23 Kitchen Storage and Organization Ideas You Need to Try

Having a well-organized kitchen not only makes the space look nicer, but it also makes cooking a lot easier when you can find what you need. Many kitchen organization ideas are simple to implement but make a huge difference in your kitchen experience.

Organizing is one of my favorite hobbies.

I love watching TikTok and Instagram post about kitchen organization hacks, and I think pictures of organized fridges are the best.

Now that we are in the middle of a move and I’m spending time creating my dream kitchen, I want to use all of these kitchen organization ideas. No more messy kitchen cabinets for me!

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23 Kitchen Organization Ideas

1. Lazy Susan for Counter Top

Instead of leaving everything out on the counter on a line, use a lazy Susan to keep all of your common cooking supples like salt and pepper in one place. Not only does this look like decoration, but it also saves space and keeps things right where you need them the most.

Grab a lazy susan for your countertops!

2. Chalkboard Measurements

If you’re like me, you always forget how many teaspoons go into a tablespoon, and I always lose my measuring cups. I’m nearly positive my kids steal them and use them around the house.

I love this kitchen measurement chalkboard idea; it’s one of my favorite small kitchen organization hacks. You have hooks for the measuring spoons and cups, so they don’t take up space in your drawers AND you have all the measurements you need to remember right there.

So creative and useful!

3. Install a Grocery Bag Dispenser

If collecting grocery bags was an Olympic event, I would have a gold medal.

They seem to be all over my kitchen, and I never seem to figure out how to keep them organized. Then, I saw this amazing grocery bag dispenser. It’s hands-down one of my favorite kitchen organization hacks.

Get a grocery bag dispenser for your cabinets!

4. Trash Bags on a Roll

My kids love to pull the trash bags out of the box and spread them throughout the kitchen. This DIY project uses small curtain rods to create trash bags on a roll.

Using this kitchen organization hack also lets you see easily when you trash bags are running out so that you don’t forget to buy them when going to the store.

5. DIY Farmhouse Produce Rack

If you like a small project, this DIY farmhouse produce rack is a great one to try. I hate when produce gets forgotten about or squashed under something else. Not only do these racks help keep your fresh fruits and veggies organized, but it also helps organize your kitchen cabinets.

Follow the easy to understand tutorial by Addicted 2 DIY and grab a set of wire baskets for pantries.

6. Wire Magazine Racks for Produce

Here is another kitchen organization idea that I think is brilliant – using wire magazine racks to store veggies.

I’ve lost potatoes and onions in my cabinets, and when that happens – whoa buddy – the smell is NOT a good one. These magazine racks are the perfect size for organizing the veggies and allowing ample air flow around them.

Get a set of rustic metal magazine storage baskets here with labels for the front. This is one of the easiest kitchen organization hacks to try.

7. Pull-Out Shelves

As we renovate our new kitchen, one of the kitchen organization for shelves I wanted to add are pull-out shelves. These allow you to see what is at the back of the shelf much easier, reducing food waste and keeping everything organized where they need to stay.

8. Dollar Tree Bins for Organization

Are you looking for some Dollar Store kitchen organization hacks? Here is a simple one – using plastic bins to organize your pantry shelves.

This makes finding anything in your pantry easier than ever before. You will need a set of pantry basket label clips to make sure everyone knows what is inside each bin.

9. Store Dry Goods in Plastic Containers

A lot of people prefer to use airtight plastic containers for all of their dry goods in their pantry. This helps the food stay fresher for long since exposure to air decreases the lifespan.

It’s easier to replicate this kitchen organization and storage idea. Grab some large food storage containers and fill them up. Write on the front what each container has for an organized kitchen pantry!

10. Wicker Baskets with Labels for the Pantry

If you don’t love the look of plastic bins, try wicker baskets instead. This instantly gives your pantry a more rustic, farmhouse style while keeping everything organized.

If you want to try this kitchen organization hack, grab a few sets of pantry baskets and start organizing your food storage!

11. Produce Storage Saver Containers 

These are my go-to storage containers to keep my fruits and veggies stored and fresh in the fridge. I can wash, rinse, and drain them in the slotted container, then place them in the additional outer container for storage.

