Surviving the 7-10 Week Sleep Regression – Tips, Tricks, and Sanity Saving Advice

Are you currently in the trenches of a sleep regression right now? If you’ve landed here, I am betting the answer is yes.

Let me tell you something, I’ve been there 3 times. Surviving the 7-10 week sleep regression is rough, but I am here to offer you my best tips, tricks and sanity saving advice for your baby’s first sleep regression.

What is Sleep Regression


You may be wondering “so what exactly is sleep regression”? A sleep regression is a period of time in your child’s development when they have trouble sleeping, staying asleep or falling asleep.

Maybe your baby that typically only wakes once or twice a night, is waking every hour. Or, maybe your great little napper can’t seem to settle. These are often signs of a sleep regression.

Sleep regressions are typically due to the fact that your child is going through a developmental leap. Sleep regression can look like skipping naps, fussing, crying at seemingly random times, waking multiple times and restlessness.

Is sleep regression common for 7-10 Week Olds?

Sleep regression is common for 7-10 week olds. This is because their bodies are now making melatonin versus getting maternal melatonin.

They are also can be going through a leap or rapid psychological development stage. During this time your baby is likely seeing the world differently and potentially growing as well.

What You need to Know About Sleep Regression for 7, 8, and 10 week olds

The first thing I want you to know is that sleep regressions don’t last forever. At most, they last just a few weeks and then your baby will likely be back to themselves, sleeping well and all.

You can survive this sleep regression!

Something else important to note is that you are not doing anything wrong and no your baby isn’t broken! Since the beginning of time, babies have had sleep regressions.

You will likely go through a few of these with your little one.

I do want to stress the importance of keeping a routine during this time. Your routine doesn’t have to be to the minute, and if you have more of a flow or que-based method that is great too.

Just don’t throw it all in the trash during this stage.

Signs of Sleep Regression in 7-10 Week Olds


Here are some signs to look for if you think your 7-10 week old is going through a sleep regression.

Sleep Pattern

If your baby’s sleep pattern starts becoming off this can be a sign of a sleep regression. Waking more often, not being able to settle, restlessness and cat naps can all be signs of a dreaded sleep regression.

Daytime Naps Shortened

As your baby is emerging into a new sleep cycle they may be taking shorter naps during the day or try and drop a nap altogether.

Waking During the Night

If your super consistent sleeper is now waking up every hour or few hours, you might be dealing with a sleep regression.

Inconsolable and Fussy

Sleep regressions always have underlying issues. And no matter what the reason is, it is hard on your baby.

They might become inconsolable and fussy because they are overtired and cranky.

Resisting Rest

If your baby is resisting naps or resisting a rest (ha ha, get it?) then you might be looking at a sleep regression. As your baby emerges to longer wake windows they notice that there is a lot to see and hear, of course, they don’t want to miss all of the action!

Trouble Settling

Are you having to put your baby to sleep several times before they actually stay asleep? This is likely due to a sleep regression.

Causes of sleep regression in 7-10 Week Olds


There is always a cause for something like a sleep regression. Babies may fight sleep, but definitely not as hard as they do during a sleep regression.

Circadian Rhythm and Hormone Changes

As your baby gets older, they develop their circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is referred to as the internal clock that tells us when to wake, sleep, eat, etc.

Something else major is that they are now producing their own melatonin which can be a bit of an adjustment. Since they are no longer receiving melatonin from mom, producing their own melatonin may cause some regression in sleep until their bodies are acclimated.

New Sleep Pattern

As your baby approaches 7-10 weeks of age, they will likely start naturally shifting their sleeping pattern. They will be awake for longer because they no longer have mom’s melatonin in their system.

Their sleeping patterns start to mimic that of adults during this stage.

Neurological Development

Around 7-10 weeks your baby will go through their 2nd leap or stage of neurological development. They will start to recognize patterns and faces. They will also likely go through a growth spurt at this time.


While it may not be the most obvious reason, don’t rule out teething. I’ve known some babies to get their first tooth as early as 8 weeks old!


Around 7-10 weeks old you are probably venturing out of the house more, thus exposing your baby to more germs. While this isn’t inherently a bad thing, they will be exposed to more sickness.

You might even have older kiddos bringing home sickness too! Be on the lookout for sickness as a reason for sleep regression.

Routine Change

I know I say it all the time, but little ones thrive on routine. If you need to change a routine, try and do it gradually.

Now, I realize this isn’t always possible and that’s okay!

Developmental Milestones that May Coincide with a Sleep Regression


So, how do you that a sleep regression might be coming? By looking at these up-and-coming milestones you can get a good idea of what’s causing your go-with-the-flow babe to be so cranky.

7 Week Developmental Milestones

Here are some 7-week developmental milestones to be aware of:

Smiling: Your baby will likely be starting to smile more on purpose around 7 weeks!

Sleep: Although your baby probably isn’t sleeping through the night, you may start to notice them sleeping for longer stretches of time at night.

Feeding: You may notice that your baby is eating more milk, but less frequently around 7 weeks.

Movement: Your baby will start to hold their head up for longer during tummy time and track people with their eye movements. You also may notice that they are grabbing or batting at toys.

8 Week Developmental Milestones

Here are some 8-week developmental milestones to be aware of:

Chubbiness: Your sting bean may start to look a little chubbier!

Recognition: Your baby will start to recognize your family member’s faces!

Naps: Your 8-week-old will probably take anywhere from 3-4 naps per day and wake up a couple of times at night.

10-Week Developmental Milestones

Here are some 10 week developmental milestones to be aware of:

Sleep: At night your baby might be starting to sleep in 6-7 hour stretches!

Strength: Starting to hold weight with their legs!

