31+ Easter Basket Ideas for 2 Year Old Girl: Gifts She Will Love

Are you looking for fun Easter gifts for your toddler? Don’t worry; I have plenty of Easter basket ideas for 2 year old girl!

I love seeing my kids’ excitement on Easter morning with all of their new fun toys. It can be hard to find useful Easter basket fillers that aren’t just junk, and the same goes for what you put into plastic eggs for egg hunts!

If you’re looking for some ideas for you or family members as to what to give your toddler for Easter, here are some ideas everyone will love.

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31+ Easter Basket Ideas for 2 Year Old Girl

1. Stuffed Bunny from Bunnies By the Bay

Every little 2-year-old girl needs an adorable stuffed bunny in her Easter basket and you don’t get any more soft and plush than Bunnies by the Bay. This pink bunny is utterly adorable and super soft.

It’s 20 inches tall, so it will fit inside a large Easter basket as the centerpiece or you can position it outside the basket holding it up. Please don’t pass this one up- you will love the softness of their bunnies!

2. Easter Books

Everyone knows how important reading is to a toddler’s language acquisition and future vocabulary. The more you read to your child from a young age, the larger their vocabulary will be.

So, it makes a lot of sense to include Easter books; they’re one of my favorite Easter basket ideas for 2 year old girl. My little girl could never have enough books, and I love that!

Here are some of our favorite Easter board books for toddlers.

3. Coloring Books

Something I always include in my toddler’s Easter basket is at least one coloring book. Coloring is a great fine motor skill for toddlers, and it keeps them entertained.

I love this coloring book – The Great Big Easter Egg Coloring Book for Kids – It’s perfect for 2 year old girls. Another great one is this Easter and Spring Holiday Activity Coloring Book. These activity books have all sorts of things for your toddler to color and enjoy.

4. Toddler-Sized Crayons

Don’t forget crayons for your toddler as well!

Instead of traditional crayons, I’m obsessed with these egg-shaped crayons. The shape helps your child grip them appropriately in their hand. This set by Tencoz comes with nine colors; they’re non-toxic and perfect for toddlers who are just learning how to color.

5. Easter Stickers

Easter stickers are great for egg fillers – you can cut the strips of stickers to fit into plastic eggs – or simply Easter basket stuffers. This six-pack of Easter stickers is perfect to put into your 2 year old’s basket!

6. Melissa & Doug Water Wow Books

I bought Melissa & Doug Water Wow Books the first time when we went on long road trips for vacation, and my kids have been obsessed since then. These books last forever, and they keep kids entertained all the time.

I keep one or two in my diaper bag for my toddlers; they love them when we go out to dinner or on a rainy day. You really can use them over and over again. This is one of my favorite Easter basket ideas for 2 year old girl.

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7. Easter Fidget Toys

Even two-year-old girls love fidget toys, so include some in their gift baskets! I found some great Easter-themed fidget toys that will fit perfectly in with the rest of her items.

8. Play Jewelry

Little girls love to dress up with play jewelry and even dress-up outfits. My little girl, at two years old, liked some outfits, but her favorite was jewelry.

She wanted to wear all the toddler jewelry she could find. Bracelets, necklaces, and rings were something she wanted to play with all the time, so I think these are awesome Easter basket ideas for 2 year old girl. We love anything that encourages imaginative play!

I put you could even put these into Easter eggs for an egg hunt!

9. Kid Gardening Set

In the spring and summer, I spend a lot of time out in my garden. So, it makes sense that all of my little kids need to have their own gardening set to work alongside me.

This gardening tool set for little girls comes with a watering can, storage bag, gardening tool, gardening gloves, and even a gardening apron! It’s definitely a great Easter basket filler.

10. Sidewalk Chalk

If you’re looking for another easy Easter basket stuffer for little girls, try some sidewalk chalk. This is a classic gift for Easter since your little one is about to spend a lot of time outside playing.

All kids love drawing on the sidewalk! Easter marks the time when we start enjoying more outdoor play, so including outdoor toys makes sense.

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11. Sidewalk Paint

I recently found sidewalk paint for the first time, and I think it’s such a cool Easter basket ideas for 2 year old girl. These neon paint colors will stand out, and toddlers will love this activity!

12. Bubbles

Is there anything that makes a toddler as happy as bubbles? Make sure you add some bubble wands into her Easter basket this year.

13. Bubble Machine

If you want to keep your toddler entertained for hours this summer, you need a bubble blower. However, many of the cheap bubble machines you see in the store break quickly.

This bubble machine from Zerhunt may be a bit expensive, but you won’t ever have to buy another one again. It lasts for years, and the reviews are solid. You won’t regret this purchase!

14. Sand Toys

Once your child starts playing outside again this spring, you’ll want some sand toys for their sand box. If you’re headed to the beach this summer, bring this sand toys along with you!

