74 Emo Names for Baby Girls & Boys

Are you looking for perfect emo names for your baby? Former scene kids who loved emo music in the late 90s and early 2000s will find appreciation in many of these names.

Emo is a rock music genre, characterized by strong, powerful, emotional lyrics. Scene kids lived in angst, and their favorite band t-shirts.

This type of music hit its peak in the 2000s with bands like My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday, and more. We flocked to Warped Tour with our checkerboard Vans and side-swept bangs.

It was a great time.

Emo music is still one of the top music genres listened to by young and old alike. If you want to honor your favorite music genre or your angsty teen years, here are some of my favorite top emo names for girls and boys.

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What are Emo Names for Babies?

You have a few ways to go when picking emo names for your baby.

Some people go with names of their favorite band members or names of their favorite bands’ song. If you are a music lover, it’s a no brainer to let the music guide your inspiration for naming your baby.

On the other hand, some people go for the vibes and feeling that a name evokes. Dark, gothic names are popular for emo names. You’ll find these names from dark literature, music, and moody art. Sometimes, the names are fun, while others have hidden meaning.

Many cultures believe that your baby’s name helps to form and reflect their personality and character. Since many emo names are unique and beat to their own drum, you may end up with a child that is set on the path of non-conformity.

Who doesn’t love that?!

23 Emo Names for Girls

Alexandria – While Asking Alexandria is a heavy metal band, it makes an awesome name!

Annabel Lee – Lovers of Edgar Allan Poe will appreciate this name; it’s one of his dreary, love story poems.

Avril – No list of emo names is complete without Avril, the pop punk princess who sang “sk8er girl.’ While her songs might be more pop, her grunge and goth look included her in the emo crowd.

Clarity – This name means clearness, and it’s a song by DJ Zedd.

Cambria – This is an adorable name that is part of the emo rock band Coheed and Cambria. This is the name of the second protagonist in the science fiction comics by Claudio Sanchez.

Camlin – This name has Irish origins that means “cooked line.”

Daisy – Yes, this is a pretty flower, so it works as a hippie name, but Daisy is also a song by the band Brand New in 2009.

Emily – If you are a poetry fan, you’ll recognize this name – Emily Bronte. Her short poem – Spellbound – fits into the gothic genre. She also wrote Remembrance and Cold in the Earth.

Evanescence – I bet everyone from the early 2000 era can belt all the lyrics to Bring Me to Life, a ballad of angsty and sadness. The name actually means slowly disappearing; can you think of anything that indicates emo names?

Garnet – Technically, Garnet is a gender neutral name, but it fits well in with the emo names for girls. It means “pomegranate,” and it’s the name of a famous jewel.

Hayley – This name was popular in the late 80s and 90s, which is how it ended up the name of the queen of Paramore. Hayley Williams was part of the emo era.

Helena – This is one of the most popular songs by My Chemical Romance, but the name also means bright, shining light. The song is actually about the death of Gerard Way’s grandmother.

Imogene – Here is a Celtic name that means maiden, but it may cause you to think of Imogene Heap. It has the perfect ego vibe.

Jade – The name is a bit dark and mysterious; it’s got the right vibes to be an emo name.

London – I bet London would be a great band name, and many of our beloved emo band members come from the UK.

Morticia – If you are a fan of The Addam’s Family, then you’ll recognize Morticia, the mother. It has the perfect amount of weirdness with a dash of traditionalism that makes it an adorable girl name.

Orchid – You might picture a gorgeous flavor, but it’s also the name of an emo band from San Francisco.

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Scarlett – One of the emo names that is slowly coming back in favor is Scarlett, meaning “red.” It has French origins and donates courage, passion, and joy.

Sylvia – Sylvia Plath was a gothic poet who wrote Lady Lazarus, one of the top dark poems. It has a somber, sorrowful feel that gives inspiration to song writers.

Velvet – You might be surprised to know Velvet was once a popular name. It denotes softness for a feminine name, but it has the right amount of uniqueness to be emo.

Virginia – One of the songs by Train is called “Meet Virginia.” He sings about a quirky girl that is odd and attractive all at the same time.

Wednesday – Of course, this name is from Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family. It’s an adorable gothic name for former emo parents!

Willow – This name makes me think of field at sunset. Some names just bring imagery into your mind. Plus, if you happen to be a closet Swiftie, then this name works good too.

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42 Emo Names for Boys

Abbadon – This name refers to the demon of destruction.

Adalricus – This is a unique name that refers to a noble ruler.

Alaric – I love this gothic name that means all-powerful ruler. It feels graceful yet strong!

Arch – Arch is a diminutive of the name Archer.

Auberon – This name is associated with noble and a variant of the name Aubrey.

Azazel – This is the name of a demon who taught humanity weaponry and cosmetics.

Balor – Balor means one-eyed giant in Irish mythology.

