21 Home Office Organization Ideas

Whether you work from home or have a home office for other reasons, keeping the space organized allows you to be more efficient. You need the right home office organization ideas to keep the space orderly and efficient.

A disorganized space isn’t something anyone enjoys.

If your space is disorganized, you may notice a decrease in your productivity and increased strain on your mind. You won’t be able to complete tasks as efficiently, and that’s not something anyone wants to tolerate.

The answer is finding new home office organization ideas and tips to make your space work for you. Here are some ideas that may work for your area.

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21 Home Office Organization Ideas

1. Regularly Purge Papers

Papers are often the bane of any office space. It’s easy for papers to pile up in your home office, and getting them under control is one of the first things you have to do.

Remember, you don’t have to keep all of the papers!

Start by collecting all of the pieces of paper in your office and sorting them into three groups.

  1. Shredding or tossing group. It’s often better to use a paper shredder, especially if the documents may have any account numbers.
  2. File the paper away into your filing system.
  3. Take action – this could be bills that must be paid or paperwork you must fill out.

2. Hide the Wires

Chances are your home office utilizes computers, printers, and other things that require wires. Wires get out of hand quickly and look horrible with increased visual clutter.

Too much visual clutter increases your stress, so eliminating visible wires is essential.

You’ll find all sorts of ways to decrease wire clutter. An easy option is to use binder clips to group them together and out of sight.

3. Label the Wires

When you have a bunch of wires, it is hard to remember what wires go where. It looks like a cable jungle under your desk.

Fix the jungle by making label wires. One of the easiest things to try is to put colored tape on the wires and write the name on each piece of tape.

4. Digitize What You Can

Whether you have business cards or some important documents, you can digitize anything. A document scanner scans stacks of paperwork and uploads them to the cloud.

5. Use a Color-Coded Filing System

Once you sort the papers and pick the things you need to keep, a well-organized filing system will increase the efficiency of your home office. A color-coded system categorizes your paperwork, making it easier for you to find what you need.

Here are some examples to consider.

  • Red: Medical
  • Green: Finances
  • Orange: Home
  • Yellow: Personal
  • Blue: Insurance

You can use whatever colors you want, but keeping things in their proper spot makes it easier for you to find what you need.

6. Invest in a Label Maker

A label maker is a must-have when focusing on home office organization. You can use the label maker to label files, drawers, boxes, and anything else you want to keep your space organized.

7. Use Binders for the Most Important Paperwork

Some people call these life binders, while others refer to these as home management binders. No matter what you call them, keeping your most important papers in a binder makes it easier to grab what you need in an emergency.

For example, a medical section in your binder could be where you keep all your family’s medical records. A pet section keeps documentation of your pets’ shot records and medications. Then, an auto binder tracks car repairs, maintenance records, and car insurance papers.

8. Have a Designated Mail Station

I learned over the years how much of a mess mail creates in your home office. I often dump the week’s mail on my desk and leave it there, but not only does that create a mess, but it also lets things get lost easier.

Creating a mail station gives you control over paper coming into your home. Make a folder for incoming and outgoing mail, bills, and other categories.

Then, plan a day each week when you go through each and file bills you need to pay that week.

You can find all sorts of pre-made mail stations. For example, this mail organizer has three key holds but only two slots for storing your mail.

9. Use Wall Space to Your Advantage

Wall space is often not utilized properly, and when you focus on home office organization, make sure you use wall space to your advantage. Consider hanging a filing system, cork boards, whiteboards, and shelving systems.

You’ll discover how much more space you have when you go vertical in your office!

10. Use a Rolling Cart for More Storage

A rolling cart gives you more storage space if you have a small desk and find that it’s not enough space for you. It’s an excellent place to store planners, notebooks, and other office supplies.

11. Use Baskets and Containers to Organize Office Supplies

Chances are you have accumulated plenty of office supplies. Use containers, drawers, and baskets to organize the supplies. The supplies should be out of sight, but you also want them organized.

12. Try Clear Divider Trays in Desk Drawers

A clear divider tray looks great in your desk drawer and helps you find things when organized. These clear drawers stack together and are all different-sized, fitting different items.

13. Mason Jars Hold Pens and Pencils

Mason jars are one of those versatile items everyone needs in their home. You can easily decorate them; try adding a coat of white paint to your jars for a vintage look.

Use glass jars for holding pens and pencils on your desk. They also look great when organizing in your bathroom, craft room, and kitchen.

14. Categorize Your Supplies

Now that you are focusing on your office supplies, it’s best to categorize and organize those supplies by keeping like items together. This keeps your office more functional and increases your efficiency.

For example, keep all of the writing tools together, such as markers, pens, and pencils. Put all of the mail supplies in one area, like your envelopes, stamps, address labels, etc.

Categorizing supplies helps you find what you easier when looking.

15. Use Magazine Holders

If you have magazines or documents you want to keep, get several magazine holders and label them. Putting several magazine holders next to each other looks great on your bookshelves!

16. Organize Your Book Shelf

Organizing bookshelves is one way to make your home office space look more put together. You have several ways to organize the shelves, such as by genre, size, author, or by color.

Organizing books by color adds a design element and a clutter-free look. However, if you read various books, organizing by genre makes it easier to find what you want to read.

17. Add Baskets on Bookshelves

Another way to maximize your storage space is to add storage baskets to your shelves. The baskets hold larger items that you may not have a home for.

Baskets come in a range of colors; wicker baskets look great. You may also prefer fabric bins in the perfect color combo for your home office space.

18. Use Transparent Plastic Boxes

Another home office organization idea is to use transparent plastic boxes to keep your shelves tidy. Transparent boxes work great for storing papers and documents, but they also work great for craft supplies!

Think about how nice shelves will look full of craft shelves.

19. Use Clear Drawers

Instead of transparent boxes, try clear drawers for your home office organization. You’ll find a range of sizes for the drawers, so some work for paperwork, while others are better for office supplies.

20. Repurpose a Dresser or Other Pieces of Furniture

Many old pieces of furniture can be repurposed and used for other functions in your home office. An older dresser works as a printing station, storing wire baskets, paper supplies, and other essentials.

You can find many different old pieces of furniture at yard sales or consignment sales for great prices.

21. Makeover Filing Cabinets

You can buy a new filing cabinet system if you want, but you also can find plenty of old filing cabinets for sale at yard sales or online marketplaces.

Old filing cabinets are easy to makeover. They are metal, so it’s possible to spray paint them with metal-friendly spray paint.

Having an office space is useful to your family, whether you need a place to work at home or want a place to organize necessary paperwork for your family. Use these tips for home office organization to increase your efficiency and functionality of the space.

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