Free Printable and Editable Chore Charts for 5 – 6 Year Olds

If you have a 5 year old at home, you’re probably brainstorming ways to get them started helping out around the house. Chores are a great way to give your child responsibilities and most children need a chore chart to gain knowledge and attention as to what chores to perform.

At the age of 5 or 6, they’re ready to be independent, but still need some guidance on how. Lucky for you, I created some FREE printable chore charts for your 5 year olds that they will LOVE!

Not only do chore charts help young children remember what they need to do, they also double as a reward chard. You can use a chore chart to give points, check marks, or stickers to show your child that they’re doing a good job.

The more stickers or checks that they earn can go toward a prize. This turns into a great incentive for them to perform their chores well.

The Importance of Giving Your Child Chores

I believe that children should take on an important role in the home at a young age. If they do, it should carry over into adulthood.

We can’t rely on anyone else to help our kids learn these valuable skills, so we must take on this role ourselves. Performing chores not only helps parents clean the house, but it teaches them important skills and lessons that they will need throughout their years to come.

Unfortunately, school doesn’t teach how to wash dishes and do laundry, so it’s up to us as parents to teach them.

When I was a child and even into my teenage years, my mom never gave us chores. She cleaned up after us and never asked us to tidy up our mess.

Now as an adult, I still don’t instinctively clean up after myself and I blame the fact that I did not have chores when I was younger. I should have been taught all these skills as a child and I believe that my instinct to clean may be much different.

I would never want my son to be 25 living in an apartment in the city and still coming home to have mom do his laundry!

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Free Printable Chore Charts by Age

Below you’ll find a few chore charts that I have created, as well as some other chore charts that I have rounded up for you.

Chore charts do vary by age, as the skills needed will be age dependent. Chore charts for toddlers should show more pictures than words since they can not read.

Chore charts for 5 year olds or 6 year olds can contain words, but may still use pictures for ease. These chore charts can also be used for 4 year olds with a combination of words and pictures.

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Editable Unicorn Chore Chart for Girls, 5 – 6 year olds

I created this with my children and household in mind, but am well aware that everyone’s chores at their home will look different. That’s why I wanted to give you guys a link to this chore chart to use as a Canva template to make your own.

I think it’s important to include a name in a chore chart. Not only if you have multiple children so they know which one is theirs, but younger children LOVE seeing their name on things.

I know my kids get ecstatic to see anything personalized or if they find their name on something.

Therefore, this chore chart allows you to edit the name, as well as all of the chores on the chart. Actually, you can edit any part of this chart that you’d like!

Have fun making it your own!

Don’t have Canva? No problem! Sign up for free here! It’s super simple and free to get started. I make all of my printables, charts, and worksheets on here and love this program so much!

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Editable Chore Chart for Boys, 5 – 6 Year Olds

This chore chart for boys is the same as the one above, but has a different color scheme. Again, this chore chart allows you to edit the name, as well as all of the chores on the chart.

You can edit any part of this chart that you’d like!

What I love about these chore charts for 5 year olds is the point system. I know in my house, having two kids 14 months apart, everything is a competition!

So the fact that they get to compete over who earned the most points for doing CHORES benefits me greatly!

Chore Chart for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Who says 2 year olds and 3 year olds can’t do chores? Not this mama! I started my kids early on learning chores because it helps as they get older!

For toddlers and preschoolers, chore charts can be helpful if you use pictures to showcase what the action is. Use stickers and rewards to create a motivating experience for your child to learn their daily routine and household tasks.

Here you can find both boy’s and girl’s printable chore charts, however these ones are not editable. They consist of small pictures that show your little one which chores to perform.

Explain the chart to your child. Make sure they understand the expectations of them.

Leave the chart in a convenient location. Each time they are successful in one of the categories, they get a sticker, check mark, or any incentive you choose.

Having them place stickers on each box is great fine motor practice as well.

When they reach 6 stickers, they get a reward of your choice. Easy peasy!

I assure you that once you start implementing a chore chart at home, you will see a big change in their attitude and behaviors. They’ll start to enjoy helping out and you’ll love the help you’ll get out of it too!

Having a chore chart for your kids at any age will be helpful with independence. Try out these free printable and editable chore charts for 5 year olds, 6 year olds, and toddlers.
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