Amazingly Simple Halloween Costume Ideas for a Family of 6

Halloween will be here before we know it and with a family of 6, you want to start planning early!

There are lots of different ideas out there when it comes to family costumes, and finding the perfect one at the top of the list! To help make things a bit easier, I wanted to put together a guide on Halloween costumes for a family of 6.

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Dressing up as a family of 6 for halloween can be a challenge. Try one of these fun and easy halloween costumes for a family of 6

Why do people dress up for Halloween?

There is a little bit of controversy when it comes to where the origination of Halloween came from. Most likely, the idea came from a Celtic festival that took place to signify the beginning of winter.

They believe the souls of the dead roamed the earth during this time and the best way to deter them from being mean was to dress up in costumes.

During the 1500’s people would go from home to home in their costumes singing songs and asking for food trying to pose as the dead to receive gifts and offerings.

This tradition has carried on through the centuries and many people still dress up to this day as a tradition.

Tips for Creating Family Costumes

Creating family costumes can be a bit overwhelming, especially for 5 people! Here are a few of my best tips when it comes to creating Halloween costumes for a family of 5!

  • Allow everyone to make suggestions
  • Vote on the ideas
  • Think outside the box
  • Choose an easily recognizable theme
  • Start early
  • Think of little ones needing to be able to get out of easily for bathroom breaks

Coordinating Halloween costumes for a family of 6 can be quite the challenge but the reward is amazing!

What about Kids who Want to Choose Their Own Halloween Costume?

I am all for encouraging independence when it comes to children choosing their own costume. Here are a few ideas to help:

Involve them in choosing the theme

Is there a theme your littles are interested in? Let them pick!

Let them choose the character from the theme

If you have a headstrong kiddo that wants to choose their own costume, involve them in choosing their character!

Allow them to choose their costume

If you choose a theme that doesn’t necessarily go along with what they were wanting to be, you might consider allowing them to pick out the costume they want to be from the theme you’ve chosen.

This allows them to feel like they have a say so and some sort of control!

Allow their choice even if it doesn’t match

At the end of the day, it’s just a Halloween costume. I personally wouldn’t get too bent out of shape about a child choosing to do their own thing and not match everyone.

That kind of independence is something you want to encourage, even if it means not matching.

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Just Simply Mom’s Favorite Halloween Costumes for a Family of 6

As a family of 6, finding Halloween costumes for the whole family can be a chore! Here are some of my absolute favorite ideas!

Mario’s World


Hop into a new world with your little ones while reliving your own childhood!

Get this look:



Pac Man is a fun family gaming classic. These costumes are to die for and are some of my favorites!

This family Pac Man costume would be a super easy and fun DIY costume for your family of 6!

Get the look:

Willy Wonka


Willy Wonka is such a fun movie that the whole family can enjoy. Use that enjoyment for some information this Halloween!

Get the look:

The Zoo


Sometimes raising kids can feel like running a zoo. This fun costume idea is a great and creative costume to embody that chaos!

Get the look:

Disney Theme Halloween Costumes for a Family of 6



Aladdin is one of my favorite movies! I love this movie theme as a family costume for 6! There are lots of different character options to choose from too!

Get the look:



Since Moana came out it has been a super popular movie! This would be an adorable family costume to consider!

Get the look:

The Little Mermaid


Under the sea, under the sea! Your little ones will be head over heals for this Little Mermaid family Halloween costume.

There are lots of different characters to choose from, making this a great option for your family.

Get this look:

101 Dalmations

@Eileen Carampatan

101 Dalmatians is a Disney classic that is beloved by many! This costume is easy to put together because most of your family can be Dalmatians!

Superhero Theme Halloween Costumes for a Family of 6

Spider Family

@Dyches Fam

Swing into this Halloween with style with this Spiderverse-themed costume idea for your family!

Get the look:


via Everyday Reading

Assemble your team this year with these fun Avengers themed costumes!

Get the look:

Justice League

Via The Baker Mama

Band together this Halloween with this fun Justice League themed idea!

Get the look:

Bat Family

Show your inner Gothamite by prowling the streets in these Batman themed costumes!

