58 Strange Early Pregnancy Symptoms to Indicate You’re Pregnant – Stories from Real Moms

When a woman is trying to get pregnant, there’s a good chance that they don’t have to wait until their missed period to find out! There are all sorts of strange early pregnancy symptoms that many moms have encountered, clueing them in on their positive pregnancy before even taking a test!

We all know the common early pregnancy symptoms like sore breasts and fatigue, but I had over 50 moms share their strangest and most unique early pregnancy symptom stories that may help you decide if you’re pregnant as well!

Since pregnancy causes a huge hormonal change in your body, most women just have a feeling or hunch that something is off. It’s easy to tell if you are in tune with your body, if something is a bit different.

These pregnancy stories are told by moms themselves, or even their husbands, as to what they experienced way before their missed period.

Is it Pregnancy or just PMS?

Often times, early pregnancy symptoms can mimic those of PMS. They’ll come right around the same time as you ay get your period and can be very similar as they both come with a big change in hormones.

Therefore, you may never be too sure that the symptoms you’re experiencing are truly pregnancy or pms until you get a positive pregnancy test. However, reading about these early pregnancy symptom stories from real moms may hep you to understand the body changes you’re feeling.

Of course, you’ll know that it’s not just PMS when your symptoms never stop and you never get your period!

Every woman’s body is different and no two pregnancies are alike (even with the same mom!). This is simply to help you decipher if what you’re feeling is truly pregnancy or pms.

Strange Early Pregnancy Symptom Stories

Read on to hear mom’s real strange early pregnancy symptom stories and understand just how magical a woman’s body truly is:

1. Feeling Implantation

“I felt implantation! It was a slight tugging sensation that I felt right before going to bed and I knew unequivocally that I was pregnant. I share about it and share a photo of my temperature records in a blog post here.” –Anisa Woodall

You can feel implantation if you are truly in tune with your body. I felt it during my first pregnancy, but not for the other two.

It felt like a slight twinge on one side of my abdomen and it occurred a couple days after ovulation, so I had a good feeling that was it.

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2. Heart Rate Increase

“With all three of my pregnancies I have felt my heart rate increase within a couple of weeks of becoming pregnant. I can always tell before I take a test because I can feel my heart beating in my throat at a rapid pace!” – Brianna, Third Row Adventures

3. Nipple Pain

“With all 4 pregnancies, I knew I was pregnant because my nipples felt like they were on fire. I swear my nipples were on fire the morning after conception, weeks before I could get a positive pregnancy test. A brush of fabric, wearing a bra, the seat belt in the car, even taking a shower sent pain radiating through my nipples.”

“Visually, nothing looked different, but it felt like someone was holding a flame to my nipples! It’s so crazy how consistent that feeling was with every single one of my pregnancies.” – Andria Ortiz

4. Changes in poop

“I’ve never had an issue with bowel movements. I’ve always been able to have consistent BMs at least once a day, until I got pregnant. I didn’t know yet that I was pregnant, but for a whole week I was so constipated. Sure enough, I took a positive pregnancy test at the end of that week.” – Marissa, Just Simply Mom

You can learn a LOT about your body if you pay attention to your bowel movements. For some newly-pregnant women, the problem becomes one of constipation.

Again, you can thank that increase in progesterone for that. Eating a little more fiber will help move things along.

In other cases though, you may have a battle with the runs or even see your poop come out in a long, snakelike shape that makes you feel like you’ve cleared everything out.

Since every woman’s body is different, if it’s unusual for what you typically experience, you just might have found new sign of early pregnancy.

5. Change in vaginal discharge

“With all of my pregnancies, my vaginal discharge got thicker than normal and stayed that way. Normally, I would always notice that it got thicker during ovulation and then went back to normal, but once I’m pregnant, it stayed thick for a few weeks” – Marissa, Just Simply Mom

Vaginal discharge typically has a different color and texture during different times of the month, pregnant or not.

