Ruggable Maral Heriz Creme Rug Review for Under My Kitchen Table

As someone who spends a lot of time at home, having a comfortable and stylish living space is important to me. I was looking for a way to spruce up by eat-in kitchen area and figured that one of the easiest ways to do this was to add a new rug.

You may be thinking, why on earth would you put a rug under the kitchen table with 3 little kids? I know it sounds crazy, but I knew if I got any rug for that space, it HAD to be washable.

Finding the perfect rug can be a daunting task in any. area of your home. Especially when you’re buying it online and can’t really tell what it will look like in person or in that space.

That’s why I want to give you my honest opinion of the rug I chose in case you’re trying to decide on the same one.

I went with the Ruggable Maral Heriz Creme Rug and am very satisfied. There’s one thing I don’t love about it that I’ll touch on later though, but overall I would still recommend this rug IF you need a washable rug.

Ruggable Maral Heriz Creme Rug Review

In this blog post, I’ll be walking you through everything you need to know about the Ruggable Maral Heriz Creme Rug.

Convenience of Washing

Firstly, let me tell you about the convenience factor – a key feature of the Ruggable brand. The rug is designed with multiple layers, so you can easily remove and wash the cover whenever it needs cleaning, without having to haul the entire thing to the dry cleaners.

The top layer is a very thin layer, almost like a thin towel, so an 8×10 rug easily fits in a standard washing machine.

I was a little worried about the quality of the rug as a result of the removable feature, but it has exceeded my expectations. Not only is it soft underfoot, but it looks beautiful despite the rug cover just being a thin mat.


The design of this rug is absolutely beautiful. The creme base with grey, brown, beige, and taupe accents creates a harmonious, warm feel in my kitchen.

I was worried that it would be too grey because I’m a beige lover, but it’s honestly the perfect mix of both.

I love that the colors are muted and not too vibrant, which is exactly what I was hoping for. Bonus, it goes with a variety of decor styles which makes it really versatile.

Rug Cover Material

Ruggables come in two options for the covering – flat woven or tufted. I chose flat woven for under my kitchen table knowing that there would be multiple drops and spills on it.

This was definitely the right choice as it’s very flat, low-profile and doesn’t have grooves and indents where food can get trapped and gross. It certainly doesn’t feel plush and soft under your feet, but again, that isn’t necessary under a kitchen table.

Flat woven is the best option for under doorways, rolling furniture, or kitchen tables.

The tufted rug cover is a thicker texture and offers a more cozy feeling for living rooms, playrooms, and/or bedrooms.

Rug Pad

I chose the thin standard pad for use under my kitchen table because I didn’t want a thick rug.

If you’re worried about slipping, don’t be! The non-slip backing of the rug pad will keep the rug securely in place, even on hard flooring.


Secondly, the size of the rug is perfect for my eat-in kitchen area. I purchased the 8×10 and it fits great under my kitchen table and chairs. I wanted to make sure that it wouldn’t be too small where chair legs would be over the edges, and that was not the case.

Stain Resistance

This rug is made out of a synthetic material that claims to be both water and stain-resistant. Under the kitchen table with kids, there have been multiple spills on it, from spaghetti sauce to jelly to juice, all leaving stains immediately.

I can’t attest that my Ruggable is truly stain-resistant because it did quickly soak up these spills and leave a stain. I used my favorite fabric stain remover, Folex, and it took out most of the stain after some scrubbing, but definitely not all of it.

I haven’t thrown my Ruggable in the wash yet, so I can not speak on if those stains will come out in the wash, but I’ll update this post when I do!

Maintenance and Convenience

The Ruggable Maral Heriz Creme Rug is not as low maintenance as I had hoped. Although it doesn’t shed, which is a great quality of a rug and speaks to its durability, my biggest complaint is the wrinkles.

Because of the two piece Ruggable system, it’s very difficult to get the top rug cover to lay completely flat. The rug pad has a felt-like material on top that helps the rug cover stick to it, but in turn, certain areas of the pad stick and other parts don’t.

You have to constantly adjust the wrinkles, and most of the time it’s too frustrating, so I just get used to leaving it that way. It’s also probably not as noticeable to company as it is to me.

Another inconvenience is vacuuming. Running a vacuum over this rug is terrible. It pulls the rug cover in different directions causing even more wrinkles and creases.

Eventually these wrinkles kind of lay flat, but it takes a while and a lot of maneuvering.

The best way to vacuum is to use a small hand-held vacuum, and just spot clean small areas where you see a crumb. You really can’t run a full vacuum over the whole rug at all.

Even with my small complaints, I am still extremely satisfied with the Ruggable Maral Heriz Creme Rug. It is attractive and durable and adds the perfect accent that I needed in my kitchen.

I appreciate the reassurance that if it does get dirty, I can easily throw it in the washing machine. If you’re looking for a great rug for your home, I’d highly recommend this one!

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