Perfect Gifts for a 5 Year Old Girl That Will Make Her Eyes Sparkle

Believe it or not, the holiday season is (almost) here! Personally, I love buying gifts for little girls and this gift guide has been so fun to put together!

I am pretty selective when it comes to gift buying, and I’ve found the perfect gifts for the 5-year-old girl in your life!

What does every 5-year-old girl want?

Every 5-year-old girl is different, but the ones I know love princesses, books, drawing, and playing dress up! Pretend play is always a hit too, whether it be pretending to be an ice cream scooper or a doctor in a hospital.

What do 5-year-old girls like to play with?

5-year-old girls like to play with dolls, Barbies, play kitchens, dress up attire, building blocks, lots of different things! Personally, I like to try to choose something that is fun AND educational. If you’re looking for inspiration, here’s Wicked Uncle’s refined list toys for 5 year old girls.

Just Simply Mom’s Top Gifts for 5-year-old girls

Okay, so before we get into all of the different options I wanted to share Just Simply Mom’s top gifts for 5-year-old girls!

Tooth Fairy Box

The Tooth Fairy Box is great because kids this age are just starting to lose their teeth. The box is handmade by Mikutowski Woodworking, a small business that specializes in high-quality wooden jewelry/keepsake boxes.

The tooth fairy box is customized with the child’s first name and one of four images. There is also a cute little message on the inside of the box. This box serves as a place for the child to put their lost tooth (instead of under the pillow) and in the morning the tooth fairy can leave their coins behind. 

Snow Troll Waterproof Boots 

Bye, Bye, penguin waddle. Hello, flexing freely on frigid days! KEEN took its warmest and lightest waterproof snow boot for kids and added KEEN BELLOWS FLEX to the forefoot so it flexes easily with every step. A removable and washable 400g KEEN.WARM insulated liner (rated to -40°F) keeps tiny toes warm in the lowest temps. 

Piggy bank

A fun and practical gift for a 5 year old girl would be a plush or plastic piggy bank! You can opt for ceramic as well but at 5 years old, a plush or plastic piggy bank will prevent them from getting hurt in case it breaks. 

This makes an excellent gift because it will allow moms to teach little children the importance of saving money for a rainy day. Plus, what better way than to start saving and encourage others to prepare financially ahead for the new year?

It’s never too early to introduce the concepts of saving to a child because this will educate them on how to count in addition to forming good money habits as they grow older and into their early teens. 

Literati | Kids Book Clubs

Literati kids book club membership provides skills-based reading levels to support a child’s literacy journey and help them fall in love with amazing books. They work with over 150 publishers to ensure an amazing selection of books to ensure kids will find their next favorite book.

Developed in partnership with leading literacy experts based on the latest research and following grade-level learning standards, the new kids book club offerings are designed for steady progress as readers move at their own pace.

Washable Cashmere Sweater

All-natural cashmere has a cloud-like softness, meaning it won’t irritate your little one’s delicate skin. Due to its natural antibacterial qualities, it requires less frequent washing, and no dry cleaning is required. Plus, it’s priced 50-80% less than our competitors, making it affordable for parents. 

Life size cutout of her favorite character

Whether it’s a character from her favorite TV show, movie, story book, or sports team, it can make a huge impact on their birthday.. This is especially a good gift if you are hosting a birthday party and are looking for some unique decorations!

You’d be surprised at the amount of attention and emotional signification a cardboard cutout can have on a small child.

Cartoon Portraits for Family, Pets & More | Cartoonely

If you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift, look no further than Cartoonely! Our personalized illustrations make the perfect gift for any 5 year old girl! Whether she loves princesses or superheroes, they can create a uniquely customized illustration that she will cherish forever.

So don’t wait until the last minute to find that special something for your loved one!

Scented Hair Accessories

ScenTies are colorful hair accessories with a fun twist. The hair ties, headbands, scrunchies and more are fragranced with playful scents like Cotton Candy and Vanilla Cupcake.

Kids love the variety of scents and adults feel like they’re back in middle school. Scenties are fashionable, comfortable, high-quality products that can be worn in the hair or on the wrist as a stylish bracelet!

Karaoke machine

If the 5-year-old girl in your life loves music, singing and dancing, a portable karaoke machine is the perfect gift for her! I love the light display and it comes with a 1 year warranty!

Kicks By Sammy Girly Girl Blanket

KicksBySammy is a made-to-order, e-commerce accessories company featuring artist and founder Sammy Handler’s hand-drawn, colorful, and whimsical designs on a variety of products. KicksBySammy offers products that are perfect for both everyday life and life’s milestones.

From nap-time to bed time, the machine washable minky blanket’s super fuzzy and soft texture will warm up your child in no time! It is their best-seller because not only is the coziness undeniable, but the blankets hand-drawn design can be personalized with any name or initials and the kids love rubbing the soft textured blanket on their face for soothing! 

