Easy Steps for Protecting Toddlers From Cables

In today’s day and age, a variety of electronics have become a fixture in many homes. As such, there will be many cords and cables running along the floor. These can pose a serious risk to curious toddlers.

If your child were to chew on a cord, they could be electrocuted or choke on the insulation. Additionally, cords can be a tripping hazard. Trips, slips, and falls are the number one contributor to injuries and even fatalities.

In order to avoid these risks, parents and homeowners need to take steps to ensure that their toddlers are protected from cables. Throughout this article, we’ll talk about simple steps that you can follow to protect your toddlers from all the cables and cords.

We’ll talk about simple solutions such as cord covers and much more. We will also provide some tips on other ways to childproof your home to keep your toddler safe.

Effective Ways to Protect Toddlers from Cables

Cable Management

One of the most effective ways to keep cables out of reach and protected is to use cable management systems. These can be in the form of cable ties, sleeves, or cord covers that keep cables organized and protected from damage.

The most commonly used solution is Delamu cord covers as you can find them in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can choose one that fits your needs and aesthetic preferences, which balances beauty and safety.

Keep Cables Out of Reach

When possible, keep cables out of reach, especially for children who are prone to explore and play. Use cable ties to secure cables to the back of furniture, or route them along the wall or baseboard.

Choose Durable Cables

When buying new cables, consider the durability and quality of the product. Look for cables that are designed for heavy use and can withstand exposure to children.

Consider Using Cordless Devices

If hiding the cords and cables is too difficult, then why not take them all away? Consider switching to cordless devices to reduce the number of cables in the house and keep them out of reach of children. In this way, the hazard is mostly removed from the environment.

Plan the Lay of the Land

If parents are expecting, it may not be a bad idea to plan out the lay of the land. Start by thinking about areas and rooms where children will most likely pass or play around. When those have been identified, keep cables away from these areas to reduce the chance of them getting caught or pulled on.

In the same vein, it isn’t just cables that need to be planned, but also devices. If there are devices in a specific area, there are sure to be cables and cords accompanying them. Thus, if parents want to keep cables out of reach, then they should keep electronic devices out of reach as well.

Keep a Watchful Eye

As is needed when taking care of children, a parent’s vigilance is always needed. Keeping a watchful eye on toddlers will greatly help in reducing any kind of accidents. This even applies to those accidents that involve cables and cords.

Educate Children about Cables

If the parent is unable to constantly watch their child, it is best to teach that child how to keep themselves safe. Teach children about the importance of not playing with cables and the dangers they can pose. Show them the proper way to handle and care for them to help them understand why it is important to keep them out of reach.

We hope that everything we’ve shared will help you in creating a safe home to walk around.

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