Suckling: Discovers their hands and starts soothing the suckling reflex by sucking on fingers or thumbs.

Smiling: Your baby is intentionally smiling now and probably very often!

How long will the sleep regression in 7 weeks, 8 weeks, and 10 weeks last?


The sleep regression during 7 weeks, 8 weeks and 10 weeks can last from around 2-6 weeks. This depends on how difficult the changes your baby is going through effects them.

Keep in mind, that most babies are not affected by all developmental stage sleep regressions. This means that while one developmental stage is a doozy, the next may be easier and vice versa.

How can you support your 7-10 Week Old through a Sleep Regression?

Sleep regressions are tough on everyone, especially your baby. Supporting them through their sleep regression is a great way to bond with them and develop a really great relationship.

Here are my best tips for supporting your baby through their sleep regression:

  • Rock your baby
  • Make sure they have a full tummy
  • Get your baby adjusted by a chiropractor
  • Do a warm bath and baby massage
  • Darken the room with white noise
  • Keep a steady routine

Survival Tips for the 7-10 Week Sleep Regression


If you are anything like me, sleep is a MUST in order to function. If I don’t get at least 6 hours, I’m toast.

Knowing that I had to come up with ways to survive the sleep regression between 7,8 and 10 weeks. Here are my best survival tips!

Slightly Increase Wake Windows

Your baby is getting older and might need to be awake for longer so that they can tired at naptime. Start by increasing wake windows in increments of 10 minutes.

I know it doesn’t sound like much, but 10 minutes to a baby can be quite a bit of time. If they are still having trouble, extend the wake window again.

Dark Room

Okay, so what exactly is sleep regression? A sleep regression is a period of time in your child’s development when they have trouble sleeping.

Sleep regression is typically due to the fact that your child is going through a developmental leap. Sleep regression can look like skipping naps and having trouble falling or staying asleep.

White Noise

White noise is a huge help for sleep especially naps. White noise helps to drown out any of the excess noise in the home or outside while lulling your toddler to sleep.

White noise was a game-changer for my kids for sure!

Try a Fan

The moving air that a fan generates is great to keep the room at a perfect temperature and refreshing. Fans in the room are proven to reduce the risk of SIDS because your baby doesn’t get too hot.

Fans are great for helping to cultivate a comfortable sleeping environment and the consistent noise isn’t bad either!

Full Tummy

Making sure that your baby has a full tummy before they go to sleep is key in a good sleep cycle! No one likes to go to bed hungry!

The warmness of the milk also helps to get your 7,8 or 10 month old sleepy and lulled to sleep.

Trade Off

In the midst of trying to get your baby to sleep, they’re crying and you might be crying too…consider trading off with someone.

If you don’t have someone to trade off with, it’s okay to set your baby down in a safe space and walk away for a few minutes. Stepping away allows you to calm down, collect yourself and go back to your baby and try again.

Create a Routine

In my experience, babies thrive on a routine. It can be challenging at first to get into a groove and figure out what works for you, but once you do things get much easier.

Creating and sticking to a routine will make it easier to get through a sleep regression. When you emerge on the other side of the sleep regression your baby will still have a consistent routine.

Try a Munchkin Lulla-Vibe

If you are having trouble getting your baby to go to and stay asleep, you might check out the Lulla-Vibe. This device is designed to slip under the mattress and create a constant vibration to lull your baby to sleep.

This device has two vibration speeds and a gradual 30-minute timer shut off to help baby stay asleep,

Reduce Their Stimulation

Have you ever felt anxious and overstimulated? It’s hard to relax, right?

That’s how our babies feel sometimes. Bright lights, loud noises, lots of different textures, going here and there, it’s a lot.

Take time to slow down. If you start noticing your baby being overstimulated, try to do some time in. What I mean by that is, snuggles, low lights, more quiet sounds.

I realize that this is not always possible, but if you can it can help tremendously.

Sleep Regressions Don’t Last Forever

If you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work, remember that sleep regressions don’t last forever. While it may seem like it while you are in the trenches, this phase typically lasts for a few weeks or so.

Frequently Asked Questions about 7 Week, 8 Week, 10 Week Sleep Regression

I know you are probably desperate for sleep and just hoping you can survive this sleep regression. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about the 7,8 and 10 week sleep regression.

Why is my 2 Month Old Suddenly Not Sleeping?

A couple of things can factor into a 2-month-old not sleeping. Things that we discussed above like a developmental leap, illness, and hormone changes can all be contributing to a sleepless babe.

Is there a 7 or 8 Week Sleep Regression?

Yes, there is a 7 or 8 sleep regression. We all know that babies are different, so sleep regression can vary from baby to baby as to when it takes place.

There also may be varying degrees of sleep regression. One phase of development may be harder for your baby than another, thus resulting in a more intense sleep regression.

How Long is the 8 Week Sleep Regression

The 8 week sleep regression can last 2-6 weeks. The bright side is, just as quickly as the regression came on, it can leave just as quickly!

Why is my 7 Week Old so Fussy all of a Sudden?

We all know that sleep is a must, especially for littles. If your baby is fussy all of a sudden they may be overtired, overstimulated, or sleep deprived.

If you start to notice their sleep cycles slipping and a sudden increase if fussiness, a sleep regression can explain those symptoms.

Is there a growth spurt at 10 Weeks?

Around 10 weeks is when your baby might start looking less like a string bean and more like the Michelin man! With that comes a growth spurt!

The 10 week growth spurt may cause a sleep regression in your little one due to their rapid growth and development.

Sleep regressions can be challenging and not much fun. The good news is that they don’t last forever!

Try using the tips and tricks I suggested to get your little one settled and sleeping again. If you’re a veteran parent I’d love if you shared your suggestion in the comments below!

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