Bright Littles Convo Cards

Do you want to talk to your kids about today’s issues, but don’t know where to start?

Bright Littles Convo Cards are the perfect way to spark a meaningful conversation with your bright little ones.

They’ve created 100 question cards and 25 activity cards for kids ages 4 and up across the 5 topics of diversity, health, safety, nature, and self. Whether you’re at the dinner table or on a road trip, each card is designed to start an ongoing conversation that will encourage confidence, kindness, compassion, and more!


Shashibo is a 3D magnetic puzzle box and fidget toy. One Shashibo can transform into over 70 shapes which means there’s something new to discover with every twist.

Star Registry

If your 5 year old girl loves the night sky, planets, and stars, naming a star after her is such a unique gift idea.

Name a visible star or full constellation in the night sky and receive a certificate & star map. Once you buy that star or constellation , you can use the app to find it in the night sky.

They only name stars that are clearly visible from any place on earth throughout the year!

Best gifts for 5 year old girls to get them active

Dance Mat

We’ve all seen how much our little girls love to dance and sing. This mat provides them a little more encouragement to move and express themselves.

Hover Soccer Ball

Perfect for rainy days. This hover soccer ball is a fantastic game to get your little ones to burn off the excess energy from being cooped up all day.

Foam Pogo Jumper

This foam pogo jumper is just like the traditional pogo stick without all the metal to hurt your little ones.

Kids Camera

Keep your phone’s memory clear and let your little ones take pictures to their heart’s content. This is perfect for you little future photographer!

Top toy choices for 5 year old girls

Remote Control Unicorn

Remote control cars finally have a more girl-friendly alternative. The additional controls and movements provide an enjoyable indoor activity for your little one.

Karaoke Microphone

Having a Karaoke Microphone without having to worry about a speaker is such a huge convenience and is a wonderful way to keep your child singing.

Walkie Talkies

Talking to someone across the house has always entertained little ones. This walkie-talkie set is a wonderful gift to spark your little one’s imagination.

Fairytale Dress-Up Barbie Doll

With most little girls loving to play dress-up with their dolls, this set is a fantastic way to give their imagination an outlet.

Best STEM toys for 5 year old girls

Magnetic Tiles

Building things is a great way for children to learn about the world. This cute set of magnetic tiles gives your girl the perfect way to start understanding how physics works.

Spring Flowers

Every little girl loves flowers, and this “garden” is such a great way to let your little gardener design her own arrangement.

Little Genius Kit

Using this kit is a great way to either start your child down the academic path or reinforce and expand upon their existing knowledge base.

Creative Fort

We all used chairs, pillows, blankets, or any combination thereof to make forts as a child. This set is a wonderful way to let your little one build to her heart’s content without confiscating half of your dining room.

Make Your Own Nightlight

We all were, and maybe still are, scared of the dark when we were little. Giving your little one this customizable night light will help alleviate their fears as well as give their creativity an outlet.

Favorite book choices for 5 year old girls

Never Let a Unicorn Wear a TuTu

This bute story and colorful pictures is a almost guaranteed favorite, even if your little one is a tough sell when it comes to books.

Rylee the Young Rocketeer

The rhyming tempo of this book is a sure favorite of your little one as it teaches them to reach for the stars and dream big!

Dragons Love Tacos

Silly books are a favorite of little children, and this book doesn’t disappoint. The fun story is sure to be a hit with your little one.

What Should Darla Do?

Create your own story books are always a hit in our house, and this one is one of our favorites. This 8-in-1 story is a fantastic way to help teach your little one how to navigate different situations every child could face.

Dear Girl: You are Amazing!

Every child has moments of doubt, fear, and lack of self-esteem. This book contains stories of girls handling their troubles to find their inner strength and confidence.

Best dolls or stuffed animal gifts for 5-year-old girls

Sven Squishmallow

Stuffed animals are a must-have for children, and this Frozen inspired squishmellow is a perfect choice for your little princess!

Baby and Mommy Unicorn

These unicorns make a perfect addition to their stuffed animal collection by adding a designated mother/child dynamic.

Stuffed Puppies and Mommy

Every little girl has a maternal side, and this cute mommy and puppy set is a wonderful gift for them to play family with.

Burrow Bunnie Rabbit

Having a soft stuffed animal to snuggle with at night is a must-have for kids, and this bunny definitely fits that requirement.

Puzzles and Games 5 year old girls can’t live without

Disney Princess Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to build pattern recognition. Add princesses on top of that and your little girl will love this puzzle.

Found It

Every child loves scavenger hunts, and these cards provide a structured and easy-to-follow hunt that your child can play alone or with the whole family.

Monopoly Junior

Monopoly Junior is a fantastic way to introduce your little ones to the world of Monopoly while still being fast-paced enough to hold the attention of a five-year-old.

