22 Inspirational Playroom Organization Ideas You’ll Love

Having a playroom is a great way to keep your kid’s toys in one place, but soon, those toys take over. You need some playroom organization ideas, and I have plenty of inspiration for you.

We recently moved into a new home, and we’re in the middle of renovating so many things. One of the most important things for me was creating the ultimate playroom space for our three kids to play.

More than that, I want their playroom to encourage them to play. They need to be inspired. That might be inspiration to build some ultimate Lego creations, create crazy games with their Barbies, or read books on a rainy afternoon.

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite playroom organized ideas that I’m using during our home renovation. I hope they inspire you to make a space your kids will love in your home!

22 Playroom Organization Ideas

1. Use Rails and Buckets for Art Supplies

Inspiration from The Sweatman Family

I’m a big fan of this idea. We have plenty of art supplies, like crayons and markers, so this solution is perfect. I also like the chalkboard above it.

You could have a bucket for chalk, crayons, markers, and other art tools they use regularly. Plus, it looks great on the wall. Grab the rail and bucket here!

2. Use Fabric Bins to Your Advantage

Inspiration from Make It Love It

Here is a simple playroom organization idea – use fabric bins. Fabric bins are very functional in our house and bonus points if they have lids!

Fabric bins with lids are a great way to hide all the clutter and mess quickly and easily. I use them to store my daughter’s barbies and baby dolls, stuffed animals, and more.

They look nice on their own, but they also fit well on cube shelves.

3. Add Shelves for Lego Creations

Inspiration from Oh La La Designs

As my daughter gets older, she started to become more interested in using Legos to create the actual structure on the front of the box. Then, she gets super mad when her little brothers destroy them.

I don’t blame her.

I noticed that the older kids have some seriously intricate Lego structures, so I love this idea to create Lego shelves for kids to display all of their works! This playroom organization idea is so easy – all you need is some wall shelves!

4. DIY Lego Storage

Inspiration from The Homes I Have Made

As I said, my daughter is finally interested in Legos, but I realized that she doesn’t like for them to get mixed up. She wants to keep the books for each set.

A bunch of cardboard boxes laying around is a no-go. I love this Lego organization idea by The Homes I Have Made. She even links to all the PDFs so you can grab the pictures for the front of the boxes.

5. DIY Lego Table

Inspiration from Designer Trapped

If you’re handy, you can make this DIY Lego table with wheels. My kids would go crazy over this, and I like the idea to use the Ikea boxes to keep the parts separate and organized.

6. Store Matchbox Cars on the Wall

Inspiration from Always Chasing Life

Not only is this matchbox car organization idea adorable, but it showcases your kid’s favorite things – CARS! It’s part of the design in the room – I mean, this looks so cool!

At the same time, it will make clean up easy and even easier for your child to find all their favorite cars to play. I think displaying cars like this encourage your kids to use them even more.

7. DIY Nerf Gun Storage

Inspiration from Inspiration Made Simple

I can’t wait to make something like this when my boys get older.

My nephews leave their Nerf guns all over the place, and this DIY Nerf Gun storage idea is perfect. It would look so cool in a playroom, and you can make it yourself with some pegboards.

It’s an easy, affordable DIY playroom organization idea to try.

8. DIY Barbie Storage

Inspiration from a Girl and a Glue Gun

I never imagined using a hanging shoe organizer to organize barbies and their accessories, but it works! You might already have one sitting around you house, and this tutorial by A Girl and a Glue Gun shows you how to take an organizer and make it work for barbies.

9. Hide a Bookshelf with a Curtain

Inspiration from Plumberry Pie

Are you tired of looking at cluttered book shelves? This storage hack make a bookcase almost into a closet.

Try using a tension curtain rod and a shower curtain in the front of the shelves.

You can find some curtains that look so nice and match your decor, or you might be able to match the curtains on your windows.

10. Use Closet Storage for Toys

This is goals for my playroom organization ideas. I love how everything is organized and labeled. My soul vibes with this idea, but my kids might not.

However, I like how everything is labeled and easy to find for parents and kids. The labels help you put things away or find what your kids want during playtime.

Something I noticed is that the shelves aren’t too cluttered. She doesn’t stack the games or things to the brim, which helps kids not feel overwhelmed and makes it easier for them to select something to enjoy.