When you’re expecting, an increase in estrogen levels causes increased blood flow to the pelvic area. More blood flow stimulates the body’s mucous membranes, leading to an increase in vaginal discharge in early pregnancy and beyond.

If you’re in early pregnancy, you might notice this discharge gets thick and stays that way. It won’t start reverting back to normal cycle discharge which normally it would.

6. Sore and Sensitive Breasts

“My wife knew she was pregnant before she took a test or had a missed period because she complained that her breasts were incredibly sensitive and sore to the touch.” -Mark, Parental Queries

Pregnancy hormones can often make boobs feel sore and swollen. However, breast soreness prior to a period is very normal and might not sound any alarms. The key is to see if they feel any differently, like heavier or fuller, for example. 

7. Lack of Energy

“I own and operate an online shop and it was tough to muster the energy to run my beloved shop, let alone chase my other three little ones around.” — Lauren Byington, Girliest.co

8. Increase in Body Temperature After Ovulation

“I was consistently measuring higher temperatures after ovulation- beyond the duration of my typical luteal phase (post-ovulatory phase). Pregnancy can be confirmed if a woman measures high temperatures (higher than pre-ovulatory temps) for 18 days after ovulation. Read more about it here” – Anisa Woodall

9. Sudden Anxiety

“One night, while on a fun camping trip, I suddenly felt this vague sense of anxiety for no reason I could describe. It was exactly the same sense of anxiety I’d experienced all throughout my first pregnancy. I had never experienced anxiety prior to my first baby. And that night, I just knew I was pregnant.” – Linda Miriam, Crunchy Buzz

10. Exhaustion

My wife was exhausted all the time. Even if she got a full eight hours of sleep, she would be dragging by noon the next day. I made a joke that I could have set my watch by how early in the evening she would start yawning! – -Mark, Parental Queries

“One Saturday morning, I finished my last sip of coffee, did some edits to a project, and was just overcome with exhaustion. I felt like I was going to fall asleep on the coffee shop bar stool. It took all my energy to make it home to our couch, and I was asleep within seconds. I woke up a few hours late and welcomed my first positive pregnancy test!” – Nathalie, Fringe and Free

11. Disinterest in Coffee (or things you once liked)

“Another strange way my wife knew she was pregnant early on was that she had zero interest in coffee. She is a self-proclaimed caffeine addict, so this sudden lack of desire for her usual cup of coffee was very out-of-character for her.”

“She also suddenly started hating the smell of cigarette smoke, which was strange because she used to smoke occasionally.” –Mark, Parental Queries

12. Prominent blue veins on breasts

“Along with my breasts becoming very full and large shortly after I conceived, I noticed that they became very veiny. If I wore a low cut top, these veins and my full breasts will just so glaring that I had to cover up more.” -Marissa, Teaching Littles

“One morning I walked out of the shower and looked at myself in the mirror. My breasts had visible veins where yesterday had been none. We had been trying, so I knew it was possible, but only for a short time (just a few weeks) so it just seemed unlikely for some reason. However, I knew in that moment I was pregnant.” – Lana, The Peasant’s Daughter 

Veins become very prominent on your breasts during pregnancy due to the increased blood volume throughout your whole body.

13. Rollercoaster of Emotions

Yasmin Purnell, The Wallet Moth said that she found herself laying on the floor of her living room sobbing for no apparent reason.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about a certain meal and when I went to the restaurant that usually carries it, I literally cried after having learned the product was phased out.” –April Ann Quiñones,

“Last kid, I knew I was pregnant because I uncontrollably cried at a tv commercial.” Jenna, Seasoned Sprinkles

14. Gagging

The initial morning sickness may not completely send you running to the toilet all day long, but you may feel a little queasy. The rumbling in your tummy or gagging at an offensive smell may be a good indicator that something more is going on in your body.

“I experienced morning sickness with all of my pregnancies, but it never actually caused me to throw up. My strange early pregnancy symptom causing me to know I was absolutely pregnant (only a few days after I conceived) was my morning gagging.

