Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas for Your Little Princess

Is your little girl obsessed with mermaids or Princess Ariel? A mermaid birthday party is a perfect way to celebrate your little girl’s big day!

My daughter has been in love with the Disney Princesses since she turned 3. She thinks she’s a princess and that she lives in a castle.

Mommy is the queen and Daddy is her prince.

It’s actually adorable and I never want her to lose this imaginative, fairy-tale mind that she has now.

As her 5th birthday was approaching, I knew I wanted to have a special birthday for her. Since Ariel was her favorite princess and her birthday was in the middle of the summer, I decided to have a mermaid-themed pool party.

I didn’t pull out all the stops because I was on a budget, but I did find several ways to make this mermaid birthday party truly unique and special.

So shell-abrate your little mermaid princess birthday with a magical mermaid or under the sea-themed party! Here are some tips to make sure the day is truly magical:

Invitations for a Mermaid Birthday Party

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To start, send out invitations that feature a beautiful mermaid or a glittery seashell. You can even add in a little bottle of sand or seashells to really give the guests a taste of what’s to come.

A Visit from Ariel

No mermaid party would be complete without a list from the best mermaid herself, Ariel.

The highlight of the party for these little girls was that the Little Mermaid came to visit. I hired a princess through a local Princess company, Princess Party Productions, located in Point Pleasant, New Jersey (at the Jersey Shore) to come make a 1 hour appearance.

She was gold!

She kept the girls occupied for the full hour with games, activities, songs, dances, tattoos, facepaint, glitter, and more. This gave the parents a much-needed break!

The look on their faces when Ariel showed up was priceless!

Decor for a Mermaid Birthday Party

Dive into the birthday party planning process with a fun color scheme. Pick from teal and purple, shades of sea foam green, tones pinks, or pastel hues.

After you choose the party colors be sure to incorporate iridescent linens, sea shells, and mermaid tails for this fun celebration! 

For decorations, get creative with blue and green streamers, hanging shells, and starfish. Balloons are always a must, and you can even get ones that look like bubbles!

Shimmering fabric or tulle table skirts are beautiful to add for decor and a mermaid balloon arch can be made simply from a kit on Amazon. Just don’t forget the balloon pump to save your lungs!

Mer-mazing Dessert Table

The star of the show at kids’ birthday parties is undoubtedly the birthday cake and assorted desserts!

There’s no better way to display them than on a mesmerizing dessert table. Decorate this focal point with fishnets drapes over table linens, pedestal stands topped with cake, or tables accented with table skirts.

Coral accents for decor give a nice under-the-sea touch.

Choose linens with mermaid prints and designs such as mermaid scale designs or curly willow table skirts full of cascading strands that mimic the look of coral and waves alike.

A mosaic balloon frame (pictured as the number 5 above) is also a nice display to add to the cake table.

For a shimmering touch, incorporate iridescent backdrop drapes and linens in sequins or those that mimic the look of mermaid scales

I absolutely love how this cake table came out with the backdrop and balloon arch.

Mermaid Party Backdrop

Looking for an easy mermaid backdrop design? Look no further than a mermaid balloon tail and tassel drapes!

A simple take on an organic balloon garland with decreasing balloon sizes will result in a magical accent.

Add a shimmering foil fringe or shimmer wall backdrop panel and mylar balloons and done! This will not only enhance photo areas but it will quickly liven dessert areas as well.

Scatter some gold “treasure” around the room for an extra touch of pirate fun.

Kids Table Decorations

While kids may not spend much time at the table, well-coordinated table decorations are definitely noticed by them.

Create a fun experience for each child by setting up their own place setting complete with disposable plates and cutlery, set out a refreshing beverage and of course a mermaid party hat!

For table centerpieces create a diy mermaid centerpieces using plastic fish bowl vases filled with florals or sand. Top them with a mermaid and don’t forget to include sea shells and pearl garlands.

