The Best Storage Ideas For A Garage

When you have kids (and even if you don’t) it is important to optimize storage space anywhere that you can. The garage is the perfect place to store those items that are an eye sore, need protection or that you only use a few times per year.

I wanted to share the best storage ideas for a garage and how to optimize the space you have!

How To Declutter Your Garage

Decluttering the garage can be overwhelming, which might be why you have been avoiding this task. Here are the steps that I like to follow to make this part of the process less stressful and more productive.

Take Out the Unnecessary: Remove any cars, bikes, trikes, or things that are in the way.

Gather Any Trash: Remove any trash that is visible or things that are broken.

Make Categories: Make 3 or 4 categories for your items. I suggest: Keep, Giveaway/Sell, Throwaway, and Maybe piles. This method helps you to see the items you have and plan.

Organizing Your Garage

Whether you park your cars in your garage or not, there are just some things that you don’t want to store inside your house. These storage ideas are a great way to efficiently use any extra space you might have, even if you don’t realize you have it.

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Our List Of The Best Storage Ideas For A Garage

I take storage and organization very seriously! There is nothing worse than looking though boxes and boxes for something you know you’ve seen before.

Here is our list of the best storage ideas for a garage!

FlexiMounts Overhead Storage

Avoid water damage by storing your items off the garage floor. You can protect your items and use garage ceiling space to store seasonal and unused items. The 22″to 40″ceiling dropdown provides up to 105 cu.ft of storage.

Garage Tool Storage

This wall-mounted rack is suitable for installation in a home, garage, store, or cellar. Hang a variety of items such as hand tools, power tools, sports gear, beach chairs, backpacks, and other outdoor stuff. The very convenient hook positions can be adjusted according to the size of the items.

Garage Hooks

Smartology garage storage hooks are made of premium solid and prominent steel, while the coating is made of sturdy PVC. The sturdy design provides superior load-bearing capacity, which allows garage hooks to hold various tools firmly, including power tools, garden tools, shovels, weed eaters, brooms, ladders, bicycles, ropes, hoses, etc.

Rhino Combo Universal Storage Kit

This easy-to-install storage kit hold’s up to 650 pounds per 4-foot section. Its universal wall mount design makes it easy to install on any wall.

Heavy Duty Storage Shelves

The metal storage rack adopts a special interlocking design without nuts or bolts, and a pair of gloves and rubber hammers are provided to prevent accidental injury during assembly so that it can be assembled quickly. The capacity of each shelf is 400 pounds, making the total capacity 2000 pounds.

Metal Storage Cabinet

These storage locker features 4 adjustable shelves so you can create unique storage space that perfectly fits your needs. Built tough, you can store up to 900 lbs worth of stuff while the digital lock keeps them safer than ever

Garage Floating Shelves

Easy one-person installation that uses a buckle design to prevent the brackets from falling or bending. These shelves are built with heavy gauge steel, providing safe loading of up to 800 lbs.

Rolling Cart Organizer

The sturdy plastic makes these durable, and the smooth glide drawers give you easy access to contents. Removable wheels are included that can be attached to the foot of the chest so you can move it around smoothly or removed for secured placement.

Tote Slide Overhead Storage

Made from high-grade industrial steel, this innovative storage system offers lasting durability for unmatched reliability. Each sturdy channel can store four 27-gallon tote/bin with a load capacity of 35 lbs per tote. The customizable rails can be adjusted to fit any heavy-duty storage bin.

Wall Mounted Storage Bins

Durable construction for heavy duty use, these bins can hold a wide assortment of items and is ideal for bench tops or mounting to a wall. The adjustable and removable bins make organizing parts and tools easy.

FAQs About Storage Ideas For A Garage

It can be challenging to decide on your storage options for a garage. Here are some popular FAQs!

Is it less expensive to buy or build garage shelves?

This really depends on what you are wanting. If you want just something basic to use, then it would be cheaper to buy shelves. However if you are wanting something more custom and specific, it may be cheaper to build the shelves exactly how you want them.

What kind of garage storage should I use for my smaller items?

I like to use a roller cart, totes or open bins for smaller items. This way they are organized, easily accessible and protected.

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I hope that you were able to get some ideas for your garage storage! Let me know in the comments below what your favorite storage options are or what works best for your garage!

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