67 Unique Unisex Names for Baby Girls and Boys for 2022

Thinking about choosing a unisex name for your baby girl or boy?

Choosing a name can be an overwhelming task. Not only do you and your partner have to agree, there may be other variables that you want to use in a name.

For instance, a family name that’s passed down, an initial of a relative who passed away, or a specific meaning that cultural related.

When choosing a name, keep in mind that this name will be stuck with them for the rest of their life. It’s hard to imagine your child already being a grown up, but you might even think about what names will fit best from childhood to adulthood.


Nowadays, unisex names for baby girls or boys are very common. Some names that were once only given to a boy may now be used for a girl and visa versa.

Many names are not even gender-specific anymore and can be chosen for either.

If you use a unisex name for your baby, you may want to choose a middle name that is more gender-specific. I have grouped the first unisex names below with some corresponding middle names.

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A full list of unique unisex names for baby girls or boys along with feminine and masculine middle names depending on gender.

Unique Unisex names for Baby Girls and Boys

Here is a list of unique unisex names for your baby girl or boy. I have included feminine and masculine middle names to give you a sense of how it would feel if you were having a boy or girl with feminine names on the left and masculine on the right

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Aiden Rose / Aiden Luke

Ainsley Michelle / Ainsley William

Alex Victoria / Alex Ryan

Ali Grace / Ali James

Angel Elizabeth / Angel Logan

Ariel Paige / Ariel Thomas

August Rae / August Preston

Avery Jane / Avery Jonathon


Bailey Abigail / Bailey Joshua

Blake Victoria / Blake Robert

Blaine Rose / Blaine Thomas

Brooks Savannah / Brooks Michael

Brooklyn Grace / Brooklyn Curtis


Cameron Elise / Cameron Gregory

Carson Mae / Carson James

Carter Beth / Carter David

Charlie Shae / Charlie Thomas

Collins Joy / Collins Preston

Corey Ann / Corey David

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Dakota Brynn / Dakota George

Dallas Avery / Dallas Warren

Dani Rose / Dani Lucas

Devon Grace / Devon Charles

Drew Madison / Drew Gregory

Dylan Elizabeth / Dylan


Easton Shae / Easton Daniel

Eden Rose / Eden Jacob

Elliott Sophia / Elliott Dean

Emerson Elise / Emerson Gregory


Finley Joy / Finley James

Frances Avery / Frances William


Grayson Michelle / Greyson Charles

A full list of popular and modern unisex names for your baby boy or girl along with feminine and masculine middle names depending on gender.
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Harley Mae / Harley David

Harper Grace / Harper Daniel

Hayden Bridget / Hayden Anthony

Haven Rose / Haven Benjamin

Hunter Elise / Hunter James


Jamie Lynn / Jamie Everett

Jordan / Jordan Fischer

Julian Beth / Julian Anthony

Justice Lynn / Justice Aaron


Kennedy Rose / Kennedy James

Kendall Julia / Kendall Parker

Kyle Elizabeth / Kyle Warren


Landon Grace / Landon Daniel


Marley Ann / Marley William

Micah Bridget / Micah Vincent

Morgan Ashley / Morgan James


Oakley Joy / Oakley Charles


Palmer Corrine / Palmer David

Parker Shae / Parker Ethan

Peyton Ashley / Peyton Travis

Phoenix Marie / Phoenix Jones



Quinn Elizabeth / Quinn Dominick


Reagan Ashley / Reagan James

Riley Paige / Riley Grant

Ryder Kathryn / Ryder Louis

Reese Victoria / Reese Anthony

Rowan Michelle / Rowan William

Ryan Elizabeth / Ryan David


Sawyer Rose / Sawyer David

Skyler Elise / Skyler Preston

Spencer Marie / Spencer Jonathon


Tatum Juliet / Tatum Charles

Taylor Allison / Taylor Patrick


Wyatt Marie / Wyatt Cole

A full list of unique unisex names for baby girls or boys along with feminine and masculine middle names depending on gender.

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A full list of unique unisex names for baby girls or boys along with feminine and masculine middle names depending on gender.
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