If the party is indoors, have sea creatures and streamers hang from the ceiling for an underwater feel. 

Activities for a Mermaid Birthday Party

You’ll definitely want to fill the time with some activities that are age-appropriate for your little ones and will keep them engaged for awhile.

Water Activities

A pool party is always a good idea if it’s a warm weather mermaid birthday party. Have the kids dive in to find “buried treasure” in the pool or slip on a monofin and pretend to be a mermaid.

You can also have races with inflatable pool noodles “swimming” around an obstacle course.

If you don’t have a pool, other water activities like a slip n’ slide, large inflatable water slide, or even just water tables would work great.

Mermaid Salon

For activities, set up a DIY “mermaid salon” complete with hair accessories, glitter, and tiaras.

Don’t forget to set up a photo booth so everyone can dress up in their mermaid best and snap some memories!

Mermaid makeovers are lots of fun for all those involved. Use blue, green, purple, and pink makeup to create a mermaid feel. 

Bubble Fun

Don’t forget to add bubbles. Being underwater means there will be lots of bubbles! 

Host a bubble blowing contest, the biggest bubble wins. 

Paint Seashells

Painting seashells at our party was a big hit and very budget-friendly! Grab a few paint containers at the Dollar store and some large seashells.

The girls loved this activity and then were able to take the shells home as a party favor.

Make Mermaid Jewelery

Have the guest make their own pearl necklaces using beads and string. If you’re able to find wooden beads, they can use paint to colour them. 

Do Sandart

Of course there is plenty of sand where mermaids live, so have the young guests make some sandart. You can buy a sandart kit and have each child do one and take them home as a party favor.

Mermaid Crafts for a Mermaid Birthday Party

Coming up with fun kids’ activities and crafts for birthday parties doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. Free printable coloring pages and simple paper crafts are some of the most loved favorites!

We love paper crafts because they can be made with free templates and construction or colored paper you might already have around the house.

Make Sparkly Mermaid Slime

Borax-free sparkly mermaid slime is an easy kids activity for your mermaid party. Pick up some small plastic jars so that the kids can take their slime home as a party favor.

Mermaid Toilet Paper Craft

Does your little one have mermaids on their mind? Help your little mermaid have swimmingly good craft time with this fun toilet paper tube mermaid craft for kids.

Mermaid Plate Craft

This paper plate mermaid craft for kids is the perfect craft for those who have mermaid lovers in their life. It is great for preschoolers and up and can even be used as a craft to teach lacing skills to younger children.

Mermaid Printables

If you’re planning a mermaid-themed birthday party for your little one, mermaid printables are an absolute must-have! These versatile and customizable printables can add a touch of magic and whimsy to your party decorations, games, and favors.

From invitations and thank-you cards to cupcake toppers and water bottle labels, mermaid printables come in a variety of designs and styles to suit any taste or color scheme. You can find printable banners, photo booth props, and even coloring pages to keep your guests entertained and engaged throughout the party.

One of the best things about mermaid printables is that they’re often free or very affordable, making them a budget-friendly option for party planning. And with a little creativity and DIY spirit, you can use these printables to create a truly unique and personalized party experience that your child and their friends will never forget.

So don’t hesitate to dive into the world of mermaid printables and explore all the ways you can use them to make your child’s mermaid birthday party a magical success!

Mermaid Cupcake Toppers

Attach each cupcake topper, with a dab of glue or some tape, to a toothpick, and place them onto your cupcakes. The best part about these printables is that they are FREE!

This particular printable also comes with printable water bottle labels, party favor tags, straw flags, and dessert table cards.

Ariel Birthday Party Printables

This Ariel birthday party bundle comes with 11 items. You can get this amazing download straight from Etsy and it includes mermaid birthday party supplies such as chip bag, caprisun, water bottle labels, cupcake toppers, and more!