15. Musical Egg Maracas

Toddlers are all about making music, so it’s no wonder that musical egg maracas are one of the best Easter basket ideas for 2 year old girls. These little maracas will keep your child happy and entertained for hours, and there is enough in a set that you could include them in an Easter egg hunt if you use larger plastic eggs.

16. Poppy the Count & Stack Flower Pot

Learning Resources created this adorable flower pot that works on counting, stacking, and fine motor skills. Your little girl will love creating the flower bouquets in the pot and counting them!

17. Spike the Hedgehog

Here is another toy from Learning Resources that helps your child practice their fine motor skills. It Your child has to take out the spikes from the hedgehog and put them back in again, working on hand eye coordination and attention span!

18. Lego Duplo Sets

Little kids can start enjoying Legos by playing with Lego Duplo sets. You can find all sorts of different sets. My little girl enjoyed the Minnie’s Birthday Party and Town Family Camping Van Adventure.

19. Munchkin Fishin’ Bath Toy

Are you looking for simple Easter basket ideas for 2 year old girls? Try this fishing bath toy by Munchkin. Your child drops the little fish into the bath tub and uses the fishing pole to try to get the fish.

She will love it!

20. Color Bath Drops & Bathtub Crayons

Here’s another toy for bath time – bathtub crayons and color bath drops. My little kids cannot get enough of these. They want to hang out in the bath tub and color all over the walls with bath crayons – and it comes off! The drops change the water color.

You can get the set and put it right into your daughter’s basket!

21. Potato Head

Potato Head is a classic toy that all little kids need, and it’s perfect for kids ages 2 and up. Not only is this a fun activity all toddlers enjoy, but it works on their fine motor skills and hand to eye coordination.

22. New Baby Doll

Another one of the best Easter basket ideas for 2 year old girls is a new baby doll. All little girls love to receive new baby dolls, and one of my favorites is the Melissa & Doug Mine to Love 12″ Doll.

23. Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Cookie Creations

Play-Doh sets are ALWAYS a big hit for toddlers, and the Sweet Shoppe Cookie Creations is a great one for little girls. It comes with four cookie cutters and textured rolling pins to create designs on the cookies.

So fun!

24. Reusable Water Bottle

Another easy item to put into Easter baskets from the Easter bunny is a reusable water bottle. I love this stainless steel water bottle for kids; it has an adorable Frozen decal that little toddler girls will love.

25. Sunglasses

Little kids need sunglasses too! I love this pair of toddler sunglasses from Cocosand – they come with a strap and UV400 protection to keep your toddler’s eye safe from damaging sun rays.

26. Swim Suit

After Easter, swimming season approaches quickly, especially depending on where you live. Put a toddler swimsuit into your daughter’s basket. I like this 3-piece suit with a rash guard; protecting their delicate skin is so important.

27. Healthy Candy & Snacks

I always include my toddler’s favorite candy and snacks because everyone loves easter treats. It’s even a bonus when you can find healthy snacks! Here are some of our favorites:

  • Cerebelly Bars: Smart bars delivering 10 key brain-supporting nutrients crafted from whole food ingredients
  • Brainiac Applesauce Pouches: No Added Sugars and Clean, Real Ingredients
  • Dino Bars: All-Natural, organic, non-GMO fruit bar that is mess-free and made with edible paper
  • Bee Free Warrior Mix Free of gluten, grains, soy, dairy, trans fats, and refund sugar. This tasty snack uses only real, plant based ingredients, like almonds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, pure coconut oil and honey.
  • That’s It Fruit Bars: Each bar contains only two ingredients: fruit + fruit. That’s it.

28. Fun BandAids

Every 2 year old is bound to get a boo-boo some time. Give them some fun bandaids to have on hand for when the time comes. Welly Bandages have fun designs, like these ice cream ones, which will help dry those tears when the boo boo happens.

29. Easter Egg Toss Game

This fun game will get your little one off the couch and having fun! It is a great interactive game and the perfect easter basket idea for a 2 year old girl.

30. Easter Egg Chalk


Imagine the fun possibilities with this easter egg-shaped chalk! Any 2 year old girl would be more than excited to find this in her easter basket!

31. Easter Puzzles

2 Year olds love puzzles, and these Easter puzzles are the perfect Easter basket idea for 2 year old girls! This pack comes with 4 different puzzles that are sure to inspire fun and learning this Easter!

32. Pre Filled Plush Bunny Eggs

Imagine the surprise when your 2 year old girl opens the Easter eggs in her basket to find them stuffed with plush bunnies! These pre-filled Easter eggs are sure to be a hit!

33. Peekaboo Learning Farm

Giving the gift of learning is always a great choice! This peekaboo learning farm offers learning support in so many different areas including fine motor, number and color recognition and more!

Easter is such a fun holiday, and finding awesome Easter basket ideas for a 2 year old girl isn’t so hard after all. I hope these fun gift ideas give you the inspiration you need to put together your kids’ Easter baskets this year.

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