Best Toys for all the 4-Year-Old Boys on Your List

We’ve all seen the two “modes” our 4-year-olds have, crazy and sleepy. There is no in-between; however, we can always trust them to entertain themselves for at least a little while.

What makes a toy good for a 4-year-old?

4-year-olds are pretty particular about what they want to play with. When choosing what toys are best for your child, ask yourself “what kind of child is he?”

Is he an outdoors or indoor kid? Does he like dinosaurs, cars, superheroes, etc? Every child will want something different, and below is a list of ideas to get you started.

4-year-old boys are also notoriously hard on anything they play with. They have tons of energy and a vivid imagination that keeps them on the move.

Just Simply Mom’s Top 5 Best Gifts for 4-Year-Old Boys

Superman Wall Art

Every boy is a huge superhero fan, and this high-quality wall art is a great decoration for their room.

Nerf Targets

Target shooting is a perfect way to help refine your little one’s hand-eye coordination. This one’s auto-reset future is a sure way to provide tons of entertainment.

Construction Cars and Carrier

Construction toys are a favorite of all little boys. This die-cast set is sure to take a beating and still keep going for years of entertainment.

Dino Cars

These dino trucks are so fun and cool for any 4 year old boy on your list! They will spend hours playing with these and I always like toys that have more than one use when it comes to pretending.

RC Stunt Car

We have this car and love it! It is *almost* impossible to get this car stuck, which is perfect if your little one has never driven anything like it before!

Best Educational Toys for 4-year-old boys

I Can Write

Truly innovative content, which is age appropriate, skill oriented and infinitely engaging for young learners.

Math Game

Help your little one develop their math skills with this fun hand held toy with over 2 MILLION math problems for them to solve!

See & Spell

This toy helps to encourage letter and word recognition with cute pictures and foam letters!

Found It!

I spy with my little eye…something fun! This scavenger hunt will keep your little one busy on days where the weather is bad and they can’t go outside!

Drill Set

Perfect for giving your little engineer a jump in STEM skills! Each Kids Drill and Screw Set maxes out their spatial awareness, logical problem solving, visualizing & planning, fine motor skills & many other essential cognitive skills through play with STEM toys! Achieve STEM development with basic engineering building, construction play, and early math instruction.

Creative/sensory toys

Expression Blocks

Expression Blocks is a game that contributes to emotional and physical development. Far from the gimmicks often offered to kids these days, these toys facilitate hours of play and joy. They awaken creativity, encourage curiosity, and develop imagination, challenge thinking, and offer any child hours of fun!

Creative Creatures Dough Builders (

Creative Creatures Dough Builders These accessories are playdough’s best friend and lets kids make more ‘complex’ creations, expanding their symbolic thinking and imaginations! Children can create one-of-a-kind dough creatures with colorful, fun accessories in 26 styles. They are perfect for sensory and tactile learners.

Kids Art Box

Kids Art Boxes are a great way to keep new projects in front of your little ones. The subscription to their service provides a monthly supply of three art activities, one science project, and one visual recipe or origami tutorial with easy-to-follow tutorials in every box.

Best Toys for 4-year-old boys to get them active


My son is a small 4-year-old so I got him a 14″ bike. Depending on size, a 16″ bike may be suitable for your child.

Foam Throwing Plane

Planes and throwing things are two things almost every 4-year-old loves. These LED throwing planes are a great way to get your little one outside and moving!

Dino Blasters

Best Stem Toys for 4-year-old boys

STEM Bendy Builders – These twisty tubes are a unique construction and building toy that will expand kids’ engineering thinking. Spark their imaginations while strengthening fine motor and hand-eye coordination!

Carrera GO!!! Build’ N Race

This race track is a fantastic gift for your little racer. The customizable racers paired with the slot race track will provide hours of entertainment for your little one.

Take Apart Dino Toys

Dinosaurs are one of a little boy’s first obsessions. Using this obsession, this set of dinosaurs is a great way to help children understand how things are assembled and also aids with fine motor skill refinement.

GeoSafari Jr. Talking Kids Microscope

Introducing your little one to the world of science has never been easier. This microscope is a fantastic way to show your little one the world of nature, outer space, and more, featuring the voice of Bendi Irwin, daughter of the late Steve Irwin!

Dinosaur and Moon Rotating Nightlight

If your little one is a star gazer or dinosaur obsessed, this night light is the perfect gift! Bedtime will be so easy with all of these objects to see at night!

Best Outdoor Toys for 4-Year-Old Boys

Parachute Toy

My son loved throwing these up as high as he could and then chasing after them to try to catch them.

Velcro Catch Set

Every little boy loves playing catch. This set is perfect for children who are having trouble actually catching the ball.

