63 DIY Toddler Halloween Costumes

With the fall season right around the corner, you’re probably already thinking about your pumpkin spice and sweater weather. With that also comes one of the most fun holidays for kids – Halloween!If you’re looking for a DIY toddler Halloween costume, I’ve got you covered with the ideas below!

There’s nothing like seeing your child’s face light up to dress up as their favorite character, princess, animal, or even food! If they’re old enough to pick out their own costume, let them use their imagination to discover what they want to be.

If they’re younger or don’t have much of a clue what to dress up as, here are a bunch of ideas of DIY toddler Halloween costumes that you can do yourself! They’re simple enough that it shouldn’t take you a ton of time or money to throw them together for your toddler.

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63 DIY Toddler Halloween Costumes

Check out these great costumes from creative moms who know how to kick Halloween up a notch! All the photos below link to the blog post that gives the full tutorial of how to make these costumes just like the picture! Make Halloween extra special this year with these fun DIY toddler Halloween costumes.

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1. Lightning McQueen

Is your toddler a huge fan of Cars? You need to try this Lightning McQueen costume. Make sure to check out their step-by-step tutorial; it’s made with things you have around the house and lots of cardboard!

2. Unicorn

What toddler girl doesn’t love all things unicorn? This DIY toddler costume is adorable and so easy to make. All you need is a white toddler hoodie, a white pair of leggings or sweatpants, some yarn and felt.

3. Elsa

Skip the Elsa costumes in the store and make your own with fabric paint, tulle, and some glitter. Your little girl will love this costume.

4. Olaf

Olaf is one of the best toddler costumes for boys. It’s adorable and easy to make.

5. Elmo

Believe it or not, this costume involves no sewing at all. It’s simply red sweatpants, a red sweatshirt, and red fleece cut and glued onto the clothing. It’s adorable and easy for the non-crafty parents to make.

6. Tinkerbell

If you have a toddler who loves tinkerbell, this costume uses shiny knit fabric and costume wings to create a DIY tinkerbell costume.

7. Bumble Bee

All you need to make this bumble bee skirt is some elastic and glitter tulle. Each section is tied onto the elastic, and make sure you grab a bee bobble headband to complete the look.

8. Wonderwoman

If you like sewing, this Wonder Woman pattern is perfect for your little girl. They’ll love it so much I bet they wear it all year round!

9. Wind Up Doll

Do you want to make a DIY toddler costume but feel like you don’t have the crafty skills to do so? This is the perfect costume for you to make. All you need is some cardboard, glue, scissors, and paint. I bet you already have that around your house already!

10. Firefighter

If your kiddo wants to be a firefighter this year, all you have to do is grab this Melissa & Doug firefighter costume. Then, use some poster board and duct tape to convert their wagon into a fire truck.

11. Gnome

I cannot get over how cute this looks! It does need a sewing machine, but if you know how to use one, this DIY toddler costume will be a hit while trick or treating.

13. Trolls

This Trolls costume is perfect for your little Poppy, but if you aren’t crafty, grab this DreamWorks Trolls Dress instead.

14. Gumball Machine

Talk about creative! Tun a plastic store bowl and some ball-pit balls into a gumball costume.

15. Up

Does your toddler love the movie Up? Who doesn’t? Use PVC pipe to construct the DIY walker, add some tennis balls at the end, and dress up your toddler like an old man. Don’t forget the balloons!

16. Maui from Moana

If you have a Cricut, then you can make this adorable Maui costume from Moana. Use felt to make the leaves, strung with twine or yarn.

17. Peter Pan

Do you have a Peter Pan loving toddler or want to try sibling costumes with Tinkerbell? The top can be made out of felt, grab some green sweatpants, and a pair of comfortable toddler brown moccasins.

18. Dorothy

Dorothy is a classic costume that’s easily adapted for toddlers. All you need is a white tank top or shirt, a blue tutu, and ruby red slippers with all the glitter!

19. Little Red Riding Hood

Got a red dress? Toss a red cape over the top, and you have a simple little red riding hood outfit for your toddler. If you don’t have time to DIY a toddler costume this Halloween, check out this adorable little red riding hood costume that’s all ready for you!

20. Cat

If your toddler loves cats, this all-black cat costume with a tail and ears are sure to please. Plus, it looks utterly adorable.

21. Peacock

All you need is some felt sheets, hot glue, and a tutu to make the peacock tail. Grab a bright blue long sleeve shirt and leggings to go with it.

22. Peppa Pig

The only thing you have to make to throw this costume together is the fleece hat. Grab a short-sleeve red dress, a pink long-sleeve shirt, and some yellow rain boots – you have Peppa Pig!

23. Ariel and Flounder

If you have toddler siblings, here is an adorable DIY costume idea – Ariel and Flounder. This is such a fun costume idea!

24. Rainbow

Everyone needs a rainbow in their life. Grab a shirt and paint a rainbow with some fabric paint, and put some raindrops on leggings. You can paint those or cut them out of felt. Don’t forget the white tutu!

25. Shark

What toddler boy doesn’t love to be a shark? This costume is so easy – just grab this shark hooded sweatshirt for toddlers. That’s all you have to do!

26. Mermaid

Toddlers love to dress up like a mermaid. Make sure you grab a red wig to complete the look.

27. Jessie from Toy Story

Do you have a Toy Story loving toddler? Try making a Jessie costume. Search the Goodwill for a long jean skirt, glue some yellow felt on a white shirt, and grab a cowboy hat.

28. Yoda

Yoda is one of my favorite DIY toddler Halloween costumes this year! Try making your own or grab a Yoda costume that is ready to go for you.