Bert – If you loved The Used, then give your child the name Bert after Bert McCracken.

Blake – This Old English name means dark or dark-haired.

Bram – This means sword or fiery torch.

Brendon – If you loved Panic! at the Disco, Brendon Urie was their frontman, singing songs like “20 Dollar Nose Bleed.”

Brody – This name has Irish origins, meaning “from the muddy place.” Plus, if you liked the band The Distillers, Brody Dalle was their vocalist and guitarist.

Carrabba – This is the last name of the lead singer from Dashboard Confessionals.

Coheed – Emo fans in the early 2000s will recognize this name from Coheed and Cambria, an emo rock band. The name comes from a character in science fiction comics.

Cyrus – I love the name Cyrus. It has a fun, earthy type vibe that I think fits great into the emo genre.

Devin – This name has Celtic and Latin roots, meaning ‘poet’, and isn’t emo music really emotional poetry anyway?

Draco – I feel confident that a lot of emo kids loved Harry Potter as well – same era after all – so why not give your kid the name Draco? It’s a name that means dragon or serpent.

Drake – This has the same vibe, but it means dragon with Old Norse origins.

Edgar – This name was popular a century ago, but we love Edgar Allan Poe, a famous gothic poet.

Emo – what better pick for emo names than Emo, referencing those who lived through Warped Tour and emotional music.

Enzo – This Italian name means rules his household, and it has a strong feeling that works great for an emo name.

Gerard – He is the frontman and singer of the emo band My Chemical Romance, and the name also means spear strength.

Grey – It comes from Old-English origin meaning gray-haired.

Griffin – This is another Old English name that means “from the hare’s meadow.’

Golgotha – Here is a unique name with Latin origins that means “skull.”

Huxley – If you’re looking for unique emo names, Huxley means “from Hugh’s meadow.”

Hyde – This name is from Jekyll and Hyde, a story with quite a dark side. This gothic novel is a lexicon term for someone with dual behaviors or personalities.

Jagger – While Mick Jagger is far from an emo singer, the name is a great choice for music lovers. Perhaps to have moves like Jaggar.

Jesse – Jesse Lacey was part of the band called Brand New, an alternative band popular in the 2000s.

Lennon – Music lovers all know the name John Lennon. While he is far from an emo singer, John Lennon inspired following generations of musicians.

Luca – No, not like the Disney movie. More like the song Luca from Brand New in 2006.

MacBeth – When picking emo names, consider inspiration given to musicians and Shakespeare is definitely and inspiration. MacBeth is one of his most famous pieces of literature!

Oberon – This name has German origins and means “noble bear.”

Obsidian – You may have heard of obsidian before. It’s a dark, hard, glass-like rock, but in the Nahuatl language, it means smoking mirrors.

Pete – The leader singer of Fall Out Boy is Pete Wentz!

Rafe – Here is another name I love. It feels like it belongs in a mystery novel. Rafe means “shield wolf.”

Raven – Here is another nod to Edgar Allan Poe with his famous poem The Raven. The name feels mysterious and dark, which fits the feeling of his poem.

Ryker – This German name means “rich,” but it also means “fast strider.”

Tierney – This is a Gaelic name that means “lord” or “descendent of Tighearnach.”

Tobias – Here is a Greek name that means “goodness of God.”

Travis – Travis Barker is undoubtedly one of the most famous drummers in recent history, especially for Blink 182 fans. Those who lived the emo scene in the late 90s and early 200s will appreciate the homage to Barker.

Wentz – You have to include this on emo games. It pays homage to Pete Wentz (the first name is on this list as well) and would make a unique boy name, honoring the Fall Out Boy member.

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9 Gender Neutral Emo Names

Ash – Means from an ash tree

Ashlee – means meadow of an ash tree, but some believe it references ashes and dust

Billie – Of course, we have to include one of the newest artists on the emo list – Billie Eilish. She is pretty edge, but Billie works for an adorable gender neutral name.

Dani – Dani is a gender-neutral Hebrew name that means “God is my judge.” Sometimes, it is a shortened version of Danielle, but it is perfect the way it is for a boy!

Echo – If you want a unique gender neutral name, consider Echo, which means “reflected sound.” This name makes sense for music and sound lovers!

Eilish – Pay homage to Billie Eilish; this name is unique and works great for a GN name.

Fallon – This gender-neutral name that means superior or descended from a ruler.

Jimmy – One of Green Day’s singles was called “St. Jimmy.” It’s a fun name to use to pay tribute to one of your favorite emo bands.

Rainer – I love this emo name; it’s a gender neutral name that is a nod to the band Rainer Maria, which features two female musicians. However, the name means warrior or wise army, so it works for both.

Emo names are gaining in popularity, and they represent memories or parts of you that are important. I hope one of these baby names is the one for your new child!

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