@Eve Tuft Photography

Get the look:

Halloween Costumes for a Family of 6 Based on Movies

Harry Potter

Harry Potter has been a major part of multiple childhoods! Bring this magical world to your family this Halloween!

Get the look:

Star Wars

via JaneCossely

May the force be with you when deciding on a family Halloween costume! There are many Star Wars characters to choose from, making it a great option for family costumes!

Get the Look:



I think that it is almost every little girl’s dream to be Cinderella for Halloween, I know that it was for me!

This family Cinderella themed costume is adorable and your girl(s) can be the star of the show!

Halloween Costumes for a Family of 6 Based on Books

Where the Wild Things Are

@Costume Yeti

Oh how I love this book! It is such a sweet book and many children will love this book too!

You can have your littlest dress up as Max and all of your other family members dress up as the wild things!

Get the Look:

Peter Pan

via The Overwhemed Mommy

Peter Pan is a much loved family classic! I absolutely adore this movie, and so do my kiddos! Your little girls will love being Wendy and Tink…and the boys will love being Peter Pan, Hook and Mr. Smee!

Get the Look:

Where’s Waldo?

@Jamie Geller

My kids love the Where’s Waldo? books for road trips and really just every day hide and seek! A Where’s waldo family costume is an easy and fun way to get everyone involved this Halloween!

Get the Look:

Halloween Costumes for a Family of 6 Including Pets

Stranger Things


Let your fur babies in on the Halloween fun with this Stranger Things inspired costume!

Get the Look:

Wizard Of Oz

@Costume Works

Follow the yellow brick road to this Halloween costume for a family of 6, Wizard of Oz themed!

Get the Look:

The Circus

via Start at Home Decor

If your family is anything like mine, you are a circus! Represent everyone in the family well by being a family circus!

Get the Look:

Ghost Busters


Things are getting spooky out there this Halloween! If you are looking for a cute costume this Halloween, the Ghost Busters is so cute for a family of 6!

Get the Look

Funny Halloween Costumes for a Family of 6

Fast Food

via Costume Works

Capitalize on the fast food rivalry with this fun family costume idea. The best part, the costumes are relatively easy to make and won’t break the bank!


via The Merry Thought

Grab a black t-shirt, some white fabric or paper and bam! DIY dominoes costume!

Beekeeper and Bees


I am loving this Bee and Bee keeper family costume! So fun and easy for you to order and not have to think about! This is a costume that is easy to expand by adding more beekeepers or bees!

Get the Look:

Stay Groovy

@Angela Carr

Dress like hippies with these groovy costumes! The whole family will have fun putting together their 70’s look!

Get the Look:

Halloween Costumes for A Family of 6 Using a Stroller or Wagon

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park has made a comeback, making it an easily recognizable theme for families to dress up as for Halloween! Your little ones can be cute and fun dinosaurs, plus you can make your stroller or wagon a cage!

Get the Look:

Barrel of Monkey’s

via Rochelle Thomas Cantrell

If you feel like your family is a barrel of monkeys, well you’re not alone. This barrel of monkey’s costume is adorable and so fun!

Get the Look:

Toy Story


What is more fun than dressing up as one of your favorite Toy Story characters for Halloween? There are tons of character options with Toy Story, which makes it a prime dress up choice!

Get the Look:

Amazon Ready Halloween Costumes for a Family of 6

Sometimes you just need an easy and quick Halloween costume. With Amazon’s 2 day delivery, it makes it easy for last minute costumes too!

Here are my favorite Amazon ready Halloween costumes for a family of 6!

Emoji Costumes

@Costume Works

These days, you can’t text without using at least 1 emoji! Emoji’s are so fun to dress up as for Halloween and your family members can all choose their favorite which makes it fun!

Get the Look:


While not the most complex costume idea, it definitely will turn some heads. These condiment t-shirts are an easy and ready-to-go costume idea that the whole family can get into!

Get the look:

Halloween is a fun time of year, and before you know it Halloween will be here! What are your favorite Halloween costumes for a family of 6?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Halloween Costumes

Dressing up as a family of 6 for halloween can be a challenge. Try one of these fun and easy halloween costumes for a family of 6
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