TekFun NanoDoodle Review: The ‘Clip-On, Take Creativity Anywhere’ Toy

Having 3 young kids under 7, it’s often difficult to find toys and gifts that they can ALL use. To save money and make smarter financial purchases I’d rather buy things that they can all enjoy.

I found an item that fits the mold perfectly for catering to all ages, plus numerous other great benefits, – the TekFun NanoDoodle™. Use code TEKFUN03 ” for an extra 10% off.

What is the TekFun NanoDoodle™?

TekFun NanoDoodle™ is the world’s first portable LCD writing tablet that can be conveniently attached anywhere, thanks to its high-quality LCD writing screen and a versatile silicone hanging strip.

My kids love that they can easily attach TekFun NanoDoodle™ to their school bags or suitcases and play with it on-the-go. They can get creative by drawing and doodling over and over again.

With its compact Nano size, both parents and children can bring it along while traveling to alleviate boredom and reduce anxiety.

What do kids like about TekFun NanoDoodle™?

Kids love to share their feelings and emotions raw and unfiltered. Giving older children a device to jot down their thoughts gives them a way to express themselves.

With the NanoDoodle, they’re able to quickly erase the board with the click of a button and start fresh. This lets them know that adults won’t get to see what they were writing.

For little kids, they can use this drawing board to practice writing their alphabet, shapes, and numbers. Children love multi-sensory ways to learn and this is the perfect sensory approach that beats pencil and paper!

My little ones love taking this doodle pad on long trips in the car or plane. Its provides them with an endless activity that they never get bored of and it helps me not have to entertain them as much!

iPads and tablets can be detrimental to children’s eyes and brain. As a parent, I love that the TekFun NanoDoodle isn’t “screen time,” but just good old fashioned drawing fun.

For the low price, this a great gift-giving idea that also won’t break the bank, but will still be used on and on indefinitely. Use code TEKFUN03 ” for an extra 10% off.

Benefits of TekFun NanoDoodle

As mentioned above, there are numerous benefits for children with the TekFun NanoDoodle. From kids being able to create and express themselves while on-the-go to being mess-free and hassle-free, this doodle pad is amazing!

My kids can easily take the doodle pad on and off their backpacks with the easy-to-use clip and even my 3 year old can draw and erase independently!

I have no doubt that the TekFun NanoDoodle will be toy that sticks around for awhile.

If you’re looking for a fantastic gift idea for your little one, grab a TekFun NanoDoodle™! Great for ages 3 and up. Use code TEKFUN03 ” for an extra 10% off.

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