Explorer & Bug Catcher Kit

Nothing says little boy like catching bugs. This kit is perfect for your little one to explore the world outside!

Training Golf Balls & Clubs

Getting your kids this training set is a great way to get your little golfer started. The plastic balls are also much less destructive!

T Ball Set

Getting your kids started with T Ball is a great way to keep your kids active as well as refine their hand-eye coordination.

Best Toys for 4-Year-old boys when you are on a budget

Magnetic Tiles

When looking for gifts on a budget, these magnetic tiles are a fantastic gift to keep your little ones entertained while encouraging their imagination. My kids can’t stop playing with their sets!

Best fidget toys for 4-year-old boys

Transformable Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners provide hours of distraction for children and adults alike. Add the changeable shape to it and this is a guaranteed hit for your little fidgeter.

Infinity Cube

Infinity cubes have always provided entertainment for everyone that has picked one up. Something about their mechanical pattern provides a point of fixation for a troubled or wandering mind.

Twisty Tangle Fidgets

The ever-changing shape of these fidget toys gives your little ones something to do with their hands as well as promotes their imagination.

Fidget Toys Pack

The variety of this pack is a guaranteed hit with your little one. The entertainment includes twisting, stretching, squishing, bouncing, and just plain visually appealing.

Best Dinosaur Toys for 4-year-old boys

Break Open Fossil Eggs

Loving dinosaurs is usually a given for your little ones, right along with breaking things. Why not give them both with this amazing little set that also pairs with informational cards to teach your young explorer about the dino they uncover?

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Best Cozy toys for 4-year-old boys


Squishmallows are all the rage these days and for good reason! These little stuffed animals are so cute and cozy!

Microwavable Dragon

This little guy is super neat! The belly is removable and you can microwave it! This makes it great for chilly nights or just a cozy friend!

Shark Blanket

You might have seen these blankets for little girls in the form of a mermaid tail, but how cute are is this one for boys?!

Fleece Bathrobe

Everyone needs a cozy bathrobe! This fleece bathrobe is perfect for after bathtime!

Kids Sherpa Socks

All of my littles love their sherpa socks, especially for chilly weather!

Best toys for 4-year-old boys to encourage pretend play

Superhero Capes

Every child wishes AND pretends to be a superhero. These capes are the perfect addition to your little one’s toy collection.

Kids Tool Set

Every boy wants to be like his daddy and use tools. This set will provide them with that opportunity without leaving all the destruction a 4-year-old can cause with actual tools.

Doctor Kit for Kids

4-year-olds are still in the very compassionate phase of growing. Playing doctor plays right into that compassion and fosters their social skills while also allowing them to comprehend the uses of different medical tools and know different body parts.

Stainless Steel Play Kitchen

While having your little ones in the kitchen can be helpful at times, they usually get in the way. This set gives them their own kitchen set to give their inner chef an outlet and also helps develop role-play, sharing, and social skills.

Best toys for the 4-year-old boy who loves music

Ukulele Sprouts Program

Have you ever wondered: “What is the best way to bring music into my child’s life?” THIS IS THE ANSWER. **Free for a limited time you could learn all you need to know about “planting the seeds of music” in your household! After the free training, you have the opportunity to purchase your very own Ukulele Learning Kit – which will include a Ukulele for YOU and your child(ren), detailed lessons on how to teach the Ukulele, wall hangers, carry cases, a book, and a calendar to keep track of your progress! This is THE musical gift for any child! Check the price below, but make sure to take advantage of the FREE training!

VTech Drum Set

I couldn’t keep my little guy from banging on whatever was hollow and made a neat sound. Giving him this little drum set kept him preoccupied while keeping my pots and pans free and clean a lot more often.

Keyboard for Kids

This keyboard is designed for little fingers and helps improve the hand-eye coordination of your little one. It also gives you a cheaper keyboard with a lot of additional functions to see if getting them an actual piano is something they would want and use consistently.

Dancing Spider-Man

While not every child is interested in playing music, every child enjoys listening to it. Combine it with a superhero, and you have a guaranteed hit!

Musical Instruments Set

Exposing your little ones to various instruments is beneficial to their development. This set is great for figuring out their preference.

What should your budget be when buying toys for 4-year-old boys?

Wonderful toys are available for all budgets! I have made sure to get a good mix of toys at different price points to fit any budget.

Remember, it isn’t about the cost but the love behind the gift.

Why should you care about Just Simply Mom’s top choices?

I am a mom of 3 little ones, and I have had a 4-year-old boy! I have several years of gift-giving experience under my belt. It is my joy to take the time to scour the internet for the best deals around – so you don’t have to!

I hope these gift options gave you some great ideas! Did I miss any must-haves for educational toys for 2-year-old boys? Let me know in the comments below!

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