15 Best Coastal Area Rugs for Modern Homes

When we moved into our new home, I picked the modern coastal design for our home design style. We live near the ocean, and I love bringing the beachy vibe into every room in our home. If you need some inspiration, I put together a list of some of the best coastal area rugs I love.

The modern coastal style is a twist on the classic beach style we all saw in the 90s. The bright, vibrant colors and seashells everywhere are out, and now modern coastal means we have muted, natural tones.

Yes, you still have some beach elements like ropes and seashells, but they aren’t everywhere anymore. Instead, we use natural fabrics and textures as well.

Rugs bring a space together, adding pops of color or texture that a room may need. Picking the right rug takes time, and whether you have a coastal farmhouse, a modern coastal, or even a boho coastal home, you’ll love the rugs on this list.

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How to Pick the Best Coastal Area Rugs

Before we look at rugs, here are some suggestions to help you pick the area rug for your space.

The Size of the Space

Rugs are an element that needs to be the right size when selected. If you want the rug to the in the center of the room, it needs to be the right size, or it will look strange.

In general, if you want an area rug, try to make it at least half the size of the space. If you want an accent rug, measure where it goes to ensure the right size.

Colors of Your Furniture

Look at the color of your furniture to help you pick the right rug. Neutral furniture gives you space to have a colorful rug without making the space feel too chaotic.

On the other hand, colorful or brightly colored furniture may mean you prefer to select a neutral rug that won’t clash with your palette. Not all tones work together, but creams always look good next to a coastal couch!

The Atmosphere in Your Home

Do you like to have muted tones, or do you want some fun and pops of color? Everyone has a different preferred atmosphere for their space.

You may prefer a rug that doesn’t draw attention, or the rug may be the centerpiece with an interesting texture or design. Take some time to decide what part your new coastal area rug will play in the space.

15 Best Coastal Area Rugs

Safavieh Amelia Modern Abstract Rug

This might be one of my favorite coastal area rugs. The contemporary style combines dreamy and cloud-like blotches of color with plush, soft materials. It offers a medium pile height that is easy to keep clean.

Imagine how nice this would look in your living room!

Montrose Hand-Knotted Rug

The Montrose brings a coastal feel to any room with its intricate Turkish designs. It uses unique hand-knotted fabric with a subdued, cream, and little blue palette. The semi-twisted wool yarn creates depth and movement with an amazing softness underfoot.

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Ryder Denim Rug

One of my favorite coastal area rugs is the Ryder Denim Rug by Serena and Lily. It combines wool for durability and softness and denim for ease. The rug has lifted designs, giving the rug a unique texture. You’ll love the fabric mixture of blues and whites.

Unique Loom Coastal Modern Turtle Area Rug

Turtles and beaches go together hand-in-hand, and this adorable area rug looks great in a beach-themed bedroom. Whether you want it in your master bedroom or your child’s bedroom, the neutral tones work for any area. It’s plush, but the pile isn’t too high, so it’s easy to keep clean.

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Bold Geometric Ocean Area Rug

Not all area rugs must be muted; they can draw attention to your space. This geometric ocean area rug combines bright blue with white geometric patterns. It will look great next to neutral furniture, transforming into the true centerpiece of any space.

Geometric Shasta Rug

The Shasta Rug from Serena and Lily is a versatile, luxurious rug that looks great in any space. Whether you want a rug in your living room or dining room, this handwoven rug resists stains and spills while being stylish.

I love the geometric design and heathered yarns, creating varying tones of colors. It uses a chunky texture that feels great underfoot.

Tropical Leaves Area Rug

Your living room is a high-traffic area, and low-pile rugs work great in places you spend plenty of time. This tropical rug brings both neutral tones and pops of color together; it’s a fun addition to any space. In many coastal homes, neutral tones dominate, so these different blues will look great and bring life to a space.

Behan Striped Area Rug

This area rug has a subtle striped design with fading that mutes some of the tones, giving your space a beachy vibe. It uses a power-loomed polypropylene material and a low pile height that makes this ideal for busy, high-traffic areas.

This off-white and light blue color palette are perfect for a modern coastal home.

Farmhouse Outdoor & Pet Friendly Black & White Rug

This Granberg rug is made from eco-friendly materials and is an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor areas. I love the refined pinstripes that bring the coastal feel into any space and the clean, classic lines. It’s the perfect addition to any nautical or coastal-inspired setting.

Circular Jamesport Rug

Sometimes, a space needs a circular rug instead of a rectangular rug. The Jamesport rug is artfully handcrafted with hand-braided jute for the perfect feel underfoot. Its unique pattern brings texture and neutral tones to your beachy room.

Don’t shy away from rounded rugs! They make cozy, small rooms feel more spacious.

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Nautical Rope Indoor & Outdoor Area Rug

This nautical rope rug from Pottery Barn ties your space together. It uses neutral tones and a casual, beachy pattern, creating a coastal style perfect for high-traffic areas. The pattern draws attention, but the colors match anything.

Pottery Barn uses hand-loomed, synthetic fibers to create a long-lasting rug that resists fading and staining. If you want a durable rug, this synthetic latex reduces odors and extends its lifetime.

Oceanside Hand-Knotted Rug

This neutral hand-knotted rug is perfect for any coastal home. It uses tri-color twisted wool in a hand-knotted Persian pattern, creating a gradient texture. Then, it contains ivory yarn woven into the rug, leading to varying pile heights. That means this rug has a unique texture and feel to it, but the neutral tones are the perfect foundation for any beach palette.

Twisted Abaca Rug

This rug belongs in every coastal home; its unique twisted texture is gorgeous and eye-catching. It’s expertly handwoven using abaca plant fibers, tightly woven to create thick cords. The cords have a satiny texture and a thick weave that feels great underfoot, bringing a coastal vibe to every room.

I would put this rug as a centerpiece in your living room or dining room. It will shine!

nuLOOM Braided Border Jute Rug

Jute is a classic material for coastal area rugs. This rug comes in various sizes, from large area rugs to small rugs that look great in front of your kitchen sink. It pairs well in a room with neutral color tones.

Indio Rug

Here is another coastal area rug that uses thin, narrow lines to create an offset, classic stripe pattern. This versatile rug has a modern look that uses handwoven, performance yarn to create a luxuriously textured rug. It feels glorious and looks great anywhere, no matter where you want to put it.

Pull your space together with the right coastal area rug. Whether you want a textured rug or something vibrant, one of these choices will be the perfect addition to your space.

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