“Right after I would wake up, I would start gagging. Brushing my teeth would make me gag, cold temperatures would make me gag (that’s a weird one right?), and obviously weird smells would make me gag as well.” – Marissa, Just Simply Mom

15. Nightmares

“I struggle with antepartum depression, which hits even faster than morning sickness or sore breasts. As soon as I start having realistic nightmares every single night for more than a few days, I know it’s time to take a test, even if it’s not at my period yet.” – Tiffany, Saving Talents

Feeling “weird”

Before morning sickness kicks in, during the first couple of weeks of pregnancy, you may be able to detect that something is off. You won’t be able to put your finger on it or you’ll play the role of Dr. Google when you start to feel these sudden body changes. 

This may not be so obvious to you if not accompanied with other symptoms. You may pass it off as you’re coming down with a cold because it’s flu season or just tired because you’ve had a long week, however if you’re feeling a little weird, this is an unusual early sign of pregnancy.

16. Skin Breakouts

“When I was pregnant the first time (unknown to me, I was 7 weeks already). I started having horrible breakouts. I stopped breaking out when I was a teenager. I had pimples all over my arms, back, neck and face. Even inside my ears!” 

“I couldn’t figure out what I’d done to make them start up again. I went to the dermatologist to get some treatments. He gave me some topical cream and said I should stop using it if I get pregnant.” 

Some women commonly breakout or have a zit or two before or during their periods. If that sounds like you, you might not think about it when you’re a week away from your next period and you have a fresh crop of pimples to contend with.

The difference in early pregnancy though is that you’ll have more of a breakout with an eruption of red spots.

Alternately, if you typically have oily skin, you may notice that it becomes more dry, or visa versa. Tune into your skincare routine and the time of the month. Your skin could be trying to tell you that you’re pregnant!

“So for days I used this medicine religiously trying to get these pimples to stop. Nothing worked so I gave up. I eventually missed my period and took a pregnancy test. That’s when I figured out I was pregnant.” – Aghogho, Hope Like a Mother 

17. Basal Body Temperature Dip Then Climb

“I experienced what is called an “implantation dip” where my temperatures slightly dropped one day then continued to surge higher the following day.” – Anisa Woodall

18. Overactive bladder

Perhaps you make lots of trips to the bathroom after chugging a jumbo coffee in the morning. But when you start running to the bathroom more frequently than usual even when you’re long past that morning coffee, something might be up.

This is not just due to a growing baby putting pressure on your bladder, but can be triggered by the sudden surge in hormones.

Pay attention to when you have to pee. If you suddenly have to go and then less than 10 minutes later feel the same full-bladder feeling, you could be pregnant.

These unusual early signs of pregnancy can indicate that you're pregnant before your missed period. You can tell without a pregnancy test soon

19. Severe Hunger

“With the twins, my pregnancy felt outrageously different even from before getting a positive test or seeing the doctor… I was famished and constantly in need of food.” – Ashley, Frugal Coupon Living

20. Memory loss

Often called ‘Pregnancy Brain,’ you may suddenly forget little things that are usually no trouble remembering for you. Perhaps you’re always good with putting your things in the same place and now, you can’t find your keys, or even your sunglasses which are on top of your head.

This sudden onset of pregnancy brain is going to be a new thing for you during pregnancy and afterward as your body readjusts.

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21. Sinus situations or Cold-like Symptoms

“When I was early in pregnancy with my first, I got what seemed like a cold. Runny nose, dry throat, etc. I didn’t realize that it was one of my pregnancy symptoms actually until my 2nd pregnancy, when I experienced the SAME THING shortly after I conceived. I remembered that this happened before I found out I was pregnant the first time and realized that this was my boy’s way of telling me that I was pregnant.” – Marissa, Just Simply Mom

In early pregnancy, many moms-to-be often mistake a runny or stuffy nose for either a slight cold or allergies. The real culprit? Estrogen. When those levels rise, it increases mucus production.

