43 Basement Playroom Ideas Everyone Will Love

If you are looking to redo or finish your playroom you have come to the right place! There are so many options and fun things you can do to create a fun space for your littles!

Playrooms should be a fun place for little minds to be creative and have fun playing; however, creating the perfect space can be a challenge.

With so many options to choose from, how do you decide? Keep reading for my best tips, tricks, options, and personal faves.

Is a basement a good place for a playroom?

A basement is a phenomenal place for a playroom! Your little ones can have a space all to themselves and be as loud as they want to be!

Choices to make before finishing a basement for a playroom

Before you jump in and start finishing your basement you have a few different things to think about!

Color choice: For a playroom, I imagine it to be a bright and fun color that is inviting for little ones. Try to keep this in mind: If it isn’t a space you want to be in, your little ones probably won’t either.

I love playrooms that have a variety of colors that compliment one another. Your color choice can really make the playroom a fun place to be!

Wall Decor: Wall decor is a great way to make the space inviting and fun.

Let’s Just Play

These little canvas prints are so fun and bright, perfect for a playroom!

Rainbow Tapestry

I am loving this rainbow wall tapestry. This is perfect to brighten up a basement with some fun colors.

Alphabet Poster

I love having the alphabet up in our playroom. This poster is a classy way to display the alphabet.

Flooring: When choosing flooring, it is important to remember what and who this space is for. We want something durable that makes clean-up a breeze, but also comfy and cozy!

I recommend wood floors (laminate or luxury vinyl are great options, especially for clean-up) and placing a cute rug on top. The rug will add a level of coziness to the space. Rugs are a lot easier to keep clean than carpet!


This circular ABC rug is adorable and perfect for a playroom!

Traffic Rug

Who doesn’t love a rug with little roads all over? I remember a rug kind of like this from when I was in preschool and I loved playing on it!

Dorie Dots Rug

This dot rainbow rug is perfect for brightening up a basement playroom.

What will the space contain?

Think about the type of space you want to create for your kiddos. Do you want it to be a quiet space for book reading, coloring, legos, and puzzles? Are you wanting a space for them to get out all of their energy and be able to climb and rough house?

It is important to nail down, what kind of playroom you want to create before jumping in!

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Basement Playroom Ideas for the Lego Lover

Is your little one lego obsessed? These items can help turn your basement into the ultimate lego playroom!

Lego Room Design Ideas

This blog has several amazing suggestions for turning your space into a lego room paradise!

Lego Table

What is a lego playroom without a lego table? I love this table because it also doubles as lego storage.

Lego Art

I really like this lego art! It is so different from anything I have seen and can definitely grow with your lego loving little.

Lego Stickers

These lego stickers are a fun way to brighten up the wall, especially if you are unable to paint at the moment or are just looking to add some color to the wall.

Slide Away

A parent’s worst nightmare is the *crash* of the legos being dumped on the floor. This storage is great because it allows the legos to be dumped into a tray and then you can easily put them back into the bucket!

Basement Playroom Ideas for the Climber

Do you have a climber? I did! Creating a “yes” space is so important for little ones that love to climb.

Indoor Basement Playroom with Monkey Bars

Check out this blog for instructions on how to create the indoor climbing space for your unfinished basement!

Building an Indoor Playground

If an indoor playground is your goal – this blog has all the instructions to do just that!

Accessories for your climbing playroom

4 Piece Climbing Mat

I love this 4 piece climbing mat! This is great for babies and toddlers that want to climb but need to learn how to move their bodies still

Wooden Jungle Gym

How fun is this wooden jungle gym? I love having something like this as a yes space for my kiddos to climb on.

Kid’s Tunnel

What kiddo would not love this tunnel to climb through?!

Unfinished Basement Playroom Ideas for Toddlers

Making an unfinished basement into an inviting space can be challenging especially if it is dark and not so cozy. These are a few examples of what can be done in an unfinished basement to make it cozy and fun.

Dream Playroom

This mama did a phenomenal job turning her unfinished basement into a fun playroom for kids! She even hung a swing and a swinging bar in there!

Basement Playroom for Toddler Boys

This playroom is a great example of turning an unfinished basement into a playroom perfect for toddlers! If you have little boys they will especially love this!

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Basement Playroom Ideas for Older Children

Going from a little kid playroom to a preteen/teen playroom means upgrading a few things to make the space a fun hangout spot.

