32 Gorgeous and Modern Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Wallpaper is no longer only on the walls of your grandmother’s cottage. Wallpaper has become a growing trend over the past few years and brings a modern and gorgeous touch to any home.

People have been especially fond of wallpaper in bathrooms lately to add a touch of sophistication or fun to any plain wall. Wallpaper can brighten up a dreary room or allow you to add a lot more of your own style than paint or wall art ever could.

Where Should I Put Wallpaper in a Bathroom?

You can choose to wallpaper an accent wall in your bathroom, perhaps one large empty wall, or go for the whole thing. In my opinion, wallpaper from floor to ceiling on all four walls can get too busy. So if you can’t pick just one bathroom wall to wallpaper, add a chair rail, wainscoting, or a modern touch of board and batten.

I love the way wallpaper looks above a board and batten wall accent and it’s gained much popularity in recent years. Add special molding or trim can really make the wallpaper stand out and bring on a life of it’s own.

Bathroom wallpaper looks great with the board and batten or wainscoting painted white and the wallpaper as the color accent, however you can also bring out a complementary paint color on the board and batten too.

There’s no need to hang any wall decor on most wallpapered walls because you’ll have enough going on with the pattern. However, using wallpaper on your bathroom wall behind a mirror and vanity light is still very popular.

Can I Use Peel and Stick Wallpaper in Bathrooms?

One important tip to keep in mind: Now that peel and stick wallpaper has become a larger trend because of how easy it is to apply, many people are opting to use this type of wallpaper in their bathrooms. However, peel and stick is NOT recommended for bathrooms with a bathtub or shower as the moisture can cause the paper to bubble up because of the lack of adhesive.

Peel and stick wallpaper will work great in a powder room, but please don’t try it in your master or guest bathroom or you will be redoing it very shortly.

Wallpaper in Bathroom Ideas

Now that I am doing a full home renovation, we have already gutted and remodeled three of our bathrooms down to the studs. I was so excited to get some bathroom wallpaper ideas so I could make my new home look instagram worthy!

If you’re also looking for ideas of how to add wallpaper to your bathroom, I’ve got plenty for you below. Whether your style is coastal, modern, farmhouse, traditional, or contemporary, you will surely find something that sparks your interest and creativity here.

Serena & Lily: Priano Wallpaper
A Street Prints: Akira Leaf Navy Wallpaper
Scott Living – Indigo Geometric
York Wallcoverings: Branches Wallpaper
Philip Jeffries – Vinyl Manila Help Argent

Seabrook Wallpaper – Seabrook Curie Abstract Floral

York Wall Coverings – Impressionist Floral Spray Wallpaper

Now remember, wallpapering your bathroom isn’t as easy as you may think. matching up all of the seems and corners can be a very tedious process and definitely not for someone without plenty of patience.

Dedicate a lot of time if you’re going to DIY, or hire someone with the skill for wallpapering you bathroom! I hope you got some good bathroom wallpaper ideas here. Good luck with your project!

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