30+ 5 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas you Need to Try

If you’re finding yourself here, you’re probably going to be throwing a 5th birthday party soon! I have scoured the internet for the best 5-year-old birthday party ideas you need to try!

Why is the 5th birthday a “milestone?”

Turning 5 is a big deal, especially in my house! First of all, your little one is a FULL HAND! This is something my littles have always enjoyed boasting!

Second, your little one is probably gaining more independence, starting school and making friends! These things are all very important and such exciting milestones.

What is the importance of celebrating children’s birthdays?

I truly believe that it is important for children to feel celebrated, especially on their birthday. Birthday celebrations can be so special and create happy and joyful core memories for your little one.

On top of that, being celebrated will make your little one filled with excitement and love.

Should I include my soon to be 5 year old in the birthday party planning process?

You most definitely can, unless you’re planning a surprise party! Their party should be a reflection of them, and it is so fun to watch them make choices of their own! This is also a huge bonding opportunity for you and your little one!

How can I involve the birthday child in planning their 5th birthday party?

Pick a theme

Picking the theme is the best part; there are so many options. What I like to do, is narrow down the list to about 5 that I think my child would like and then let them pick from that list.

Make invites

You can purchase invites off of Etsy or even make your own on Canva.

Plan party activities

Finding the perfect party activities to go along with the party is a very important part of party planning and great for your child to be involved with. I like to plan 2 activities at parties I throw. 1 game and 1 craft.

Shop for and organize favors

I love shopping for party favors! I really like to do a variety of different things in the favor bag and letting your little one help decide is empowering for them!

30+ of Just Simply Mom’s Top 5 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Today’s Most Popular 5 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Disney Princess Party

I don’t know a 5-year-old girl that doesn’t love Disney princesses! You can even “rent” a princess to come to the party to do activities with the littles!

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Comic Book Superhero Party

A superhero party is such a fun idea for a 5-year-old boy! They can choose the theme around 1 superhero or multiple!

Under The Sea Party Ideas – Delilah’s Party Ideas

An under-the-sea party is a fun theme and great for little boys and girls alike! There are lots of different food options as well as decorations and activities!

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Construction Party- Mimi’s Dollhouse

Beep, beep beep, 5 year old coming through! I have always thought a construction party is a great idea, especially for little boys (or girls) that love big trucks and dirt!

Unicorn Party

The perfect party for your girlie girl is a unicorn party! Your unicorn loving girl will never forget this party!

Lego Birthday Party

A Lego party is another great idea, especially if your little one is Lego obsessed!

Dinosaur Party

Dinosaur parties are perfect for boys or girls that love them! I remember my daughter being dinosaur obsessed, so this theme would have been perfect for her!

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Favorite Character Party

Let your little one choose their favorite character and make the party theme that character! Here are a few ideas:

  • Pokémon
  • Mario
  • Elsa
  • Minnie Mouse

Rainbow Party

If you were to ask my daughter what her favorite color is, she would tell you “rainbow!” This theme is definitely fun and exciting for little ones!

Unique 5-Year-Old Birthday Party Ideas

Little Artist Rainbow Birthday Party — Mint Event Design

If you have a little artist on your hands, a painting party may be the way to go! Your little one will love being able to paint and have fun AT their birthday party!

Baking Birthday Party

My little one just loves being in the kitchen. If you have a little baker in your house, the customizable baker party is perfect to let them show their skills to their friends!

Circus Party

The circus is full of laughs and fun, and as such, makes the perfect theme for a birthday party! Having a clown or balloon man entertain the kids during this color-filled party will be a sure hit with everyone around, as long as they aren’t afraid of clowns!

Tie Dye Party

Tie die is making a comeback, and the little ones are just loving all the patterns and color combinations. If you have one of these children, throw them a colorfully groovy party with this unique and amazing theme!


The wide variety of colors and fun games of a fiesta are a sure hit with your child when celebrating them getting another year older!

Wheels Party

Have everyone bring their wheels (scooters, bikes, skateboards, etc) This would be perfect to do at a park where there is quite a bit of pavement and room to move!

American Ninja Warrior Birthday Party

Having a fan of American Ninja Warrior probably means you have a very active/noisy house! Throwing a party themed around these warriors could be the perfect opportunity to direct this energy!

Pancakes and Pajamas Party

My child is obsessed with breakfast food. If you also have a breakfast connoisseur in your house, this is a perfect party idea for them!

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Outdoor 5 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Outdoor Party

Kids are always full of energy during parties, and planning a party at a park or splash pad is the perfect way for them to burn off all of that building energy!

Camping Themed Party

This party idea is perfect for any lover of the outdoors! The unique and amazing ideas for party food is a sure hit with all of your partygoers.

Luau Birthday Party

A luau is already a great time. Combine it with a birthday, and everyone is going to have an experience they will talk about for a long time!

Ice Skating Birthday Party

It may be a bit *ahem* intimidating to take a bunch of 5-year old’s ice skating, but you can pretend at home!

Pool Party Birthday Party

Summertime is all about staying cool, and having a party at the pool is a great way to make sure that everyone has a great time while beating the summer heat!

Outdoor Games Birthday Party

Setting up a variety of outdoor games is an amazing way to keep your party guests enjoying themselves while also enjoying the outdoors.

Pumpkin Patch Party

Fall time is all about pumpkins, and this pumpkin patch themed party is a great way to celebrate your little pumpkin’s birthday!

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Easy-Peasy 5 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Sometimes, it can be easier and less stressful if you have the party at a location where there are experts to help you plan and clean up! Clean-up is something I always dread!

Dance party at the local dance school

This is a really unique and fun idea, especially if your little one is involved in dance already! All of the friends from dance and outside of dance can get together at the dance school and celebrate!

Roller Skating

I don’t know about you, but I loved roller skating as a kid! Throwing a roller-skating party would be so much fun!

Local Inflatable Park

Recently, inflatables have become very popular and easy to find! You can even rent them where they bring the inflatables to your home, set them up and tear them down!

Space Party at the local planetarium

If your little one is obsessed with things out of this world, a space party may be the way to go! If you have a local planetarium, this may be a really fun and unique party to have!

Zoo or Aquarium Party

If your 5-year-old is into animals, you may consider a zoo or aquarium party! A lot of times, these places have rooms or tables that you can rent out!

Bowling Party

A bowling party is an absolute classic party to throw. Typically, you can rent a few lanes for relatively inexpensive. They even have little slides for the kiddos to use!

Gymnastics Party at the local gym

Your little one is tumbling into the next year, and they can also have their friends along with them for a gymnastics party! These types of parties are perfect for gymnastics friends and friends that do not normally attend gymnastics.

Movie Theater Party

If there is a particular movie coming out that your little one is looking forward to seeing, you may consider a movie theater party. Movie theaters sometimes have rooms you can rent to do cake and presents before/after the movie.

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Planning your little one’s 5th birthday is going to be so fun and there are so many options to choose fun. Remember to consider including your soon to be 5-year-old on this journey and create some core memories.

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