’re expecting, fashion choices might be the last thing on your mind: transporting a tiny growing human around is enough of a challenge without feeling hot and uncomfortable. 

Due to the spike in body temperature that occurs at around week eight, pregnant people are hotter than most, but while you might be told that you look “radiant”, you might feel more like a radiator, so here’s how to look and feel cool during a summer pregnancy.

  1. A Classic Tee Shirt

A  comfy tee shirt is a great wardrobe staple to have on hand (and doubles up as sleepwear). The key is quality: look for well-constructed stitching and cotton-rich fabrics that won’t immediately shrink in the wash. Bamboo is also a great option for keeping cool.

  1. A Pair of Cool Shorts

Slightly looser, longer bermuda or tailored city shorts look just as good on the beach as they do for everyday wear. Choose a breathable fabric with additional stretch in the waistband and wear with a long sleeve shirt for added sun coverage. To smarten things up, simply throw on a blazer.

  1. Comfortable Underwear

If the thought of wearing an underwired bra on a hot day makes you want to sling yours into the ocean, you’re not alone. While many people still prefer underwires, there is now more demand than ever for wireless, yet supportive alternatives. Thick straps, front clasps (or pull-over styles) in cool, sweat-wicking fabrics are ideal, especially when you’re dealing with additional soreness and swelling.

  1. Bathing Beauties

There’s some gorgeous one-piece options out there, but two-pieces that can be worn post-pregnancy (or even as tops for everyday wear) are perfect for ease of wear, especially if you find that you’ve been nipping to the bathroom more often than usual. Look for good-quality fabric that washes well, with additional stretch and adjustable straps. 

  1. A Pretty Summer Dress

At one time, the term maternity wear conjured up images of dowdy smocks and tent dresses that looked more like something you’d pitch up at the beach. These days, we’re spoilt for choice, with pretty much any style you can imagine adapted especially for moms-to-be.

  1. An Easy-Breezy Jumpsuit

Summer dressing should be easy, but when you’re hot, tired and the prospect of putting an outfit together feels a little too much,  there’s always the low-effort, high-fashion superhero we all need in our closets: the jumpsuit.

  1. A Pair of Versatile Sandals 

Water retention can cause feet to swell, so aside from putting them up where possible, give them a little extra breathing room with a pair of supportive sandals (ideally with “side-less” to allow for any expansion). They’re also versatile: a pair of neutral-toned sandals can be worn with pretty much anything in your closet. 

  1.  Linen Co-ords

The beauty of a cute set of co-ords is that they can also be mixed and matched with other pieces in your closet. A classic linen shirt and a pair of shorts or wide leg pants looks effortlessly chic, and if you’re looking for linen pieces to add to your summer wardrobe, the maternity collection at Quince has a beautiful range is the place to go for comfortable, cool summer wear.

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