Why a Sectional Sofa is Perfect for a Growing Family

Compared to studies in 2019 that saw one-child households increasing, more recent surveys by platforms like Statista have found that the average family now has about two kids. This may result from many factors, like those shared in the NBC News analysis on childbirth trends.

Thanks to modern medicine and changes in societal norms, more families are welcoming children as a result of adoption or later-stage pregnancies among women between the ages of 35-44. As a result of all this, 22% of the current population are children. 

If you’re among the families with more than one child or are actively planning to welcome a new little one, you’ll understand the importance of prepping your home to suit. Being that the home is where they’ll spend much of their early years, it’s important that your spaces are designed to support their rapidly changing needs.

Since living rooms are the heart of many homes, buying the right sofa is crucial to making it a cozy and comfy space. With this in mind, there is no other better choice than a sectional. Here’s why:

Highly customizable

The issue with many sofas is that they’re often built to suit a style, not a family. This is why you’ll often see that sofas are marketed with aesthetic trends associated with them, like Mid-century, bohemian, etc.

With sectionals, though, personalization comes from the center. This way, you can practically build the sofa best suited for your growing family. Living Spaces features L-shaped sectionals that are timeless, classy, and can even be tailored digitally.

Using their Sectionals Builder tool, you can choose every aspect of your sectional, from the build configuration to the upholstery and accent pillows. On top of this, since custom sectionals come in a variety of lines, including collaborations with designers like Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent, you can find a sofa that fits your budget. 

Easy to maintain

When you have kids, especially when they’re little, you must accept that some home items are likely to break, get damaged, or be stained. This risk is only heightened the more children you add to the mix.

Unfortunately, your sofa is not immune to this risk. However, a sectional is likely to make this less of a headache. This is because the very nature of sectionals makes it easy to spot clean. Whereas regular sofas require you to handle an entire couch, you only need to treat the affected area on a sectional.

For example, if a part of the section gets a tear, you only need to get that one part reupholstered. A sectional like the Chaidex Faux Leather on Wayfair even uses water-resistant textiles with removable cushions to reduce the chances of significant damage while also making maintenance easier. 

Functional and engaging

Many homeowners choose to adjust their lives to suit their furniture. For instance, some may avoid drinking near certain items, or they may worry about carefully shielding other pieces from certain types of light.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with this if it makes you happy, but it’s not a realistic approach for a family with kids. In fact, it’s best that your spaces encourage your child to feel engaged. In a living room, a sectional sofa can do just this.

Being that you can reconfigure it around, you can adjust it to suit whatever your child’s activity. Since a growing family may include kids with larger age gaps, a sectional ensures the space is comfortable for everyone.

According to The Atlantic, most kids have a 4.2-year age gap. Movie night with friends? You can make the sectional into one large “bed.” Play date? A sectional can easily be moved around into a makeshift fort. The JÄTTEBO sofa is one such sectional since it also comes with modular pieces and built-in storage that make it perfect for all sorts of activities. 

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