Mermaid Island

In this game, players work together to help mermaids swim to Mermaid Island before the witch gets there. Spin, move, and pick up a wand to defeat the Sea Witch!

The Ladybug Game

  • Help the lady bugs find their way home! Children lead their Ladybug home to the Rose Garden while avoiding the Praying Mantis and collecting aphids to feed the Lazy Ants! Adorable graphics, an enchanting story, and easy play make it a fun game!

Arts and Craft Choices

Electronic Drawing Tablet

This drawing tablet is perfect for the little ones that love to draw! It is perfect for creative littles that just want to doodle!


I had one of these as a kiddo and absolutely loved it! Lite-brite is a perfect quiet-time activity for 5 year old girls!

Create Your Own Window Art

How adorable is this window art kit!? It comes with all of the supplies needed and is the perfect gift for your artistic 5-year-old girl!

Headband Making Kit

Let her tap into her inner fashionista and design ten beautiful headbands to match any outfit for any occasion. She can design all headbands herself or throw a party and invite friends to create together!

Best gifts for 5-year-old girls when you are on a budget

Kids Chef Costume Set

Cooking Up Real Fun with Pretend Accessories – The utensils are fully functional and can be used to cook and bake. The perfect opportunity to make kids excited in the kitchen, teach them to simple cook and easy bake, and help out parents, see their smile when taking their creations out of the oven wearing a chef hat and apron.

Decorate Your Own Water Bottle

Super fun arts and crafts for kids! Kids love decorating their own bottle with this kids’ water bottle craft kit! It comes with 4 sheets of sparkly rhinestone glitter gemstone stickers including unicorn design – giving kids hundreds of our sparkly glitter gem stickers to bling out their bottle!

Rainbow Scratch Paper Art

Colorful Creative Fun: Easy to start, just scratch off the black surface of the paper, the beautiful rainbow colors underneath will be revealed. Kids can draw beautiful patterns easily with the stencils, allowing children to enjoy handcraft fun. A new creative activity allows them to unleash their imaginations.

Mermaid Terrarium

Decorate, plant, and grow your own mini terrarium in a mermaid egg-shaped environment. Quick grow seeds and fun under the sea decorations bring your mermaid garden toy to life!

Experience gifts for 5 year old girls

  • Zoo Membership: Getting a membership to a zoo is so exciting and perfect for 5 year olds (really, the whole family!)
  • Trampoline Park: If you have a local trampoline/activity park, this would be a great gift to give.
  • Children’s Musem: You can likely do a membership or a one-time trip (depending on your budget) for the 5 year old girl in your life!
  • Movies: Let your little one pick out a movie to watch and take them! If it is warm enough where you are, a drive in movie would be fun!
  • Dinner Date: Some little girls love quality time. Let her get dressed up and take her out to dinner and dessert!

Subscription box gifts for 5 year old girls

STEM, STEAM & Science Kits for Kids

KiwiCo does a fantastic job of providing your little one with the tools necessary to have fun while reinforcing or expanding their knowledge. They have multiple different options that focus on different areas of learning such as science, art, geography, and even cooking.

Learning Subscription Box

This teacher-approved learning box is a sure way to help your child succeed in school. The puzzles and humor help lower learning anxiety, and stickers and certificates help celebrate learning milestones.

Taste Tester Box

We all know how much our little ones love to snack. This fun subscription box provides a variety of different snacks from around the world as well as a booklet with trivia and games

CHIC & UNIQUE Subscription Box | Cratejoy

This box provides girls with an awesome assortment of stylish and trendy items. It’s perfect to expand their ability to express themselves!

Subscription Boxes to Create Together | Kids Art Box

The Create Together Art Box provides a fantastic way for you to engage with your children while creating cherishable memories. The variety of activities is a guaranteed way to keep your children waiting in anticipation for the next box!

Stylish Gifts for 5-year-old girls

Cat Tassel Shoulder Bag

How darling is this cat tassel bag?! This bag is the perfect size for a 5-year-olds essentials!

Cozy Pajamas

Every girl needs a luxury pair of pajamas, and these are perfect!

Adorable Dress

This dress is the perfect mix of sophisticated and sassy for your little fashionista!

Trucker Hat

Trucker hats are all the rage right now, and this one is so adorable!

Cute Stripped Top

I am loving the different patterns on this top and it comes in multiple colors! Perfect for your little fashionista!

Gifts for the girl who has everything

Ice Cream Slime Kit

I have not met a little girl that does not like slime. How perfect is this slime kit, especially if she has everything!

Unicorn Terrarium

This unicorn terrarium is a very unique gift and will be so fun to put together!

Jewelry Making Kit

A girl can never have too much jewelry, right? A jewelry making kit is perfect for the little girl that has everything because she can make all of the jewelry she wants!

