Ellie Baby Monitor Review from a Mom of Three

In the vast sea of baby monitors claiming to provide peace of mind, the Ellie Baby Monitor not only promises, but delivers, with features that set a new benchmark for what parents should expect. Right from the get-go, it’s clear this monitor is designed with both the baby’s safety and the modern parent’s needs in mind.

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Key Features at a Glance:

  • Advanced AI Cry Recognition: The monitor’s 99% accuracy rate in distinguishing your baby’s cry is impressive. It automatically triggers soothing lullabies or recordings of your voice to calm your baby, demonstrating a remarkable blend of technology and nurturing care.
  • Environmental Monitoring: Real-time updates on temperature and humidity ensure the nursery environment is always optimal for your baby’s comfort and safety.
  • Superior Visuals: With 2K Ultra HD and Infrared Night Vision, every yawn and stretch is captured in crystal-clear detail, day or night. The 360-degree rotation capability means no corner of the nursery escapes your view.
  • Communication Made Simple: The two-way talk feature enhances the connection between you and your little one, allowing for sweet nothings to be exchanged with the tap of a screen.
  • Flexible Installation Options: Whether mounted on the wall or clamped to the crib, placement versatility ensures the best vantage point.
  • Innovative Alerts and Tracking: Face Covered Alert and auto photo capture functionalities spotlight safety and memory-making, while sleep tracking aids in understanding your baby’s sleep pattern.
  • 100% Privacy Protection: In an era where digital security is paramount, Ellie offers hacker-proof technology to keep your baby’s moments private.
  • No Subscription Fees: Unlike many competitors, Ellie believes in providing value without hidden costs. Access all AI-driven features, including cry recognition, at no extra charge.


Installation was a breeze! The instructions were easy to follow and simply consists of installing an app through the included QR code, and then installing the arm to the crib and ensuring that the monitor device has a full view of the space.

User Experience:

The ease of use is where the Ellie Baby Monitor truly shines. My favorite things that I felt set the Ellie Baby Monitor apart from other baby monitors are:

App Accessibility

The intuitive design of the smartphone app allowed key features to be easily accessible.

Numerous Features

I love the amount of features that are available to parents and caregivers with this monitor and through the app, such as:

  • I love that the app displays the temperature of the room so you can ensure that your baby is not too hot or too cold. Sometimes I forget that this can definitely play a factor in their sleep.
  • There is a sleep report generated that details the amount of sleep your baby got during the night or nap. However, depending on how much your baby moves and makes noises, it can throw off the accuracy. This helped me figure out my son’s sleep patterns.
  • If baby is detected to be crying, the monitor will play soothing lullabies until they stop crying. The lullabies aren’t too loud that would be disruptive, but just enough to hopefully soothe them. I had this occur when my son was crying and it immediately calmed him. You can choose to turn off this setting, as well as adjust the sensitivity, the. music it plays, and the volume.
  • You’ll get notifications and alerts of when baby falls asleep, shows activity, facial detection, and sleep quality (respiratory rate). Facial detection allows you to be aware if the face is covered by a blanket or other object which I think is a great feature. This is something that always scared me with my babies because they love to sleep with pillows and blankets (once they’re toddlers), so I love that I get alerted.

Any of these features you can turn on and off if you don’t feel that it’s necessary for your child.

Final Thoughts

What sets the Ellie Baby Monitor apart is not just its array of features but how it integrates them seamlessly into the life of a busy parent. Its commitment to privacy and security, coupled with the absence of subscription fees, presents it as not just a tool but a genuine support system for parenting in the digital age.

The device’s ability to adapt from a technological guardian by protecting against potential digital threats to a tender nurturer that soothes with a lullaby or a mother’s voice recording, positions it as an unparalleled ally in the world of baby monitors.

In conclusion, the Ellie Baby Monitor stands out as a thoughtful, well-engineered piece of technology that addresses a wide range of parental concerns—from safety and security to comfort and connection. It’s an investment in peace of mind, offering an unmatched user experience that is as rewarding as it is reassuring.

Get 30% off using code “JSM30” for this AI smart baby monitor.

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