50+ Sweet Time Capsule Ideas for Baby: A Treasured Keepsake

Are you looking for a unique baby shower gift or a 1st birthday gift? Go for the memories and try some of these time capsule ideas for baby.

I love things that hold memories, like keepsake boxes. These are little treasures that you can look back on years year.

A time capsule is something a parent can create or can be given semi-prepared as a gift with instructions for the parents to complete later.

Let’s take a look at how to put together a time capsule for a baby and some great ideas for items to include inside.

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What is a Baby Time Capsule?

Create a unique, memorable gift for your baby or a baby shower, and try these time capsule ideas for baby. It's a great gift!

Chances are you’ve heard of time capsules – containers or boxes that hold historical records or things from that current time to be viewed in the future. A baby time capsule is the same thing, but the items are intended and selected for the baby to review at a specific time later in their lives.

Many people create time capsules to be opened when their child turns 18 years old. It’s a snapshot in time, showing them what life was like decades before.

Baby capsules make excellent baby shower gifts or a baby shower activity, but they also make great gifts. You also can create a first birthday time capsule or for any other children’s birthday.

You can start later than their 1st birthday!

Putting together a time capsule is fun, especially if you watch them open it years later. What a joy for everyone!

How to Make a Time Capsule for Baby

Putting together a time capsule for a baby is easier than you think. In fact, it’s simple and fun; you’ll look forward to all of the excitement when it’s opened.

Here are a list of steps to help you make a time capsule for your baby or someone you love.

1. Gather The Items for the Capsule

The first step takes the longest – you have to find all the things you want to put into the capsule. This is the most unique step; you have to find all the things that you want to include.

Start by making a list of things you think your child will like to see when they are older – what would you love to see if your parents made a time capsule for you?

A mixture of personal items, interests, and current times is a great blend. Your baby will love seeing pictures and things from when he was born, but it’s also interesting to see how much has changed in that time.

2. Find a Container for the Capsule

After you decide all the things you want to add, you have to find a container that works as a time capsule.

Think about how long you want this to remain unopened. Most baby time capsules are intended to be opened on their 18th birthday, but some wait until they are married.

This is something you have to decide!

Whatever container you select, it has to keep out all liquid while protecting the contents inside. A chemically-stable material is ideal because it won’t decompose, such as a plastic storage box!

You also can buy capsules designed to be time capsule. Here are a few options.

3. Where to Place the Capsule

You have all the stuff and the container; now you have to decide where to keep it.

The classic choice is to bury it in your backyard or somewhere you visit frequently.

Of course, you might always move, and you want to bring it with you. Storing it in your basement, attic, or closet might not seem fun, but it is less risky than storing it outside.

4. Pick an Intended Opening Date

Make sure you mark the container with the earliest date it may be opened and who should open it.

I suggest you also tell other people and schedule yearly reminders. It’s really easy to forget that you have something like stored away for your children.

5. Seal it!

Ideally, a time capsule needs to e stored and sealed in a plastic bag. This is an extra assurance that nothing will happen to it.

Time Capsule Ideas for a Newborn Baby

Whether you need time capsule ideas for a newborn baby at their birth or as a baby shower gift, here are some things you can include.

  1. Copy of pregnancy announcements
  2. Baby shower invitation
  3. Baby’s hospital photo
  4. ID bracelet’s from the hospital
  5. Hospital name card
  6. Baby’s first outfit
  7. Weather when your baby was born
  8. A copy of a national newspaper and the local daily newspaper.
  9. A current popular magazine
  10. Small popular toys at the time
  11. Sports trading cards or other collectibles
  12. List of current ten 10 songs on the radio
  13. A menu from a local restaurant
  14. The floor plan of your current home
  15. The current extended family tree at the time of your baby’s birth.
  16. Messages from Mom, Dad, siblings, and grandparents.
  17. Tons of photos! Pick photos from the baby shower, your pregnancy, your local town, your car, your home, and everything. Photos are one of the best things to include – everyone loves to look at old photos!
  18. Ultrasound photos
  19. A video recording
  20. A pay stub or something to show current wages
  21. Photos of mom’s belly month by month or week by month
  22. Current coins
  23. Stamps
  24. Receipt from a grocery store trip
  25. Political information
  26. Bus or train ticket
  27. Weather report of the day of the birth

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Time Capsule Ideas for Baby on Their 1st Birthday

If you want to make a time capsule for a 1st birthday, here are some ideas. You can tweak these for other birthdays if you get started later.

Some of these ideas also in the newborn time capsule – that’s okay! They’re relevant for both.

  1. Baby’s first photo
  2. ID bracelet’s from the hospital
  3. Hospital name card
  4. Baby’s first outfit
  5. Pictures of baby’s first Christmas, New Years, 4th of July, Halloween, Easter, and all other holidays
  6. Cards from their 1st birthday
  7. Cake topper
  8. Birthday invites
  9. Party decoration from their 1st birthday party
  10. Photos from baby shower
  11. More photos! Include photos from any trips or vacations, places you went together, their bedroom, and more.
  12. Drawings from siblings
  13. Keepsakes like a lock of hair or a pacifier
  14. Handprints or footprint
  15. A collection of newspaper clippings of major headlines throughout their first year of life
  16. A popular toy from the year
  17. Floor plan of your house
  18. Map of your town
  19. List of favorite songs throughout the year
  20. Souvenirs from events or trips you attended with your baby
  21. Your family tree
  22. Messages from parents, grandparents, siblings, and other close relatives
  23. Recent photos of family members
  24. First rattle or spoon
  25. Birth announcement
  26. Recordings of major events
  27. Current coins
  28. Stamps
  29. Receipt from different grocery store trips
  30. Information about the current president and political information
  31. Your child’s favorite book or a picture of it if they’re attached
  32. Baby Book
  33. First pair of shoes
  34. Recorded baby laughs and clips of their first words.

FAQs about Time Capsules for a Baby

What is the Best Material for a Time Capsule?

When selecting a container for a time capsule, it needs to be a chemically-stable material that won’t decompose over time. It’s also important that it won’t react with the contents.

Can You Bury a Cardboard Time Capsule?

Ideally, you want to avoid burying a cardboard time capsule. Cardboard is a natural material made out of paper, and it decomposes within a few months. Then, all the contents will end up ruined.

How Deep and Long Should a Time Capsule Be Buried?

A well-made time capsule lasts up to 150 years. If you want to bury it, dig a hole 18 to 24 inches deep. The temperature at this location in the ground is stable, reducing the risk of damaging the capsule.

With so many time capsule ideas for baby, it’s easy to see how fun it would be to put one of these keepsakes together. Whether it’s a gift or for your own baby, all of these memories will be cherished for years to come.

Create a unique, memorable gift for your baby or a baby shower, and try these time capsule ideas for baby. It's a great gift!
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