Best Baby Shower Games for a Unique & Fun Baby Shower

If you are planning or hosting a baby shower anytime soon, this is the place to be! I wanted to share some of the best baby shower games.

If you are planning a baby shower or looking for some fun games, keep scrolling!

Our Top Picks For the Best Baby Shower Games

When compiling this list I wanted to make sure to include games that would get everyone engaged and excited! Baby showers are meant to be fun and memorable!

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Best Baby Shower Games To Break The Ice

Sometimes breaking the ice is tough, but I want to share some games that will make that a bit easier!

1. Don’t Say Baby!

Don’t say baby! Grab a clothes pin and try not to say baby. If you catch someone saying baby you get to steal their clothes pins!

2. The Price is Right

What does it cost to have a baby these days? Before beginning the same write down the correct answers to all of these items then have your guests guess!

3. Who Has the Poopie?

Unlike in regular life, you actually want the poopie diaper! Out of 30 cards only 3 have the poopie diaper! You can use this to break the ice and give away a prize!

4. How Many Gummy Bears in the Jar?

A traditional same that I love to play! Count the bears and place them into any jar you may have, then have your guests estimate how many there are!

5. Find the Guest Bingo

This is a really great game that helps your guests get to know each other! I love games like this!

Best Baby Shower Games For A Co-Ed Baby Shower

Co-ed baby showers can be so much fun! There seems to be a bit more competition that makes playing games so much fun.

1. Suck It Up

This is a really fun game to play and great for baby showers! Use a nose aspirator to suck up cotton balls or marshmallows and put them into a baby bottle or other container. The first to fill it to the top wins!

2. Diaper Change

Use various stuffed animals you have laying around and change their diaper! You can do this where the participants are blindfolded to make it extra fun and challenging.

3. Make a Baby…With Play Dough!

Let’s make a baby…out of play doh! I love this game for co-ed showers because you can work individually or as a team!

4. Chopstick Binky

Get the binky on the chop sticks as quickly as you can! The first to get them all on the chopstick wins!

5. Tinkle in the Pot

This is harder than it looks! Put a ping pong ball between your knees, waddle over to the jar and drop it!

Best Baby Shower Games For A Large Group

Finding baby shower games for a large group can prove to be challenging. I wanted to share games that I felt would be fun and easy for a large group!

1. Baby Predictions and Advice

Have your guests share predictions about the baby and some heartfelt advice for the new parents! This is a fun keepsake to have and look back on.

2. Draw the Baby

What do you think the baby is going to look like? Have your guests share their drawing with you!

3. What’s in Your Phone

Have your guests check off the things that they can find in their phone. Whoever has the most points wins!

4. Hunt for the Pacifier

Hide a specific amount of pacifiers around the party. Whoever can locate the most pacifiers wins.

5. ABC’s Baby Game

Fill each space of the card with a baby item that starts with A-Z!

Best Baby Shower Games For A Smaller Group

Smaller group baby showers are so much fun and you can do more intricate games with less people, which can be fun!

1. Feed the Baby

Grab some assorted baby foods and blindfold one partner. Then, have the unblindfolded partner feed the blindfolded partner. The blindfolded partner has to guess the baby food.

2. How Big is Mommy’s Belly?

Guess how big the mama to be’s belly is! The closest win’s a prize!

3. Name that Baby Song

Fill in the missing lyrics of each song that says Baby!

4. What’s Mommy Craving

All you need is a pen and paper! Guess the mom to be’s cravings! You can have her drop some subtle hints while the guests are making their guess to make it a bit easier.

5. Baby Shower Emoji Pictionary

In this game, Players are given a list of baby shower-related words represented by emojis, and they answer on a card as many correct answers as they can. The player who the most accurately predicts correct answers wins a prize.

Easy Baby Shower Games

If you are looking for easy baby shower games, I found just the ones for you!

1. Guess Who..Mommy or Daddy

Who will get the most points by guessing who will be more patient? Or who wants the most kids? Or who will never drive a minivan? Your guests will have a blast figuring these out, it will be memorable and hilarious!

2. Dad Jokes

Try not to roll your eyes and guess these dad joke punchlines. The guest with the most correct guesses wins!

3. My Water Broke

Put the frozen baby in your drink. When it melts, yell “my water broke!” The first one to have their baby wins!

4. Baby Trivia

Who knows the most about babies? Take the quiz to find out! The one with the most points wins!

5. Diaper Raffle

Have your guest fill in names on the blank of the cards, then throw them into the card box for short term storage, or you can use the cards to set up a diaper raffle game, collect entries for bringing in a pack of diapers, and draw a winner.

Best Active Baby Shower Games

If you are looking for some games that will really get your guests going, these are the games for you!

1. Pin the Pacifier on the Baby

Have each guest write their name on a pacifier. Blindfold the guest and spin them around. Then, have them pin the paci on the baby. If you have enough pacifiers, you can play a few times!

2. Baby Hunt

Hide all 50 babies throughout the shower. Whoever finds the most babies, wins a prize! So fun!

3. Bobbing for Nipples

Similar to bobbing for apples, but use nipples instead! Your guests will love this game!

Best Crafty Baby Shower Games

I love breaking out my crafty side, especially at baby showers! Here are some fun ways to craft at a baby shower.

1. Design a Onesie

Grab some plainly colored onesies and have your guests decorate them for your baby. Make sure to have some crafting supplies on hand as well.

2. Late Night Diaper Changes

Write encouraging or funny messages on diapers for a good laugh late at night.

3. Make a Mobile

Your guests will love decorating a keepsake piece of a mobile for the baby! This would make a cute decoration for years to come.

Best Baby Shower Prizes

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Having good prizes is kind of what I am known for when I host baby showers. I love doing practical prizes and things that are useful. These can also be won for the expecting parents, which they will love!

WoodWick Candle

I love these candles! They smell amazing and last forever. Woodwick candles would make an awesome prize.

Manicure Set

I have one of these in my diaper bag and I love it! Perfect for on the go or traveling and a great gift!

Cheese Board

Cheese boards are a great gift because they are so versatile! They are great for parties or even just when you want to feel a bit fancy.

Insulated Tumbler

If you don’t already have one of these, you should! They are amazing and I know your guests will love to win one!

Gift Card

Who doesn’t love an Amazon gift card?! This is a great gift alone or to put within a basket.

Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Shower Games

Planning baby shower games can be tough! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions I have ran across.

How many baby shower games should be played at a baby shower?

I think 2-3 games is a good number to play at a baby shower. You can do 1 big game and 2 smaller games to get everyone going and comfortable.

How much time should be spent on baby shower games?

It really depends, but I would say about 30-45 minutes on baby shower games during the party is a reasonable amount of time to spend. Especially if you have a large amount of guests.

What baby shower games should be avoided?

Always feel free to play whatever games you like, but I think it is fun to include some newer games. Sometimes, the older games can be a bit redundant.

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I hope that you found some inspiring, easy and fun baby shower games for your upcoming event! What are your favorite baby shower games? Let me know in the comments below!

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