Insanely Clever Small Nursery Ideas When You are Tight on Space

If you are expecting and are facing the challenge of a small nursery, I promise you are not alone. A lot of times, parents do not want their babies clear across the house, or you may just not have a full-sized room for your baby at the moment, and that’s okay!

I am here to help and give you ideas for your small nursery. Keep scrolling for my top tips and small nursery ideas.

Our Favorite Small Nursery Ideas

I wanted to put together some options for small nursery ideas. It may seem a bit crazy, but babies don’t need all that much especially when it comes to furniture. And honestly, sometimes the more simple the room is, the better.

Paint Colors For A Small Nursery

Paint is an inexpensive and easy way to make a small space look bigger and more open. Colors that are brighter are great for smaller spaces as opposed to dark colors. Adding in a contrasting wall can also give the illusion of a bigger, more open space.

I am a big fan of Behr paint. I love the coverage and how long it lasts.

Beach Foam Blue

This color is the perfect blue for a little boy’s nursery. This blue is easy to decorate around and light enough to keep that open and airy feeling.

Pink Posies

I absolutely love this pink for a little girl nursery or even little girl room. It is light, girly and so perfect for your princess.

Bit of Sugar

I am loving this paint color as an option for a small nursery. This also keeps the space gender neutral should you decide to use the space for a nursery in the future.

Furniture For A Small Nursery

Lots of furniture and/or bulky furniture can make your small nursery space feel cramped and crowded. Making sure you have functional furniture as well as pieces that have multiple uses is a way to make your small space seem a bit more open.

Breathable Mesh Mini Crib

This mini crib is a great option for a small nursery. It has breathable mesh sides, which I love. The crib has 2 different levels, the first a bassinet level for newborns, and then a regular crib level for littles up to 24 months.

There is a ton of finish options to go with any theme.

Rolling Cart

A rolling cart is going to be your best friend. I love that you can load this cart up with supplies and it will still look nice and neat in the nursery. A bonus is that you can easily take this out of the nursery in the morning and place in whatever room you spend most of your time.

Rocking Chair

Something that is a non-negotiable for me is a good rocking chair. My babies loved to be rocked well into toddlerhood so making sure that I was just as comfy as they were is important to me.

Storage For A Small Nursery

Bottles, bibs, diapers, wipes, clothes, extra binkies, the list goes on and on. There are lots of different things that you may need to store for your little one. Having good storage options is key in making sure your small space feels clean, organized and functional.

Below are some of my favorite options that will serve your little one and their space for a long time.

Stuffed Animal Hammock

Whether you like it or not, your little one is going to get a lot of stuffed animals. I love these little hammocks for storage of stuffed animals, decorative pillows, etc.

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Over the Door Organizer

I am a big fan of using all the space you can, including doors. I have door organizers all over my house because they are great ways to optimize your space.

Drawer/Shelf Organizers

I love these organizers for baby’s clothes! They are great for drawers but even work well for closet shelf built-ins.

Lighting For A Small Nursery

Have you ever been into a poorly lit space and immediately it felt cramped and just not somewhere you wanted to be? Good lighting can help open up a space and make it seem welcoming.


The hatch sound machine is such a good lighting option for the nursery! It is a great night light, with a sound machine that you can control on your phone. While it may not provide a ton of overhead light, it is a must in my opinion.

Small Lamp

Placing a small lamp next to a mirror can really open up the room. I love the simplicity of this lamp and it really can go with any theme.

Remote Controlled Floor Lamp

This floor lamp is perfect for small spaces because it is so slender and a bonus is that is has a remote control so you can determine the lighting and even turn it off from the comfort of your rocking chair!

Decorative Pieces For A Small Nursery

Even decorative pieces can help to make the nursery either feel larger or ensure that it doesn’t feel cluttered and crowded.

Nursery Room Shelves

I absolutely adore these shelves for nursery decor. They can be used for knick knacks, books, stuffed animals, really whatever you want!


A mirror can really open up the room. I love simple mirrors like this, that add character to the room!

Decorative Rug

A decorative rug can really elevate the feeling of any space, the best part about this rug is that it is washable!

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Themes For A Small Nursery

There are so many great nursery themes out there. Milwaukee with Kids has a great post about 31 nursery themes. I have shared my favorites below, but check out their post for a full list!

Travel Nursery Theme

Traveling has my heart, so naturally, I love this theme! It is so bright and welcoming.


This farmhouse theme is adorable. You can add different twists to make it more girly or boyish if you’d like!


I love earthy themes. I think they are so calming, welcoming, and fun. These types of spaces can easily grow with your little one.

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Tips On Utilizing Your Small Nursery Space

Here are a few of my favorite tips for utilizing your small nursery space and making the most of the room.

Create A Layout or Floorplan

Take it back to math class and use some grid paper. Measure the room and sketch it out on your grid paper a few times. Then measure your furniture pieces and sketch them in the rooms you drew.

This method prevents you from moving around furniture a bunch of times to try and figure out the best layout.

Use Multi-Purpose Furniture

Using multi-purpose furniture is a great way to save on space. For example, if a changing table is a must for you, consider using a dresser that is deeper so that you can use it for a changing table with storage.

Place Mirrors Strategically

Mirrors are a great way to make a space appear larger. The mirror(s) help to reflect the natural light in the room and seemingly open up the room.

Turn the Mirror to the Side

If you have a long and skinny mirror, you can make the wall appear longer by turning the mirror on its side.

Pair the Mirror with a Light

Pairing a mirror by a light can help to illuminate the room even more and make the space look bigger and brighter.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Small Nursery Ideas

Small nursery spaces can be intimidating to create. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions when creating a small nursery.

How much space should a nursery have?

A nursery doesn’t have to be a set amount of space! It can be as big or as small as you need it to be. I have seen some beautifully done “nursery” spaces that are just a larger closet!

Why is the room layout so important for a small nursery?

The room layout is important for a small nursery for functionality! Despite your space being small, it can still be functional and organized if laid out properly.

What items should be left out if I have a small nursery?

This question is a bit subjective and honestly personal preference. I don’t really care for diaper pails, I think they are bulky and impractical. A wipe warmer is also not a necessity for me. Lots of different baby holder items are not necessary either, pick just a few.

A small nursery space may be a little bit intimidating to put together at first, but with the right paint, lighting, decorations, and furniture it will be a fully functional and welcoming space.

What are your favorite small nursery tips? Let me know in the comments below.

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