12 Backyard Enclosed Patio Ideas

Are you looking to add more privacy to your patio space? Creating a backyard enclosed patio gives you a place to have parties with close friends or read one of your favorite books while stretched out, and no one can see you.

Kids and adults love to spend time outside, whether it’s playing games, splashing in your pool, or simply enjoying nature and the beautiful weather. A patio space is awesome – it gives you a place to sit that isn’t in the grass, but if you have a way to enclose the area, it prevents neighbors from seeing you.

It also adds a touch of elegance that we all love.

Let’s take a look at some different enclosed patio ideas to give you inspiration for a new space.

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The Reasons Why You Want a Backyard Enclosed Patio

You don’t have to build an entire room to create a backyard enclose patio. You can put up curtains or a pergola to give yourself the privacy you want.

Here are some reasons why you might want to enclose your patio.

Privacy & Security

If you want to spend time outside with privacy, perhaps while reading a book in silence, enclosed patios give that to you. You can have time with your family with screens and privacy but keep the area functional

Extra Storage

Some furniture doubles as storage as well, such as benches and ottomans. They look great but also hold pillows, outdoor toys, and other must-haves.

More Usable Space

Depending on the design of your backyard enclosed patio, the space may extend your usable living space. Furniture and decor transforms the outdoor space into a place you want to enjoy.

More Time to Use Your Patio

Adding an enclosed area is a great way to extend the use of your patio. An outdoor patio is only usable depending on weather conditions, but if you enclose the space with some sort of roof or protection, you can sit outside if it’s rainy.

12 Backyard Enclosed Patio Ideas

Pergola with Greenery

One of the easiest ways to create an enclosed patio is to put up a large pergola, and if you want even more privacy, drape curtains on the side. This space has plenty of tropical plants in large pots and hanging baskets.

Put a gas fire pit in the middle, surrounded with cozy seating including two armchairs and a large couch and plush outdoor pillows. This style works great for those with a small patio but still want to have privacy.

The Coastal Vibe

Give your enclosed patio a coastal vibe with the right elements. The cane chairs around a large table and grey wicker chairs give you plenty of space to hang out with your friends and family.

A dining area is a must!

The wicker, pendant lighting brings even more coastal vibes with plenty of crisp whites and hints of natural wood. This patio space is right beside the pool, giving you a place to watch your children splash while enjoying lunch.

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Rustic Garden

This space feels like you’re in the middle of a garden with bushes and plants all around the patio. The table is traditional and feels like it belongs in your dining room rather than your patio, perfect for those late night dinner parties with friends.

The dark wood pergola gives you the privacy you want and the plants add layers of intimacy. String solar lights throughout the pergola for those dinner parties, and the adorable white lanterns on the table add intimacy.

Create a Small, Cozy Space

If you don’t have a lot of space to give for a large patio, consider making a compact, cozy space, perhaps on a small glass patio enclosure. The large windows bring in plenty of natural light, so you feel like you’re outside.

Add a cozy daybed or chaise lounge sofa to stretch out for afternoon naps. Add a tiered wicker tray for a makeshift bar for those after dinner cocktails. Small and intimate is perfect for having friends over.

Curtains Rather Than Walls

If you don’t have walls, that’s ok! Adding curtains instead of walls gives you the cabana style that makes you feel like you are at the beach.

This space feels intimate with the white, flowy curtains and large sectional outdoor couch. The teak-style coffee table provides a place for you to kick up your feet or have drinks with friends.

Enclosed Pool with the Patio

You see these styles of enclosed backyard patios in Florida, but if you have a pool, you can recreate it anywhere. This is a metal and glass enclosure for your pool with draped lighting.

Don’t forget ceiling fans! They help to spread the fresh air throughout your shaded patio space.

Add wicker lounge chairs around your pool, a grill, and a table with chairs to create a space to have meals while your kids swim.

Natural, Boho Vibe

The bohomien style is perfect for any enclosed patio. This kind of patio makes you want to sit on the couch or that hanging chair with a good book while your dog rests in the sun.

It’s easy to recreate this space. It’s not an attached room; all you need is sheer outdoor curtains to give the space the privacy you want.

An outdoor teak sofa with textured, outdoor pillows and a large coffee table give you the seating you need, along with a rattan hanging chair. A tribal-style rug brings a fun vibe with a bookcase in the background to hold an abundance of flowers and plants.

You need all the wicker to mix coastal and boho styles together. Grab a few wicker pots, wicker trays, and other decorations.

Create a Modern Flair

This space has a modern look with crisp whites, grey, and clean lines. The symmetry of modern designs work great in enclosed patios.

At the same time, this space has a bit of a coastal feel with a wicker chandelier and grey, textured rugs. The outdoor fireplace also adds a bit of warmth with armchairs around it.

An Outdoor Living Room

One of the best ways to utilize your outdoor space is to bring the living space outside. This living area is complete with a full furniture set and a glass coffee table. Colorful pillows give the couch a touch of comfort while the greenery adds privacy.

Plus, the openness allows plenty of natural light Ito the space. The battery candles are an adorable outdoor lighting solution.

Stone Patio with a Stone Fireplace

Stone is a timeless and rustic look for any backyard enclosed patio, but when you use these materials, it’s best to avoid enclosing it too much. That will make the space look too small.

This patio is open with minimal beans, creating an airy space. You can have parties and summer cookouts here in an outdoor kitchen. Add a large farmhouse table and wicker patio chairs. An outdoor, metal chandelier brings a sense of elegance to this space.

Attached Enclosed Patio

In some cases, you may have the ability to make an attached enclosed patio, often called three season rooms. These spaces typically aren’t heated, so they’re only used when temperatures are pleasant unless you add a wood stove.

This space feels natural with a jute rug, wicker furniture, and plenty of greenery. It feels like a greenhouse with the aged, exposed beams yet the art on the wall make it feel homey.

I would want to spend all day in this space!

The Modern Farmhouse Patio

This modern farmhouse patio is my idea of a dream patio space, and it’s a simple structure over top of a porch. It brings the home feel outside with a large dining table and rattan chairs.

I love the textured rattan lights for outdoor lighting; they look unique in this space. I also like the green concrete flooring paired with the light blue rug.

Create a dreamy outdoor space where you can hang with your family no matter the weather conditions. A backyard enclosed patio is a great way to improve the look and feel of your home.

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