29. Hippie

A tie-dye dress, tie-dye headband, and a vest – you have a toddler hippie!

30. Zebra

Why not have a zoo this Halloween and turn your toddler into a zebra? If you have more than one kid, try dressing your other kids up like lions and tigers!

31. Mummy

Strips of linen and some hot glue create a DIY Halloween mummy costume for toddlers. Get your creepy on this year!

32. Scuba Diver

I love this DIY scuba costume for toddlers – it’s so creative, and everything is made at home. The instructions are easy to follow and detailed for you to try at home.

33. Cupcake

Grab a pink tutu, a white long sleeve shirt, pom-poms, and hot glue – you have a tutu cupcake costume!

34. Dinosaur

All boys want to dress up like a dinosaur. Green felt makes the spikes on the back of a blue hoodie. If it’s going to be cold outside where you live, leave the sleeves on the hoodie.

35. Witch

Every child has to dress up like a witch once in their lifetime. Try making your own witch costume for toddlers at home, or grab a witch costume that’s ready to go.

36. Maleficent

Sleeping Beauty is a classic Halloween costume, but I’ve never seen someone dress up like Maleficent. This costume is spunky and brings out the sass in your toddler – you know it’s in there!

37. Paper Doll

Everyone will love this paper doll costume. You need foam boards, or try using cardboard. Cut it out in the shapes you want, and attach the pieces to the front of your toddler’s clothing.

38. Minion

Every child loves the Minions movie, and making this DIY toddler Halloween costume is so easy. You need a pair of overalls, a yellow shirt, and a minion hat.

39. Scarecrow

A scarecrow is such an adorable costume idea if you have overalls and some flowers or patches of fabric laying around your house.

40. Thomas the Train

Try making a Thomas the Train costume for your little toddler. It’s super cute, and your child will want to wear it all day.

41. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Turn two brothers into teenage mutant ninja turtles. I love the idea of using aluminum roasting pans to create the shell on their backs – genius!

42. Candycorn

Use felt to put together a simple candy corn costume for toddlers. Felt sews or glues together well!

43. Lion

You don’t need to know how to sew to make this DIY toddler Halloween costume. The hat is made with thick bulky yarn, and your toddler needs to wear a yellow or tan shirt to go with it!

44. Ghost

Grab some white fleece and tie the ends together to make a ghost costume. Hot glue the face on, and you have a simple DIY ghost costume for toddlers!

45. Little Bo Peep

Turn a plain blue dress into Little Bo Peep! These instructions show you step-by-step how to create this costume.

46. 1 Fish, 2 Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Grab a yellow dress or yellow shirt, and pin or glue fish on the front. Bring the book with you to complete the costume!

47. Flower pot

Grab a plastic tub from the store, add fake flowers from the Dollar Store, and use duct tape to make straps. You have a creative and cheap DIY toddler Halloween costume – a flower pot!

48. Pineapple

Turn a yard of yellow felt into a DIY pineapple costume. This one is sure to be a hit, and that hat is adorable!

49. Lego

If you have an empty cardboard box laying around your house, then you can make a lego costume.

50. Butterfly

Some cardboard and paint turns your toddler into a little butterfly. Pipe cleaners, a black headband, and pom-poms become antenna!

51. Miraculous Ladybug

Here’s another simple DIY toddler Halloween costume that is made with felt. Grab a pair of red pants, a long-sleeve red shirt, some black felt, and hot glue – you end up with a cute ladybug!

52. Vampire

If you have a pair of black pants and a black shirt, all you need is a vampire cape and some makeup to make your toddler look like the undead! You have a toddler vampire costume.

53. Batman

Batman is a classic boy costume. Every little boy wants to be their favorite hero!

54. Buzz Lightyear

55. Bumble Bee

Here’s another way that you can create a DIY bumble bee costume for a toddler.

56. Spider

I cannot get enough of this spider costume for toddlers! It’s so creative and cute, and if you have a sibling, they can be the web!

57. Owl

Toss a fluffy blanket over your toddler to act like the wings, and wear an owl beanie – you have a simple owl costume!

58. Lorax

Grab a plain orange shirt, some felt, and large googly eyes. Make the sign with paper and a large popsicle stick.

59. Irwin

This toddler costume will be a hit on trick or treating – it’s simple yet funny. Grab a pair of khaki shorts, a khaki button down shirt, and a pet crocodile to carry along.

60. Peter Pan

A green shirt, green sweatpants, and a DIY brown belt turns your toddler into Peter Pan.

61. Polar Express

Does your family love Polar Express? Make it into a Halloween costume. Dress your toddler in khakis and a button down shirt, and use some cardboard and sticker letters to create a Polar Express train.

62. Dice

If you have two square cardboard boxes, paint them white and then paint big black circles on the box. Then, dress your toddler in black leggings and a black shirt.

63. Skeleton

Grab your Cricut and cut out these skeleton shapes. Then, iron them into black pants and shirt to make a DIY toddler skeleton.

64. Monsters, Inc

Take plain shirts and glue felt onto them to create silly monster faces. Be creative; you can have a whole monster family!

I hope you got some inspiration from these 30 DIY toddler Halloween costumes. Let me know in the comments below if you had any success with them!

You may want to try out this super simple, Halloween-themed balloon popping activity for your little ones. The kids got a kick out of it in the neighborhood! Also, check out these Family Halloween Costumes, Disney Family Costumes, and DIY Toddler Halloween Costume Ideas.

Check out these DIY toddler halloween costumes to wow your child and family and friends. Need a last minute costume? Some of these have no sew options too!
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