Waiting for a positive pregnancy test? Here are 32 unusual early pregnancy signs & symptoms to tell if you're pregnant before a missed period

22. Sudden sex drive changes

With your libido, you may find that you either can’t get enough sex or you don’t want any part of it.

It varies from woman to woman, but if you find your sex drive is in overdrive, your husband is going to be one happy guy!

23. Itchy skin

Thanks to the increased blood flow to your skin and change in hormones, you might feel itching around your breasts and abdominal area. Your skin may itch from the stretching that is happening as the hormones run through your body.

24. Heightened Sense of Smell

“One more very strange thing that happened was that her sense of smell was heightened to the point where certain smells would make her nauseous. For example, the smell of frying bacon would send her running to the bathroom.” -Mark, Parental Queries

A strange symptom of early pregnancy is that you’ll pick up smells for things that you didn’t realize had any smell (either good or bad).

Of course, if the smell is a bad one, it will likely bowl you over and make you feel like you’re going to throw up. That right there will likely be your moment when you realize you could be pregnant.

25. Improved Hair and Skin

“I did notice my hair seem to thicken and skin look its best, probably thanks to the hike in estrogen.” – Lauren Byington, Girliest.co

26. Cramping in Abdomen

If you feel sensations like pulling, pinching, or twitching inside your abdominal area, it could be your body’s way of congratulating you on your upcoming baby.

This is nothing to be concerned about as it’s your body’s normal process of stretching things out to make room for your little one.

The ligaments and muscles surrounding the womb tighten and relax as your body accommodates a growing baby, called Round Ligament Pain.

“With my first pregnancy very early on I had extremely sharp and debilitating cramping that lasted a couple of minutes and then passed. This happened several times throughout the day and night for a week or so.”

“It was so strange as the pain was so intense but relatively short. I did read that it was ligament pain but it for sure didn’t feel like ligaments!” -Nyomi, Nomipalony

27. Increase in Breast Size

“My boobs got HUGE. Like overnight. No joke. I swear I woke up one morning and my boobs had doubled in size.” – Suzanne Brubaker, Avidly Co.

28. Spotting or light bleeding

“Around the same time that I felt implantation twinges in my abdomen, I noticed some slight spotting at an irregular time in my cycle. I knew I wasn’t getting my period because it was only about a week after ovulation. It turned out to be implantation blood.” – Marissa, Just Simply Mom

Light spotting can be one of the earliest signs of pregnancy and is typically implantation bleeding – when the fertilized egg or embryo attaches to the inner wall of the uterus, causing the soft tissue to get disrupted and come out of your vagina. It can occur between 6 to 12 days after conception.

Don’t get this confused with a full period, however, as it should not be bright and heavy. In fact, it is typically a brownish color.

29. Abnormal Cravings

“I am not a soda drinker at all, but this particular day I was on lunch break at work and started to crave a large cup of Coke. My husband had randomly called to ask how my day was going so I told him it was great and casually told him I was going to Chick fil A to get soda. My husband immediately said “what! you are getting coke?” and I said “Yes, why do you ask?”.”

“He burst out laughing and said you have to take a pregnancy test when you get home. When he said that, it clicked, I never drink soda and suddenly I want a large cup of coke? Of course, when I got home and tested, it was positive!” – Lola Akingbade, Deyewa.com

“When I was pregnant with my third daughter I would go through loaves of bread, just squishing it and chowing down. My unnatural need for carbs clued me into the fact that my craving was out of control and lo and behold I was pregnant. – Rebecca Holcomb, Wealth of Geeks

“I experienced the common symptoms of nausea and a missed period, but what really took the cake were my sudden cravings. I could not stop thinking about instant ramen noodles with vanilla ice cream in the broth. So, I knew something was wrong. This was with my first kid.”  