Make-up Kit

Every girl needs a makeup kit! The makeup in this kit is nontoxic and comes with an adorable carrying case!

Paint Your Own Garden Stones

How neat are these little garden stones? I love that the kit comes with multiple stones! This is a great gift for the girl that has everything!

Sentimental gifts for 5 year old girls

Gold Initial Necklace

At 5, many girls start to love jewelry. This is a perfect first necklace for a 5 year old and it is gold filled, so it won’t tarnish as easily!

Velvet Initial Jewelry Box for Travel

This velvet jewelry box looks superior and is unique. Each one can be a special personalized gift, and will surely make her eyes sparkle! 

Jewelry Organizer

If you are looking for a bit larger jewelry box that will grow with her, this is the one! It has lots of storage and will grow with her collection!

Personalized Ornament

A personalized ornament is a great sentimental gift, especially around the holidays! For years to come, your little girl will remember that you gave her something so special!

Initial Earrings

If your little girl has her ears pierced these earrings are perfect and dainty!

Gifts to inspire pretend play

Vet Set

If the 5-year-old in your life is an animal lover, this is the perfect gift! This vet kit is perfect for little ones aspiring to work with animals when they are older!

Grill Master Set

This little grilling set is so neat! Your little girl can grill right alongside Daddy or Mommy!

Cash Register

It is never too early to expose your children to money, what it looks like and how to count it! This cash register is the perfect teaching opportunity disguised as a neat toy!

Teacher Kit

Did you ever play teacher as a kid? I did and loved it! I would have loved a teacher set like this! My daughter has this and loves using the pointer the most!

Camping Set

This camping set is a must have for little adventurers. It comes with 30 pieces! Perfect for a pretend or a real outdoor camping trip.

Best fidget gifts for 5-year-old girls

My daughter loves to fidget so these would be perfect if yours does too.

Pop Tubes

My kiddos love pop tubes! These will make an excellent stocking stuffer for your 5 year old girl!

Fidget Slug Toy

A cute fidget that can help keep little hands busy. You can see its flexible body and hear its crisp sound while playing. Give you a great decompression experience by touching and listening!

Sensory Noodles

Sensory noodles are a great fidget toy for times when louder ones are not appropriate.

60 Piece Fidget Set

This fidget set has all the fidgets your little girl could ever want or need! It even comes with a cute backpack to carry everything in!

Fidget Purse and Accessories

They are fun and functional sensory that pop, push it, and squeeze making these fidget packages the go-to toy for playtime. 

Gifts to encourage musical expression

Ukulele Sprouts Program

Have you ever wondered: “What is the best way to bring music into my child’s life?” THIS IS THE ANSWER. **Free for a limited time you could learn all you need to know about “planting the seeds of music” in your household! After the free training, you have the opportunity to purchase your very own Ukulele Learning Kit – which will include a Ukulele for YOU and your child(ren), detailed lessons on how to teach the Ukulele, wall hangers, carry cases, a book, and a calendar to keep track of your progress! This is THE musical gift for any child! Check the price below, but make sure to take advantage of the FREE training!

Instrument Set

Various musical instruments provide a wide range of beautiful sounds keep time with the songs. It helps children to experiment with sounds, beat and rhythm.

Piano Tutor Kit

Learn to play piano, get friendly with musical notes and build musical intelligence! Plugo Tunes is a music learning kit for beginners, the piano only works with tablets & smartphones.

Dance Mat

Shake, rattle & roll! Any 5-year-old girls that loves music and dancing will love this dance mat! This mat is good for teaching coordination as well!

Otamatone Japanese Musical Instrument

Check out this unique instrument! Your music loving little one will absolutely love learning how to play this instrument!

How do you choose the best gift for 5-year-old girls?

Choosing something for a 5-year-old girl can be tricky because there are just so many options!

When choosing a gift, I like to think about the person I am buying for and ask myself a few questions. What are their interests? Have they mentioned wanting something specific?

If you are buying for a 5-year-old girl that isn’t your own child, you can always ask their parents about items they have mentioned wanting or needing!

What should your gift budget be?

It honestly depends on what you think you can afford! I’ve found many gifts for $10 and up!

If you pick any gift, your little 5-year-old will absolutely love and adore it!

What to look for in gifts for 5 year old girls

The 5-year-old girls I know LOVE dresses, dress up, dolls, books, and things they can be creative with. Personally, I like to try to choose something that is fun AND educational.

Why should you care about Just Simply Mom’s Top Choices?

I am a mom of 3 little ones, one of which happens to be a little girl! I have several years of gift-giving experience in my veins. It is my joy to take the time to scour the internet for the best deals around – so you don’t have to!

All in all, whatever you gift the 5 year old girl in your life, her eyes are sure to sparkle! I hope these gift options gave you some great ideas! Did I miss any must-haves for this season? Let me know in the comments below!

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