22 Rainbow Baby Announcement Ideas

Is there anything more precious than a rainbow baby? A rainbow baby is a baby that comes after a loss, whether that’s a miscarriage, a stillbirth, or an infant loss. Without a doubt, you want to come up with a creative rainbow baby announcement.

More families than we realize struggle to conceive and have a baby. Some women face multiple losses before being able to finally hold their baby in their arms.

A rainbow baby is a baby that comes after a loss. That loss may be a miscarriage, a stilbirth, or a loss of a baby. More families than we realize have an angel baby, but when you get a positive pregnancy test after weathering the storm, parents often want to share their big news in a meaningful way.

Many rainbow baby announcements are emotional. It’s the calm after the storm; the rainbow after a hard time for the family.

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22 Rainbow Baby Annoucement Ideas

If you’re planning on revealing your much-anticipated pregnancy to friends, family, or on social media, here are some of my favorite rainbow baby announcement ideas:

1. After Every Storm

A rainbow baby comes after a storm, and this flat lay digital download from JustSimplyMomDesigns is the perfect way to tell the world your baby is coming soon. The lettering board and ultrasound are customizable. This is so simple and perfect for a social media post announcement.

2. Out of Difficulties Flay Lay

A rainbow baby comes after a period of difficulties; they’re truly a miracle for families. This flat lay digital download is by JustSimplyMomDesigns, and it’s customizable for your little miracle.

3. The Forecast Ahead

A baby is on the forecast! I love the look of this announcement; a wooden letter board is unique. An adorable birth announcement photo would be the babywearing the onesie.

4. Rainbow Confetti

Babies are truly something to celebrate, and this rainbow confetti says it all. If you don’t want a fancy announcement, putting together this confetti announcement would be so easy, but it’s adorable at the same time.

5. Hand Picked by Brother in Heaven

I love this social media announcement; it’s perfect for families who have lost babies before their rainbow baby. You can edit it to say sister or brother, along with other details. I love when families acknowledge their loss babies in their new miracle announcements.

6. Under an Umbrella

I love the symbolism of the umbrella in this baby announcement. The storm has ended, and their rainbow has arrived. It’s a simple picture, but it’s cheerful and means so much to this couple.

Plus, that baby bump is adorable!

7. IVF Rainbow Baby Announcement

Isn’t this digital pregnancy announcement so cute? IVF babies are so special; it takes a lot of time and science – plus love – to make these little miracle babies. This is a flat lay rainbow baby announcement with gender neutral, retro-type shades of colors.

Everyone will love it!

8. Rainbow Cookies!

These rainbow cookies look amazing and delicious. What a yummy way to tell friends and family that a new baby is on the way. I love the different cookies; the onesies are so unique. This would be a perfect gift to hand the grandparents to announce the upcoming arrival.

9. It’s a Girl Pregnancy Announcement!

Are you having a sweet little baby girl? This rainbow baby announcement is adorable; I love all the shades of pink and girly-ness! You can add your sonogram photo and customize the letter board to what you want it to say.

Grab this flat lay rainbow announcement from Just Simply Mom Designs.

10. Chalk Rainbow with Big Sister

All you need is an adorable big sister, your ultrasound pictures, and some sidewalk chalk to announce that the newest member is on the way. How could anyone think this is anything less than adorable than big siblings celebrating?

11. Balloons with Due Dates

Some families suffer from multiple losses, and this pregnancy announcement involves all of their children, even the ones they’ve lost. This shows you the true magnitude of their loss, as well as the happiness they feel as they announce their new rainbow miracle on the way.

12. God Knew


This annoucement makes me smile. Rainbow babies are heartbreaking, and this family felt that God knew they needed this baby in their family. It’s a simple announcement with a lot of meaning behind it.

13. Siblings Ready for Their Rainbow

I love seeing siblings on a pregnancy announcement! These brothers have been waiting for a long time for their new sibling, and I’m guessing that pink bear means they have a baby sister headed their way!

14. IVF Rainbow


IVF is a reality for many couples, and Creative Bites shows us their special announcement. All of these syringes show the amount of time and work that went into having this miracle baby.

15. For This Child

I love the muted tones on this announcement and the inclusion of a Bible verse. Everything looks so dainty and sweet, just like a little girl is, making it the perfect way to tell friends and family.

16. A Miracle Baby Boy

After the storm, your rainbow is a little baby boy! This flat lay rainbow baby announcement is a great way to share your big news with your friends and family. I love all the different shades of blue in this announcement – it’s so cute!

17. We Have Hoped and Prayed


Sometimes, a rainbow baby times time to arrive, and this announcement shows just how long this family waited for their new miracle. It would be simple to recreate this photo for your miracle baby.

18. Storm is Over Onesie

I love this onesie from Wild and Free By Lizzie. Use it for your pregnancy announcement, and then your baby will wear it on his birth day. This onesie will be a keepsake for years to come.

19. Rainbow Flowers

via Pinterest

What a simple yet adorable photo announcing a new baby! This big brother looks over the moon for his new sibling, and the use of the rainbow flowers is unique yet simple. It’s nothing too fancy. I would print this photo and put it on the wall in my living room. It’s that cute!

20. Rainbow Smoke


This photo from Bricie Troglia Photography is beautiful! I love that both mom and dad have a shirt one that announces the baby, and the rainbow smoke makes this photo a true keeper.

Plus, the way they’re looking at each other brings a tear to my eye!

21. Rainbow Wildflowers

As soon as I saw this pregnancy announcement, I loved it. It’s a mixture of beauty with simplicity and a touch of nature that makes for the perfect way to tell friends and family.

22. Cross with Bible Verse

After a long journey to have a baby, parents often want an announcement that incorporates their faith. This social media announcement by MinnyPrints is perfect. The cross has a beautiful Bible verse along with the due date. Christian families will love this rainbow baby announcement.

Having a new baby after a loss is a miracle, and you want the perfect rainbow baby announcement to tell the world around your new family member.

Which one of these announcements is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

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