17 Inspiring Modern Coastal Lighting Ideas

When you’re creating your beach-style home, lighting matters, and you’ll want to find the perfect coastal lighting ideas for each room in your home.

Modern coastal is different than the generic beach theme we saw in years ago. Nowadays, we focus on clean lines, a natural color palette, and an overall airy atmosphere that blends with the outdoors well.

When creating your coastal decorating style and pick lights, consider the overall mood and atmosphere you want. I included several inspiring ideas here to show you how many different looks can still be coastal; you aren’t limited!

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17 Modern Coastal Lighting Ideas

Capiz Lights for a Coastal Look

When I saw this beautiful white capiz lotus pendant shade, I knew it would look perfect in my entry way for my kitchen. It has capiz seashells that form into a flower sphere, and it creates a gorgeous radiance in the room.

I cannot get enough of this Capiz Honeycomb Chandelier! It has touches of gold without being too loud, and the capiz shells create a warm glow in the space.

Nautical Lighting

Bring in the nautical theme into your living space in a classy way. This tiered chandelier is made from coconut shells over an iron base. It adds a textural note to this space.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lighting is perfect for any modern coastal home, whether it’s for an outside or inside space. This Pacifica Outdoor Pendant light from Serena & Lily is perfect, bringing in the coastal design to this enclosed backyard space.

Plus those Riveria chairs and Seaview rug with the washed look creates an atmosphere where you want to spend time.

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When we remodel our kitchen, I knew I needed the perfect coastal lighting to finish off the space. I adored the Headlands Bell Pendant lights from Serena & Lily, but the price was a bit high.

I found these dupe lighting from World Market instead that look nearly the same. They look great in my living room.

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Interesting Side Table Lamps

Rooms need more than flush mount and hanging lighting; you need some table lamps as well!

In this bedroom, the triple gourd lamp looks great next to this gorgeous wallpaper – seriously, it’s amazing! The sunburst-type mirror also brings focus to this area and stands out.

This homeowner lives on the Maine coast, and her home feels like you’re right on the beach – because you are. She brings all sorts of beach elements into her home, and I love this lamp! Using blue & white ceramic lamps in your space brings in colors inspired by nature.

She also includes elegant pictures of seashells on the wall that looks gorgeous!

Glass Mount Light Fixtures

Here is another picture from our kitchen remodel.

I knew I needed some lighting above my kitchen sink. I debated a rattan lighting fixture but ultimately picked this semi-mount, opaque glass light instead. It provides the right amount of filtered light, so it’s not like a spotlight on your head while cleaning up.

Natural Materials

When I was learning all about the coastal design style, I learned that natural materials and natural elements are a big part. You want to bring in those natural wood tones, and it’s possible to do so with your lighting.

In this inspiring photo from Serena & Lily, you’ll see the Headlands Bell Pendant positioned above the French Swivel bed that is utterly gorgeous.

Check out those natural elements in the rug as well – the braided rug gives the perfect texture to this space.

Here is another inspiring photo from Serena & Lily – a room full of natural elements and perfect color palette. This coastal lighting is perfect for this beach theme space; it is meant to look like a piece of coral reef, perfect for a nautical theme without being too beachy.

The tan wallpaper is an awesome natural color for a beachy room.

A Timeless Look in the Dining Room

Here is our coastal dining room with a touch of traditional mixed with it. It’s a great space for having friends and family over for dinner.

I chose the whitewashed wood draped bead chandelier to put over the dining room table. The colors work great for a coastal design, but it is classy and has a timeless look as well.

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Sometimes, all your coastal space needs is a traditional chandelier with small shades. It looks great in this space with the rattan chairs and gorgeous hardwood floor; crisp white looks good anywhere!

Above the Kitchen Island

One of the best places to put lighting is over your kitchen island in your coastal style kitchens. It accents this space in your home and gives light where it’s needed the most.

This modern coastal kitchen has the white and natural wood tones, down to the hardwood floor, that I love. My two favorite parts of this space are the crisp white cabinets and counters paired with the rattan taper pendant lighting.

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These metal chandeliers with candlestick lighting combines the classic, traditional look with a modern flare. You could put these lights over your kitchen island, in your hallway, or in a study. They’re so versatile!

Bigger Sometimes is Better

Sometimes, bigger is better when it comes to the lighting you pick for your space! Don’t be afraid to go oversized; here are two inspiring photos for your modern beach theme home.

Serena & Lily features the Headlands Pendant in this inspiring dining room. It has an open weave, natural rattan look that looks airy. You could use it anywhere from your entry way to a reading nook on your sunporch.

This room has plenty of other natural textures as well like the woven Tulum rug and rattan-framed Rivera chair.

If you walked into this living space, your eyes would immediately go to the gorgeous Ventana chandelier with its mixture of coconut beads and abaca. The dramatic shape and size makes this coastal lighting a true statement piece for any room.

Coastal Lighting Outside

Bring the coastal vibe to your patio space with some coastal light fixtures. These large pendant lights placed over a large outdoor table makes this space feel inviting and cozy.

In this space, the lights are a light grey color, but they come in other available colors as well. The grey looks great here with the chairs and flooring.

Use these awesome coastal lighting ideas to inspire your renovation and remodel; create your dream home and dream space!

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