“With my second kid, I instantly knew because I started craving another really odd craving for herring, which I satisfied through making wraps with the fish, mustard, and corn juice. This alone, since I had no other symptoms, convinced me that I had another 9 months of pregnancy with me.” -Klaudia, hiJunior

“With all 3 pregnancies, I almost instantly want a large, well-salted bowl of mashed potatoes. When I can taste them as clearly as if I’m eating them then I know I’m at least 2-3 weeks pregnant.” –  Brianna, Third Row Adventures

30. Change in Vaginal Anatomy

“I realized I was probably pregnant during an intimate session with my husband. His inability to fit all the way during sex clued me into the fact that I had to be pregnant.” – Rebecca Holcomb, Wealth of Geeks

31. Spiritual Feeling

“One night I was sleeping and something suddenly woke me up deep in the night, somewhere around 3AM. I felt an incredible, magical energy– as if someone, a pure being, like an angel, was in the room with me and my then partner.I lay there for a half minute, until I realized, and KNEW. Aha. I’m pregnant. It was quite amazing!” – Jazmin Lightwww.sexywellness.com

32. Less Emotional

“With my first, it was actually my husband who knew first. He made a comment that it had been about a month and I hadn’t been a “PMS B*tch” or “super hormonally mean to him” – he knew my cycle and my hormones! We went and took a test that afternoon and sure enough, I was barely 3.5 weeks pregnant!” – Sahra B., Shop the City

33. Bloating

Perhaps it was that big Italian dinner you filled up on, but it could actually be that your levels of progesterone are on the rise. These increased hormone levels cause the smooth muscles in your bowel walls to relax which is what leads to bloating in your abdomen.

So if you fit into your favorite jeans yesterday and today you don’t, that might be an early sign that you’re pregnant.

34. Nausea

“The thing that surprised me the most, before I even knew I was pregnant, was how queasy and sick I was feeling a lot of the time. I never used to get travel sick but I found myself feeling nauseous every time we went on a car journey for longer than half an hour.” – Kathleen Fletcher, Kitty Baby Love

35. Yeast infections

In the earliest days of pregnancy, your immunity takes a hit. This means that you’re more susceptible to illnesses and infections, and one that will surely get your attention is a yeast infection.

You may feel a little bit itchy and sore in your vaginal area and it might be slightly uncomfortable when you pee.

If you notice a foul odor and that cottage cheese-like texture that yeast infections are known for, make sure you head to the doctor to get it cleared up and get yourself checked out.

36. Unusual sleep patterns

Hormonal changes are responsible for your newfound sleep troubles and it can cause both complete exhaustion or sleeplessness.

For women that are usually energetic, you’ll feel fatigued or just plain tired. You may sit down for a minute to take a break and wake up hours later without intending to nap. It may just happen night time, but it could seriously knock you on your butt.

Conversely, you might have a hard time sleeping at all. Whether it’s trouble falling asleep in the evening or getting up often throughout the night, your sleep patterns may definitely be disrupted.

37. Vivid dreams

“With my twins, I woke up on Mother’s Day after having a very vivid dream that I was pregnant and my water broke near the lobster tank in the grocery store on Christmas Eve. In my dream, I delivered a boy on the grocery store floor in the seafood department. I found out I was pregnant two days later.” – Jenna, Seasoned Sprinkles

Vivid dreams are very common in pregnancy and can occur at any point in pregnancy. If you don’t typically remember your dreams you may suddenly find yourself having very visual, detailed dreams, you could be expecting.

The dreams seem very real and will linger in your mind, often waking you up in the middle of the night. During anxious times, our brains go wild when it comes to dream-land.

38. Headaches

Another side effect of changing hormones in early pregnancy is getting headaches. Most women report them later on in the first trimester and second trimester.

For anyone that never gets headaches, getting them before your period is due is one unusual sign to watch for. If it’s not normal for you, it’s certainly something to pay attention to.

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39. Dizziness

“First kid, I almost passed out taking a barre class at the gym. At that point in time, I was a Pilates instructor and dance teacher so it was very unusual that this happened.” – Jenna, Seasoned Sprinkles

As your hormones change, it can leave you feeling lightheaded. When you’re feeling faint, find a place to sit and regroup.

