Why Your Child Needs a Pair of Toddler Sunglasses in Their Lives

Thinking about getting an adorable pair of flower sunglasses for your toddler? Doing so is a great idea – not only will your little one love their new eyewear, but you’ll have the basis of a gorgeous flower fairy fancy dress costume, festival ensemble, and vacation wardrobe.

Thinking about it, maybe everyone needs a pair of cute flower sunglasses in their lives…

Dressing Up Party Fun

Regular fancy-dress parties are a common element of life with a toddler! If you’re struggling to think of ideas for a costume that won’t break the bank, then toddler flower sunglasses are a great starting point for a cute flower fairy outfit that your little one will love to wear!

As well as having the adorable factor in spades, a flower fairy costume is also relatively easy (and inexpensive!) to pull together. If your toddler already owns a tutu or other full skirt, this can be easily adapted to your needs by sticking or sewing a variety of large fabric flowers to the material.

Not got fabric flowers to hand? Get your child involved in helping to draw and color some paper flowers to cut out and add to their costume.

All you need to do to complete the look is add a funky pair of full rim flower sunglasses, a wand, and any other flower accessories (such as hair clips or bracelets) that your little one already has in their wardrobe.

Festival Flower-Power

A pair of toddler flower sunglasses can also be the base of your child’s cool summer outdoor festival look! They’ll adore wearing their distinctive shades to the event, along with a long boho skirt, vest, and crocheted cardigan, along with flowers in their hair. Have fun experimenting with temporary tattoos and face bling, too.

Get on top of your festival packing by getting all the other supplies your kids will need ahead of time. This could include ear defenders, face and hair glitter, glowsticks, a purse on a lanyard, snacks, bubbles, and ID bands.

Ready for Holiday Sunshine

And, of course, a pair of flower sunglasses make for a gorgeous addition to your little one’s vacation wardrobe! Kids can be resistant to the idea of wearing shades, but when they look as sweet as these bright and cheerful frames, you should have no problem ensuring they stay on your toddler’s face throughout the day.

It’s really important to check that any sunglasses you buy for your child to wear on vacation offer the highest level of UVA and UVB protection possible to protect their eyes (as well as the delicate skin around them) from the sun’s harmful rays.

How to Choose Sunglasses for Your Toddler

If you know that your young child would love a pair of full rim flower sunglasses, it’s important to choose the pair that’ll best suit their needs. As well as considering the level of UVA and UVB protection offered, it’s vital to ensure that the shades are comfortable enough for them to wear throughout the day.

To this end, check that they fit properly, and don’t put any pressure on the side of your toddler’s head or pinch behind the ears. They also shouldn’t be too big, which will likely cause them to slip off the nose or come flying off too easily.

Think, too, about the activities that your toddler enjoys: if they like to be on their bike whenever they have the opportunity, for example, you’ll need to make sure that any sunglasses you purchase can fit comfortably beneath their helmet.

Get Crafty with Customization

Why not have fun customizing a pair of sunglasses with your toddler? Take a standard pair of round toddler sunglasses and let your creativity run wild! Let your little one help add flower stickles, sparkles, glitter, and other embellishment to the frames for a totally unique pair of flower sunglasses!

Alternatively, cut out cardboard ‘petals’ and attach these to the frames of the glasses for the full flower-power effect.

Cute Toddler Flower Sunglasses – The Takeaway

A pair of sunglasses is not only a gorgeous addition to your toddler’s wardrobe but can also come to the rescue when a last-minute invite to a fancy-dress party lands on the mat or you need to put together a festival outfit for your toddler that they’ll love.

Use the guide above to choose a cute pair of toddler sunglasses that’ll be both versatile and able to provide the sun protection that’s so important.

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