What makes these containers awesome is that as the water drains out, the produce doesn’t sit in the water making it soggy and wet, inevitably leading to it going bad quicker. These containers actually keep them fresh a bit longer and the seal on each container is better than other brands. The inside comes apart to be able to clean and dry properly.

Use code TREQ77GO for an additional 10% off on Amazon!

12. Lazy Susans in the Pantry

If you’re up for a DIY project, Decor Chick shows us how to make large lazy Susans for our pantries. Don’t worry; if you aren’t project oriented, you can still make this happen for you.

Start by grabbing a few pantry lazy Susans and putting them in the corners of your shelves and loading them up with your canned goods, spices, and other goodies.

13. Ikea Cardboard Bins for Canned Goods

Here is one of the most affordable kitchen organization ideas – using Ikea cardboard bins for canned goods.

It’s easy for canned goods to become disorganized and lost in your pantry. Ikea bins are super cheap and hold several cans at a time, making it easy to keep them organized.

14. Soda Can Organizers for Canned Goods

Grab a pack of soda can holder and use them for your canned goods instead. These plastic dispensers allow you to stack the cans based on their expiration dates, so you never accidentally leave a can in the back that expires.

Get a set or two of these can drink holder dispensers. They’re great for a pantry and for the refrigerator if you want cold soda.

15. DIY Chip Storage

Do your kids love grabbing chip bags from the pantry? Use this simple $10 DIY chip storage idea. I’m adding this to my favorite kitchen organization hacks, especially since the project is so cheap and smart!

16. Clear Bins for Snack Drawer

We have a snack drawer for our kids, so they know exactly where to look for goodies that they enjoy. I love this idea of using plastic refrigerator bins for drawers instead.

I’ve tried other plastic storage bins, but they end up being too big for the drawers. These are the perfect size and hold all the snacks your kids could want! Get to organizing with these eight clear plastic bins.

17. Food Wrap Storage

Are you tired of plastic wrap and foil taking up space in your cabinets and drawers? Use this DIY project to keep everything in one place and save space in your drawers.

18. Label Everything

One of my favorite kitchen organization ideas for cabinets is to label everything. All you need are some chalkboard labels for the containers you have.

19. A Labeled Spice Drawer

Looking to save some room in your drawers? You need one of my favorite small kitchen organization hacks – organized space drawers. Using these organizers keeps your spices all in one place and helps the spices stay in proper order.

Here’s how to recreate this at home.

Grab a spice rack designed for drawers and glass spice jars and bottles with labels. Switch your spices into these glass jars and organize them in alphabetical order.

20. Clear Drawers Under the Sink

If you feel like under your sink isn’t organized, here are some of my favorite kitchen organization cabinets hacks. Grab some stackable clear organizer drawers and use these to store your towels, sponges, and even dishwasher pods.

21. File the Pots and Pans

Don’t let those pots and pans make your cabinets a mess. One of the easiest kitchen organization cabinets ideas is to use an expandable organizer rack for pots and pans.

While these look like file racks, they actually sell these racks for pans, and they’re quite affordable.

22. Lid Storage on the Door

Instead of putting the lids in the cabinet, try this idea – use a pot lid storage rack for cabinet doors. Grab a rack that holds up to six lids and attach it to your cabinet doors. Then, your lids are all easily organized and right where you want them.

How easy is this idea?

23. Wire Rack to Store Cutting Boards

Something else I hate searching for is cutting boards, so I was excited to find some kitchen organization ideas for them.

This one is my favorite. Grab a metal wire basket for doors and attach it inside of one of your cabinet doors. Use this to hold all of your cutting boards. In only five minutes, you’ll have one more thing organized in your kitchen.

24. Clear Bins for the Fridge

Keeping an organized fridge is all the rage on social media right now, and it’s never been easier with storage plastic bins.

Start by getting a set of plastic bins for refrigerators for all your goodies, organizing them by type. Then, include a lazy susan for condiments and other goodies that won’t fit into those bins. Keeping an organized fridge helps everything stay in its place and reduces food waste.

If you’re struggling to find what you need in your kitchen, try some of these kitchen organization ideas to keep your cabinets, shelves, and pantry organized. All you need is some kitchen organization hacks to make cooking a bit easier.

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