What to Pack for Disney World in February

No matter when you want to go, there is never a bad time to head to Disney World. February is a great time because it’s full of sunny, warm days without huge crowds, but since the weather is different than where you live, you need to know what to pack for Disney World in February.

Many Disney fans say at this is the best time of year to go. And if you’re interested in timing your Disney World vacation for maximum fun, then we’d have to agree.

The summer months are crowded; getting through all the Disney parks is hard with so many people visiting after schools let out for the year.

During February, the weather may be good enough to enjoy all the water parks and pools and see all of your kids’ favorite characters. However, there is always a chance that it is not.

Don’t forget that February also brings Valentine’s Day and the Disney Princess Half Marathon weekend. It’s a fantastic time to visit the happiest place!

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The Crowd Sizes in February at Disney Parks

In general, February is one of the lowest months of the year, making it an excellent time of the year to visit.

Expect the crowd levels on the weekends to be busier than the weekdays as locals with season passes flock to the park for something to do when the crowds are lower.

However, compared to other months of the year, February is more manageable and less hectic. However, Disney parks are busier during President’s Day weekend since people take advantage of the long weekend.

Epcot is often busier on the weekends because they run the Epcot International Festival of the Arts all month. This is a favorite for visitors and locals alike.

Right now, Walt Disney World has different crowd capacities due to their efforts against Covid. Ride lines and wait times look long, but they’re generally not too bad in February.

The Weather at Disney World in February

It’s no secret that I live in New Jersey, and February typically brings low temperatures, sometimes even single digits, and plenty of snow and ice.

Disney World in February is totally different – that’s why we love it!

Orlando in February is perfect. It’s a bit breezy, but you don’t have to worry about sweating to death. The temperatures are generally warm, and you don’t have to worry about hurricanes.

Temperatures should hover between 60 and 70 degrees F. Think about how you dress in the fall; this is typically how you want to dress at Disney World in February.

However, it’s not impossible for the temperatures to increase into the lower 80s. So, you want to be prepared for that!

Our last trip to Disney World in February was very lucky, but the surrounding 2 weeks before and after us were actually brutally cold! I had friends there that were freezing in 40 degree temperatures during the day!

However, those low temps were unseasonably cold for Orlando, so that it is not the typical weather. Be sure you check the weather right before you go for an accurate gauge of how to pack!

Rain is Likely in February

One part of the weather to be aware of when visiting Disney World in February is that rain is likely. While February isn’t the rainiest month, the likelihood is still higher.

With that in mind, come prepared with a rain jacket, a poncho, or water-resistant clothing.

Make sure you get kid-sized ponchos as well. These ones from SaphiRose double as lightweight rain jackets as well!

Yes, Disney sells ponchos, but you’ll pay more and the quality is lacking. Come prepared!

Seriously, nothing is more miserable than walking in the rain with kids as they complain about being wet.

With that in mind, you should also come prepared with rain cover gear for your stroller. A rain cover will protect your kids and keep them happy as you seek cover.

I suggest some travel umbrellas as well. Grab these and pack them in your suitcases rather than buying there; the prices are way too high!

Cool Weather in the Evenings

Something else you should know about Disney World in February is that the temperatures get cooler in the evenings. Daytime temperatures may hover in the 60s, 70s, and even 80s, but nighttime is different.

Don’t be surprised if nighttime lows dip into the 50s and 40s. That means you have to bring evening clothes as well and light jackets to keep everyone warm.

In fact, some people even bring hats and mittens to keep their kids warm at night.

What to Pack for Disney World in February

Knowing the weather is typically like fall in the northern states, you want to dress the same way. You need both short-sleeved shirts, especially for those warm days or exploring Magic Kingdom, and long-sleeved shirts for the evenings when the temperatures drop lower.

You want to bring some layering options like cardigans, a hooded sweatshirt, or a fleece jacket.

However, knowing that 70s and 80s feel pretty warm, you want to have shorts, tank tops, and cropped pants.

Don’t forget the swimming gear!

Here are a list of things you should bring with you to wear in February at Walt Disney World.

Short Sleeve Shirts

Locals may not wear short sleeve shirts in February, but if you’re coming from a northern state, these temps will feel downright balmy.

Some might even feel comfortable in tank tops, but that will depend on your own personal temperature gauge.

I would suggest packing several short sleeve shirts for you and your kids.

Long Sleeve Shirts

On the other hand, some days, the temperature may dip lower, so you want to have long sleeve shirts on hand as well.

Those rainy days when the temps are in the 60s may feel chilly! Since it is February, you could bring some Valentine’s Day Disney themed shirts as well!


You need comfortable shoes when visiting Disney parks, so socks are must. You don’t want your feet rubbing against the shoes all day. It’s a surefire recipe for blisters after walking miles and miles around Magic Kingdom.

Lightweight Jackets or Hoodies

Leave the heavy winter jacket at home and stick to lightweight jackets, cardigans, and hoodies. Central Florida’s winter is generally mild, so even if it is a bit cold, a long sleeve shirt and a hoodie is all you generally need to stay at the perfect temperature.

Jean jackets or corduroy jackets work together for adorable outfits. I also love a good cozy cardigan paired with a tank top.


You’re going to need to pack shorts as well. Since temperatures go into the high 70s maybe low 80s at times, some days will be perfect for shorts.

Some people love jean shorts, but athletic shorts are perfect for all the walking you will be doing there.

You could even go a bit fancier and grab some casual skirts to wear to dinner with your family.

Jeans and Leggings

I’m not the biggest fan of jeans, but you need long pants when you go to Disney World in February. If jeans aren’t your cup of tea, grab some extra pairs of leggings.

Leggings can be totally trendy and cute while comfortable for a long day. Try pairing leggings with an adorable Disney shirt and cute shoes!

What Type of Shoes to Wear at Disney World in February

I always worry that I won’t bring the right type of shoes when we go on vacation. You might be the same way.

You want to bring a comfortable pair of sneakers; make sure they aren’t brand new. Broken-in shoes are best for long days at Disney World, and I love a pair of red Keds for Disney!

Also, if possible, pack two pairs since downpours happen in February. The last thing you want is soaked shoes on the first day. If you have waterproof shoes, those are ideal!

You’ll also want to bring a pair or two of sandals or flip-flops. These are needed at the water parks and resort pools.

Make sure you consider your itinerary as well. Some plant hiking and biking trips, so you’ll need proper footwear.

If you are going without your kids, you might decide to visit an upscale restaurant or even dance clubs – yes, Disney World has dance clubs! You’ll want proper shoes for that as well.

Extras You Should Pack for Disney World in February

There are things you still need to pack in February. You want to make sure you don’t forget these important necessities.

The sun is still very much strong in February, even though it may be cooler. You still need to worry about sunburns and staying safe while outside.

Packing for Disney World in February means preparing for all sorts of weather. You want to be prepared for warm weather, rainy days, swimming, and cold evenings. That means you have to really plan ahead and ensure you cover all types of weather that might crop up while you are there.

Have you gone to Disney World in February? What did you pack? Let me know in the comments!

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