Mermaid Birthday Party Invitations

These customizable mermaid birthday party invitations are perfect for your little ones’ birthday party and the design is super cute! Editing is simple and easy, and can be done from any device!

Mermaid Coloring Page

Using a mermaid coloring page printable is a great activity to include in a mermaid birthday party! You can easily print out several copies of the coloring page and set up a station with crayons, markers, and colored pencils for the kids to use.

This activity is perfect for keeping young children entertained and engaged, and it allows them to express their creativity and imagination.

Plus, they can take their completed coloring pages home as a fun and memorable party favor.

Mermaid Treasure Hunt

A mermaid treasure hunt is a perfect addition to any mermaid-themed birthday party! You can create a scavenger hunt using clues that lead the children to different “treasures” hidden throughout the party area.

The treasures can be anything from seashells and gold coins to small toys or treats. To make it even more fun, you can have the kids wear mermaid tails or pirate costumes and really get into character while they search for treasure.

This activity is perfect for keeping the kids entertained and engaged while also encouraging teamwork and problem-solving skills.

Where to Host a Mermaid Birthday Party

You can host a mermaid birthday party easily at home! Bonus points if you have a pool.

Other ideas include a splash pad, park, or party center.

Larry Snider, VP of Operations of Casago Vacation Rentals suggests to host the party at a local aquarium or aquatic center. Many aquariums offer small rental spaces for parties, and hosting at such a location provides the perfect backdrop for an aquatic-themed party.

Simply decorate the space with mermaid-friendly decorations from your local party supply store!

You may even find a time when the aquarium is having a Mermaid exhibit. Your kids may be lucky enough to witness a mermaid swimming in the tank!

Attire for a Mermaid Birthday Party

You can dress your little princess up in a mermaid bathing suit or outfit. Encourage all the guests to rock their swimsuits, or dress up as their favorite mermaid characters. 

They can wear a full monotail like the ones above, allowing them to really feel like they’re swimming like a mermaid.

This magical tutu below from Sydney So Sweet is the perfect addition for an underwater princess party or Ariel Little Mermaid themed costume.

I just love this color combination. The red bow on the tutu is such a cute touch!

Food for a Mermaid Birthday Party

For food, keep it simple with ocean-themed snacks like pretzels shaped like seashells, goldfish crackers, and “under the sea” fruit cups.

Of course, no birthday party is complete without cake! opt for something Mermaid-themed like ocean blue frosting or an edible seashell decoration.

Try some of these other fun recipes for your next mermaid party.

Cupcake Decorating Station or Ice Cream Bar

What little girl wouldn’t want to decorate their own cupcakes or ice cream sundae? Set up a little bar of treats and let them design their own treats.

Clam Shell Cookies

Clam shell cookies, made with vanilla wafers, icing, and candy pearls, are an easy to make no-bake treat perfect for your under the sea or mermaid party.

Mermaid Tail Cookies

These mermaid tail cookies are fun for a party! They’ve got a sugar cookie base and easy steps to decorate. They’d also make a great party favor.

Blue Lagoon Mocktail

The blue lagoon mocktail is the perfect drink at your next mermaid party. It is ocean colored and great for the whole family!

Mermaid Meringue Treats

Mermaid meringue treats are fun and colorful. A cheap dessert to make and everyone loves them.

Gluten Free Mermaid Cupcakes

Party Favors

There’s nothing sweeter than leaving a birthday party with a sweat treat in hand!

This is why cupcakes and goodie bags filled with candy are always a hit. To incorporate the mermaid party theme, Len Sanchez, CV Linens, suggests using goody boxes with mermaids on them or simply add mermaid accessories.

Next time you host a mermaid pool party be sure to grab these adorable pool party favor tags. Learn how to make pool party favors guests go crazy over.

Skip the ready-made party favors and spend a few minutes making bubble wand favors that are both budget friendly, easy, and fun!

With these tips, your daughter’s mermaid birthday party will be sure to make a splash!

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