Think about whether you’ve eaten enough or if the temperature is too hot outside. However, if you’ve had plenty to eat, have kept hydrated, and are at a comfortable temperature, you might want to consider that it could be due to pregnancy!

40. Aches and pains

Back pain is an early sign of pregnancy and not just due to a large belly (which obviously doesn’t happen until later on in pregnancy). It can actually start about a week before your period would show up.

That increase in hormones throughout your body can cause the ligaments in your joints to get softer and stretch out. That can make your lower back start to ache.

This may also happen for your hips and even your legs and arms.You will certainly notice if you start to feel sore in your hips and other joint, similar to the feeling post-workout.

41. Weird taste in your mouth

For most people, a weird taste in your mouth that doesn’t go away is a good reason to visit the dentist. But if you have a feeling that you may be expecting, it’s an unusual early symptom of pregnancy.

Dysgeusia is the name for having strange tastes in your mouth, like a metallic or sour flavor. You won’t experience it the entire pregnancy, but a weird flavor like this for a couple weeks is a very good sign that you’re going to be a mom.

These unusual early signs of pregnancy can indicate that you're pregnant before your missed period. You can tell without a pregnancy test soon

42. Changes in saliva

“I would take a quick cat nap and noticed that I’d wake up drooling like crazy! It would happen in the middle of the night too where I would wake up from all the drool in my mouth. This was such a strange early pregnancy symptom story that I had to share!” – Marissa, Teaching Littles

More saliva in general (even when you’re awake) should make you take notice, but especially during bed time. The same is true for dry mouth. If you’re thirstier than usual and can’t seem to quench it, it could be an indication that you’re pregnant.

43. Bleeding gums

Women get the short end of the stick when it comes to oral health. Not only are they more prone to dental troubles around that time of the month, but pregnancy can also make your gums more sensitive.

This can often lead to bleeding or soreness with brushing and flossing.

With those powerful pregnancy hormones and more blood being pumped around your body to accommodate that new baby, you could notice a bit of blood every time you brush your teeth. Don’t let oral hygiene slide though.

Keep brushing and make sure you visit your dentist too. With their help, you can prevent gum infections from ruining your smile before, during, and after your baby is born.

45. Nosebleeds

The blood vessels in your nose expand during pregnancy and are under more pressure. It makes you more prone to nosebleeds throughout your pregnancy too.

Some women will notice only a little blood and a very slight nosebleed. Others will have the kind of gushing nosebleeds that will scare them half to death.

46. Heartburn

Heartburn is a notorious foe for pregnant women later on in pregnancy. With all your organs squished together more and more as your baby grows, you’re in for high levels of discomfort no matter what you eat.

That’s because the top of your stomach relaxes where the sphincter is and makes it easier for stomach acid to rise all the way up your esophagus.

But in early pregnancy, few people realize that a digestive issue might be a clue, making it a more unusual symptom. When sudden digestive problems come on, keep an eye on them. It could be GI issues, a stomach bug, or pregnancy.

47. Gas (Burps and farts)

Prepare to feel like a walking whoopie cushion! Pregnancy can cause you to be extra gassy and that gas will find its way out either in the form of burps or farts. As you get further along, they may even surprise you by erupting right out of your body.

If you suddenly burp louder than Will Farrell in Elf or worse, release a loud fart into the wild while in public, it might be time to take a test to see if you’re pregnant.

48. Zero concentration

On the same thread, you’ll find it’s harder to concentrate. That’s largely due to the same hormones that have been causing your disruption of sleep and pregnancy brain.

The same hormones that are giving you all these strange symptoms that you’re just now piecing together. You’ll know something isn’t quite right. Is it Alzheimer’s? No. More likely, it’s pregnancy.

As you can see, every woman has a different and strange early pregnancy symptom story. These stories are to make you aware that there is a lot of “normal” symptoms that can clue you into your new pregnancy.

You may experience one, a few, or all of these symptoms early on which will lead you to believe that you may be pregnant. However, the only way to truly know for sure is to take a pregnancy test.

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