How to Decorate Floating Shelves in Bathroom: 9 Tricks to Know

Whether you need more storage in your bathroom or want to add more decor to this space, adding floating shelves in bathrooms is a great way to do both. There are so many ways to decorate floating shelves, along with a few things you want to remember not to do.

Bathrooms tend to be the rooms that need the least amount of decoration, and a few key pieces make the biggest differences. The shelves also should be able to serve as useful storage with style, so think nice baskets and jars to display (or hide) your everyday items.

If you need some inspiration for decorating your floating shelves, here are some of my favorite tips and ideas to use.

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How to Decorate Floating Shelves in Bathroom

Coastal Bathroom Shelves

If you’ve seen my renovations, you know I love all things modern coastal decor. I added two floating shelves in our bathroom, but I didn’t line them up!, and picked coastal items for decor.

For some height, I added Medium-sized Faux plants and Small faux plants. One of my favorite items is the Nautical rope sailor knot – everyone asks me where I found it!

Signs look great on floating shelves, so I included the “Wash your palms” sign , along with a Small ceramic vase , starfish and sandollars , and rope-wrapped candle. All of these little items really pulled the coastal theme into this space.

Stay Organized with Baskets & Bins

One of the benefits of having floating shelves in your bathroom is extra storage, but you want that storage to look organized and nice.

Use the shelves to hold a variety of baskets and bins for your random items. Wicker baskets are great for storage on floating shelves. You even can get a larger wicker basket to store all the extra toilet paper instead of just stacking it on the back of your toilet. Then, include one or two apothecary jars for cotton balls, q-tips, and other items.

Here’s a word of advice.

Before buying bins and baskets for your floating shelves, measure the width of your shelf. You don’t want the basket to hang over the shelf, potentially falling off of it. This is particularly important if it’s above your toilet – eek!

Create Interest by Layering Items

Make your bathroom shelves more interesting by layering items with shorter ones in front or angling your items. Things don’t have to be perfectly straight!

Start by putting potted greenery on your shelves with smaller items around them, such as that small buffalo plaid ball, take a seat sign, and wooden decorative ball. You want your shelves to feel like a collection of your favorite items; it makes them look more interesting!

Vary the Height

Add dimensions to your floating shelves in bathroom by including items of varying heights. You don’t want each item to be the same height; it gets boring and looks too uniform.

In this inspiring photo, you’ll see photos in various heights, a cactus in a stone pot, trailing greenery in a ceramic pot, and a nice Sand + Fog candle!

Include Greenery – Even Faux Greenery!

Greenery adds color and life to a space, even if it’s faux greenery. Often times, fake is best in a bathroom because you may forget to take care of it and the rapid changes in temperature and humidity in bathrooms may not be ideal for plants.

In this bathroom, a fake trailing plant situated on the top shelf not only gives height to the shelves but brings a pop of color as well. Everyone loves a good “Get Naked” sign in a bathroom, along with a wire basket and some refillable bottles that you can put labels.

Towels Soften the Look

Soften the look of your floating shelves by adding folded, fluffy towels – and threaten your family NOT to use them! No matter your decor style, a few towels look great on bathroom shelves. You can even get a few embroidered towels to go on the shelves.

Something about towels make you feel like you’re walking into a spa, not just your regular bathroom.

Make sure you include some storage jars for essentials, a sturdy hook to hang your bath towel or robe after showering, and that adorable lantern!

Funny is Always Good

Sometimes, a bit of funny – especially in the bathroom – is exactly what your shelves need. Everyone loves these “Take a Seat” signs. I love the top sign that says “don’t be gross wash your hands.” I know my kids would think that’s hilarious.

You can see how these shelves have other elements I’ve mentioned like layering with different heights and greenery for pops of colors.

No Frames of People

One rule you don’t want to break is putting someone’s photo on display in your bathroom – yikes! No one wants to look at their grandmother or themselves as they use the bathroom or shower; it’s simply an awkward place for family photos.

Frames and photos are great; use quotes or pictures of places you have traveled with your family.

Seasonal Decor is Great

Adding seasonal decor to your floating shelves is a great idea. Swap out your towels for some fall (or Christmas) themed towels and adorable little seasonal signs.

I love the Olive Branch wallpaper! It brings a country yet modern feel when combined with the shiplap.

Floating shelves in your bathroom bring interest and extra storage to your space, and there are plenty of ways to decorate them. Remember to add varying heights for the items, use baskets for storage (that fit the shelves), and skip family photos!

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