11. Labeled Bins for Storage

If you have cube shelves and fabric bins, you can make this idea come alive. The pictures on the front of bins make it easy for your kids to practice putting away their toys but keeping them organized at the same time.

She shows you exactly how to make this happen on her tutorial!

12. Create Superhero Storage

Inspiration from The Country Chic Cottage

If your boys have a lot of superhero figures, army figures, or other little trinkets, this idea is so fun!

All you need is some mason jars, paint, figures, and super glue. It’s one of the playroom organization ideas I think little boys will love.

These would look so fun on a desk or shelf!

13. Grab Ikea Trofast Shelves for Toy Storage

Inspiration from My Primary Paradise

I’ve had the Ikea Trofast shelves for years, and I have to tell you – they are worth it. These plastic bins last for years; I have some from 2014!

If you’re looking for some playroom organization ideas that let you store all of your kids’ toys, I highly suggest the Trofast shelves. The bins slide in and out easily, and they’re affordable. I also like that they have larger or smaller bins – it makes it easier to organize the toys.

14. Combine Storage and Seating

Inspiration from Keep Toddlers Busy

Whether you have cube shelves or use the Ikea Trofast shelves, kids love to have some different seating options in their playrooms. Plus, chances are you’ll be spending a lot of time in there with your kids.

You deserve some comfy spots to kick back too! So, use those shelves as a seating location too. Grab some cute throw pillows to match the decor or theme of your playroom.

15. Create a Maker Space for Creative Kids

Inspiration by Nurture and Thrive

I cannot love this idea anymore if I tried. Nurture and Thrive took Ikea Trofast shelves and created a desk around it with some shelves and pegboards.

This is a DIY maker space!

Whether your child is an art fanatic or can’t stop building with Legos, this gives your child the place for all of their supplies and a spot to work. Then, they can leave a project there until it’s finished.

16. Make a Dress Up Space

Inspiration from Yellow Bliss Road

Do you have a little princess who loves to dress up or a little boy who enjoys turning into their favorite superhero? You need a dress up area!

All you need is a mirror and wall hooks to hang their favorite costumes; I prefer hooks like this inspiration photo because things get lost in boxes and forgotten. This set-up encourages them to dress up.

Make sure you grab a tall, floor-length mirror as well for the dress-up area.

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17. Add a Tent or a Teepee in a Corner

Inspiration from Whimsical September

Placing a tent or teepee tent in the corner of your playroom isn’t necessarily organization, but it can help differentiate spaces in the room. It can also offer a soothing and calming place for them or it may become a little hide out that your kids really love!

Try putting some string lights and a white noise machine, like the Sound Bub, there that your child can turn on themselves to relax.

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18. Make a Cozy Reading Nook

Inspiration from Clean and Scentsible

We all want our kids to enjoy reading, so make a cozy reading nook for your children. Put some beanbags, pillows, and shelves for all their favorite books.

Make sure to include some soft, warm blankets as well.

19. Book Storage Shelves

Inspiration from The Ragged Wren

If you make a reading area, I love shelves that show the front of the books. It’s far more tempting for kids to grab a book when they see all the covers and colors rather than the spine, which isn’t interesting enough typically.

Plus, the books double as a sort of decoration!

20. Wire Racks for Books

If you don’t like the shelves for books, grab a set of wire baskets for the wall to hold the books. This set up is easier to put together and shows off the front covers of the books as well, especially if you organized them by size.

21. Make DIY Peak-a-Boo Storage Bags

Inspiration from Hey There Home

Are you looking for another playroom toy organization idea? These DIY peak-a-boo storage bags are a great idea, and Hey There Home includes an easy tutorial to follow to make them for your play space.

22. Make a Stuffed Animal Storage Ottoman

Inspiration from Sustain my Craft Habit

Does it feel like your kids have more stuffed animals than you know what to do with in their playroom?

I love this idea – using a stuffed animal storage ottoman. It doubles as a place to sit for kids, but it also houses all of their stuffed animals in one area.

Talk about the ultimate yet easy playroom storage!

Putting together a playroom for your kids should be fun – you’re creating a fun space for them to be, after all! I hope these playroom organization ideas inspire you as much as they did me!

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