15 Space-Saving Nursery Closet Organization Ideas

Babies gather all sorts of clothing and small items, and you’ll need different nursery closet organization ideas to keep everything in its place. Your baby’s closet, even when it’s small, can be well-organized even without a closet system.

I love organizing and finding different ways to find ways to store things in my baby’s nursery.If you’re currently in full-on nesting mode, or just trying to re-organize your growing baby’s room, I have some great nursery closet organization ideas below!

Baby clothing tends to get lost easily, and that’s the last thing I want. My kids have so many cute outfits, and I want to make sure they wear all of them.

If you’re struggling to make use of your child’s nursery space, here are some of my favorite nursery closet organization ideas. Number 7 is my favorite!

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15 Nursery Closet Organization Ideas

I love to be organized because it’s the only way I can stay sane in a home full of children constantly making messes. You may not be experiencing that yet if this is your first baby, so here are some ways to get a head start on organizing your baby’s nursery closet no matter the size!

1. Use a Built-In Closet System

Do you want a built-in closet system but don’t want to pay the high ticket price? I don’t blame you! Using the Ikea Pax Nursery Closet Organization System, you can have a custom closet look for a fraction of the price!

I love this DIY Ikea nursery closet organizer; it will help keep your baby’s clothes organized and looking great. The drawers can hold the small items, like your baby’s onesies and socks. Check on the tutorial from Hello Jessen!

The Container Store also has a beautiful way that you can customize your nursery closet like the one above from Katelyn P Jones. This one includes pull-out mesh drawers, shelving, and rods for all your spacing needs.

Lastly, the Grow With Me Closet Organizer can solve our your needs and is fully adjustable which is a HUGE plus! I know you don’t want to think of it now, but as your little one grows, so will their clothes!

Where you once needed small areas for hanging clothes, you’ll need longer spaces. The Little Seeds Grow with Me Closet system enables you to adjust the height of the shelves and rods for your growing child.

The shelves are the perfect place to put wire baskets with accessories and clear storage bins with clothes your child hasn’t grown into wearing just yet. Plus, it looks great in your baby’s nursery!

2. Add a Cube Organizer to Your Closet

Another great way to add more storage space in your small nursery closet is to add a cube organizer. I prefer the look of the ones with a thicker outer edge simply for visual appeal.

You can buy cubby organizers with six or eight cubes, depending on the nursery closet space. You can also stack them next to or on top of one another for the perfect size in your closet.

Then, grab some fabric bins to fit into each of the cubes, creating extra space for small items.

For example, you can store baby socks and shoes in one of the fabric bins and all those stuffed animals in another. The shelves also give you a way to store and organize books, toys, blankets, diapers, or any other odds and ends.

Pro tip: Make sure you are aware of the dimensions of the bins and the dimensions of the cube space- there are a few different sizes.

3. Use Clothes Dividers to Organize Clothes by Size

When you have your baby showers, you’ll end up with all sorts of baby clothes, and you need a way to store them properly. One of my favorite organization tips for nursery closets is to use closet dividers to separate clothes, sort of like you see at a clothing store.

I use these clothes dividers to label all the different sizes of clothes.

4. Don’t forget hangers with clips

Trying to hang baby pants drives me nuts; they always fall off the hangers! You’ll need some hangers that come with clips to keep the pants on the hangers, as well as keep all the sets together.

These velvet hangers with clips are great because your clothes will cling to the fabric and stay on nicely.

Another easy idea is to use clothespins to hook the pants to the baby hangers. Simple and easy!

5. Use Hanging Closet Organizers

If your baby has a small closet, then you should grab one of these hanging closet organizers. They hook over the hanging rod and give you extra storage in a small space.

I have one of these in my baby’s closet! It gives me a place to store extra crib sheets, blankets, swaddle blankets, extra diapers, and other baby essentials.

You can use cube inserts in them or just leave loose items to store. These organizers take advantage of the vertical space you have available.

These gorgeous hanging crates are a great way to add a fun diy element to your nursery closet organization. They’re also super modern farmhouse and chic!

Check out Table and Hearth for the complete DIY tutorial on these hanging crates.

6. Add Overhead Bins

Many closets have a top shelf or other closet shelves, and this is the perfect place for more storage space. Grab a set of large storage baskets with lids.

This is a place to store extra clothes, small items, sheets, and more. It’s a way to store things while also ensuring the nursery closet looks nice still!

7. Use Clear Plastic Drawers for Accessories

I know that those fabric bins are super trendy and they do look beautiful, however clear bins will change your life! Seeing what’s inside a bin makes a mom’s life so much easier! You’ll thank me later!

If your child has all sorts of accessories like pacifiers, bows, and headbands, one of the best nursery closet organization ideas is to use clear acrylic drawers. These plastic drawers showcase all of your baby’s accessories in an easy-to-see manner.

These larger clear, acrylic bins have lids and are stackable!

8. Add Storage Bins to the Closet Doors

Take advantage of the closet doors and use this vertical space for extra storage! This is an easy way to make the best of unused space.

You can add a built-in organizer or use an over-the-door closet organizers. The Container Store has these beautiful door hangers that are equipped with plenty of storage bins when you’re short on space.

This organizer has plenty shelves for to store all sorts of items that might not make it in your baby’s closet. From blankets to diapers and everything else, you’ll find all sorts of storage space with this.

For a much lower price tag, check out this fabric closet door organizer from Amazon that does just the trick too.

9. Roll Your Baby’s Clothes

If you have drawers inside your closet, one of my favorite ways to organize my baby’s clothes is by rolling them up in drawers. This makes extra space in the drawers, and it also helps prevent you accidentally forgetting to use something.

I always dislike when I find clothes at the bottom of the drawers that my babies never wore! This is also a great idea for storing burp cloths, blankets, and other items.

I like to use drawer organizers to keep all of the items in their proper space and to prevent it from overcrowding and shifting when taking things in and out.

10. Use Small Compartments

Since baby stuff is so small, and you’ll have a lot of it, you’ll want to divide your closet space into small compartments. Similar to the photo below, try to maximize your storage space by compartmentalizing everything.

From there, you can use bins or simply place things in these sections for easy organization and finding things quickly.

11. Headband storage for the girls

If you’re blessed with a sweet little girl, you probably have a ton of bows and headbands! If you just stuffed them in a bin, you’re going to have a hard time picking out the right ones that you need.

Get creative with headband storage with this awesome DIY idea to use this simple rack and hooks.

12. Label everything!

If you can’t have clear acrylic storage bins, your next best thing is to label the fabric bins that you have. I seem to forget about everything that’s in cube bins because I don’t see it. You don’t want to forget about blankets, stuffies, and clothing just because you didn’t see it!

Having labels will help you to remember what is in each bin and also where it goes when it gets put away (maybe for your husband’s sake!

Even those with the smallest nursery closets can make the best use of the space. Use these nursery closet organization ideas to store all of your baby’s clothing and little things in their place.

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