Hammock Chair

This hammock chair is really neat and a fun idea for seating in a playroom for older kids.

String Lights

There is something about string lights that just elevates a space and makes it fun indoor or out. Adding string lights will immediately change up the room and add a fun element in.

Mushroom Chair

Having options for different types of seating is always a good idea. These mushroom chairs are versatile and can grow with your kids!

LED TV Back Light

How neat is this backlight for the TV?! It comes with a remote to change the colors…How neat!

Basement Playroom Ideas for Kids who Love Board Games

Do your little ones enjoy playing good old-fashioned board games? Turning your unfinished basement into the perfect space to enjoy these games will make their day!

Board Game Table

The first place to start for the perfect game room is a table for games! This adorable 4-seater table is perfect for little ones to play games all day long.

Game Mat

This game mat combines two classic games and is the perfect addition to any little gamer’s playroom!

Floor Seating

Floor seating is a perfect option for a playroom designed around games and fun! Your little ones can use these floor seats when playing any game they choose!

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Basement Playroom Ideas for Gamers

Are your kiddos gamers? I think that is so awesome! Creating a basement playroom for them will be a fun process with these essentials!

Gaming Console Evolution

Decorating the playroom for your gamer will help make it a more inviting space. This piece of art is absolutely perfect to add to a playroom for gamers!

Gaming Chair

Having a chair specific for gaming is any young gamer’s dream. They will love spending time in this comfy chair gaming their heart out.

Gamer Mat

Rugs add a level of comfort and personalization to a space and this rug is perfect if you are creating a space for your gamer!

Basement Playroom for Little Artists

Making a fun and functional creative space for your little artist is going to be so much fun! Make sure their art supplies are easily accessible so they can create their masterpieces with ease.

Coloring Station

Having a coloring station like this in your playroom is a great idea for your little artist!

Standing Easel

This easel is perfect for your artist. The different surfaces are great for them to explore different styles.

Art Kit

Every artist needs an art kit. This kit gives them hundreds of different options to express their creativity!

Essentials for Basement Playrooms

Toy Chest

Toy chests are a must-have for any playroom. This toy chest is functional while allowing for easy customization by your children.

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Bean Bag Chair

Comfy seating options are a must-have for any playroom. Bean Bags are a classic childhood staple.

Fun Wall Decor

Every playroom needs some type of personality. These fun wall decorations are a great way to brighten the room while surrounding them with positive reinforcement!


Shelving is a fun way to decorate and add some things that little ones might not be able to play with, but look pretty on the wall. I love finding older toys and different trinkets to put on shelves.

Fun Rug

Every child needs a road for their toy cars. This rug adds personality to the room while giving them a building block for their creative minds.

Practical Basement Playroom Ideas

Practical Play Room

Sometimes you just have to work with what you have, and that is perfectly fine! This mama did a great job creating a playroom!

Frugal Options for Basement Playrooms

Basement Makeover On A Budget

If you are looking to do a basement playroom makeover on a budget, this blog is a great resource.

Basement Playroom Storage Options

Making sure your playroom is organized and toys are easy to find is important. Kids don’t want to be in a space that is cluttered and messy.

Wooden Organizer

This wooden organizer is great because the baskets are tilted slightly to allow your kids to easily see the contents of each basket.

Stuffy Hammock

I cannot stand stuffed animals all over the room. Having a fun, designated area for the kids’ animals to stay in will help encourage them to keep them picked up.

Bookcase With Nook

This bookcase doubles as a reading nook, which encourages your little one to read more often.

Book Shelf

Having this bookshelf in your playroom will add a level of organization and a fun pop of color. I love that the books will be facing outward so it is easier for your little one to see what they are grabbing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Basement Playrooms

Do I have to spend a lot of money?

Absolutely not! You can easily use leftover paint you may have, thrifted or garage sale items… Creating a fun space does not have to be expensive.

How do I pick a theme?

Picking a theme can be hard, especially if your kids are farther apart in age or you have mixed genders. Add an element of something every kiddo likes and when in doubt, keep it neutral and fun!

Do I have to finish it all at once?

NO! You can do things as you go, add when you can, and let your little ones help you find new items to make the space their own.

You don’t have to spend much money to make a fun and cohesive space for your little ones to play. All it takes is a vision and some elbow grease!

Do you have an unfinished space you’re itching to turn into a playroom? Have you turned a basement into a playroom for your littles before? Let me know in the comments below!

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