16 Adorable 2nd Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

You blinked and your little one is turning TWO! How did it happen so quickly? Your little princess is now able to walk, talk, run and play like never before, and yet it seems impossible that you are already looking for 2nd birthday party ideas for girls!

Turning two is a major milestone and definitely deserves a big celebration!

At two years old, your little one may have a few preferences but this is still a year that you can heavily influence the theme choice. Enjoy it! After this year most of the parties will likely be primarily based on the latest cartoon fad.

Here are 16 of the absolute cutest party idea for 2nd birthdays… pick your favorite and have fun!

#1 Two The Moon

This theme is out of this world! If your little girl is fascinated by space things like rockets, astronauts, planets and stars- this will be the perfect theme to choose. In addition, the modern colors of the solar system like black, white & silver will make this a stylish- yet adorable- 2nd birthday party idea for girls!

#2 Oh Twodles!

This Minnie Mouse themed party is simply adorable for any little girl who has Minnie Mouse on the brain! Twodles is the perfect character to really bring this theme together! And with the color scheme of Minnie Mouse, you can easily add in tons of pink, purple, and black accents to make this theme pop! This 2nd birthday party idea for girls is just “two cute”.

#3 Twotti Frutti

Although a Tutti Frutti Birthday Party is an incredible party for all ages, it’s particularly adorable for a two-year-old’s birthday party – making it a Twotti Fruity Party! If you’re planning a summer birthday party, a Twotti Frutti Birthday Party is an awesome idea. It’s bright, colorful, and makes for a fun 2nd birthday idea for girls.

#4 Two-tally Awesome

Does your little girl enjoy the beach? Use the surfer vibe of the word “totally” to really pull this theme together. It would be the perfect theme for a pool party, cook out, or barbecue! In addition if your little one is nuts about baby shark- you could add a few in there without having to cave to an entire baby shark theme!

#5 Two Sweet

Is your sweet little girl just “two sweet” for her own good? Then this 2nd birthday party idea for girls is the perfect match. Besides who can resist ice cream, donuts, and candies? Choose this 2nd birthday party theme for your little girl and let your sweet tooth run wild.

#6 Have Your Cake and Eat it Two

This theme is perfect for any little girl who loves pastel colors and girly things. You can pull together some pretty pastels, and add a beautiful cake. Done and done on this 2nd birthday party idea for girls!

#7 Tea For Two

Think fancy tea party for this adorable 2nd birthday party idea for girls. If your little girl loves to have tea parties this theme will be perfect! As an added bonus this theme can be super affordable as you can use plenty of items you already have such as tea sets, kettles and a few fancy pieces for accents. Adding lots of floral and lace will be perfect choices for this theme.

#8 Taco Twosday

If tacos are something your little girl craves this 2nd birthday party idea for girls will be just right. Simply put together a taco bar and throw a fun fiesta for your little one’s birthday. This theme is sure to be a hit for the whole family!

#9 Donut Grow up Two Fast

Donut let your little one grow up to fast! This adorable 2nd birthday party idea for girls is almost “two sweet”. And luckily you can grab this adorable cake topper off of Etsy to really complete the whole look!

#9 Two Wild

Do you have a wild thing on your hand? Sometimes your little girl is just “two wild”, and this birthday party idea for girls will fit her just perfectly!

You can really pull this theme together with some fun balloons from Etsy, and to really top it off – offer some wild animal crackers for a snack!

#10 Two Sassy

Do you have a sassy little girl on your hands? This birthday party idea for girls will be just perfect. You can tie the whole theme together with lots of lace, bows, ribbon, and of course this adorable little outfit from Etsy.

#11 Baby Shark Two Two Two Two

Is your little two year old a fan of baby shark, and turning “two two two two”?

A baby shark birthday party will be the perfect theme for your little one- even if it will leave the song in your head for days to come!

#12 Turning Two is a Ball

Turning two really is a ball of fun, and what better way to celebrate that than with this fun birthday party idea for girls? This theme is perfect for any little two-year-old girl in your life! And the ability to hand out bouncy balls as party favors makes this theme a number one choice!

#13 Two at the Zoo

Is your two-year-old little girl all about zoo animals? How about a zoo-themed birthday party for your special two-year-old? Two at the zoo is the perfect opportunity to showcase all her favorite things!

#14 Cock A Doodle Doo We are Turning Two

Does your little girl love farm animals and everything on the farm? This will be a great idea for her! You can have farm animal decorations, and fun farm snacks to really highlight the theme! Try these cute invitations from Etsy!

#15 Our little Cutie is Turning Two

Is your little two-year-old just “two cute?”, does she enjoy cuties? This cutie-themed birthday party idea for girls will be the perfect match! Plus with snacks like cuties, you won’t find an easier party theme!

#16 Red White & Two

Are you celebrating your two-year-old’s birthday near memorial day or the 4th of July? This theme will fit perfectly! You can celebrate your little firecracker’s birthday with a bang this year! Don’t forget this cake topper from Etsy!

I hope you enjoy these 2nd birthday party ideas for girls! Which one will you choose? Have another to share? Put it in the comments below!

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