27 Best Outdoor Toys for Kids

As the temperatures increase, kids and adults want to spend plenty of time outside, so you’ll want to grab some great outdoor toys for kids.

Outdoor play is something that kids of all ages can enjoy. They engage in gross motor play and water play, running up and down the yard, splashing in the sprinkler, and learning how to ride a bike.

It’s a great way for them to get exercise while also lessening the mess that they’ll make inside your house! Even older kids love outdoor time which helps them set down the video games and pick up a skateboard instead.

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How to Pick the Best Outdoor Toys for Kids

The stores are full of outdoor toys for kids, so you will have to take some consideration when picking the right ones for your kids.

Your Child’s Age

The first consideration is your child’s age. Manufacturers typically list the recommended age range for their toys on the packaging. Using toys and products outside of this age range may mean that they could get hurt using it or feel frustrated because it’s too mature for them.

A toy is only fun if they can use the toy properly.


Outdoor toys need to be more durable than other toys because they’ll see a range of weather while being outside. They also need to withstand rough play without any small pieces or parts that tear easily.


Kids are rarely careful with their outdoor toys, so the overall construction needs to have safety in mind. Keep in mind safety when picking these toys, so as no sharp parts or slides that are too high for your child’s age.

Weight Limits

If your child will be sitting, riding, or climbing on the toy, make sure you consider the weight limit. Most products come with clear limits, and don’t ignore these.

Toys are only tested to these limits, so you can’t be sure if the toy will break. In many times, the products will hold up, but it’s not safe to test it.

27 Best Outdoor Games and Toys for Kids

Randy McCoy, VP of Product and Curriculum at The Little Gym states that outdoor games can provide wonderful opportunities for kids and families to decrease isolation, improve social interaction, and explore physical activity to name a few.  The following toy recommendations not only get the body moving, but also get the MIND moving! 

When it comes to toys and games, they can often be categorized as follows:

Toys & Games that offer “Prescribed Play” – which means that the toy/game has one specific way that you use it or play it and/or it comes with a set of rules that the players follow.  “No imagination required.”

Toys & Games that offer “Imaginative Play” – which, as the term suggests, means that the method of play for the toy/game is open-ended and is only limited by the players’ imaginations!  When kids participate in imaginative and “pretend play”, there are a whole host of cognitive, social and emotional skills that are engaged and enhanced! 

Many of the toys below will work for kids of all ages or the whole family, but especially preschool aged children. Get outside and enjoy some fresh air with these toys for outdoor play.

1. Backyard Playground Seesaw

Kids love seesaws at the park, so get a small one for your backyard. This one is a lot safer than the ones at the playground with cheery colors and comfortable handles and seats.

Unlike traditional seesaws, this one swivels in 360 degrees, so your child can spin circles too. The heavy-duty steel frame holds up to 145lbs.

2. Little Tikes Picnic Play Table

Every little kids needs to have a small picnic table outside. It gives them a space to eat their snacks and work on outdoor projects.

3. Kingdom Tree Swing for Kids

A tree swing is one of the classic outdoor toys for kids, especially if you don’t have space or money for a full-sized swing set. All you need is a tree or a place to hang a tree swing.

4. Sorbus Saucer Tree Swing

If you want a bigger swing, your kids will love this 40″ saucer mat swing, holding two to three kids at one time. This swing is perfect for a breezy, warm day when your kids can either swing alone with a good book or pile on with their friends.

It holds up to 700lbs at a time!

5. Retrospec Cub Kids Balance Bike

A balance bike is a great precursor for a tricycle or a bicycle. This is a pedal-free bike that kids scoot with their feet, teaching them how to balance their bodies before moving onto the pedaling bikes.

It’s low profile makes these bikes safe for toddlers; it’s one of the best toys for a two year old.

One of the keys to riding a big child bike is having exceptional balance. These training wheels-free bikes teach your young one how to balance so that when they’re ready to move to a large child bike, they’ll be cruising in no time. Kids as young as 18 months old and up to 5 years old may learn to balance with the help of readily adjustable handlebars and seats.

6. Radio Flyer Red Rider Trike

Radio Flyer is a fantastic tricycle for beginner riders. It has quiet wheels and durable, which is to be expected since this is one of the top brands for tricycles.

The Red Rider Trike has an adjustable seat to fit your child; this is great fro kids three to five years old. It also has a back compartment, sometimes called the “trunk” is a place your kids can store their toys.

7. Traffic Cones – 12 Pack

This might seem like a strange outdoor toy, but we like to set up traffic cones when my kids are learning how to ride their bicycles.

You can use traffic cones to create an obstacle course for your kids or set game boundaries while playing tag.

8. Radio Flyer – My 1st Scooter

Radio Flyer also creates a great beginner scooter that encourages your child to work on their balance skills. This scooter has three wheels and a wide base for extra stability. The handle lets your child steer and turn without tipping, and a footbrake slows down the scooter.

Radio Flyer recommends this scooter for kids 2 to 5 years old., but the handlebar isn’t adjustable.

9. Little Tikes Cozy Truck Ride-On

All little kids love a ride-on truck, and this Cozy Truck with a removable floorboard. It comes with a drop-down tailgate, gas cap, working horn, and off-road wheels. Kids love the realistic front grill, allowing their imagination to run wild.

This truck is great for fine motor skills, and your child can push the car or use the removable floorboard, moving with their feet.

10. Nature Bound Critter Cage

Kids love to catch bugs and release them safely. This Critter Cage is perfect for holding all those little bugs in a safe space so they won’t escape in your house. However, your kids can monitor and observe them.

11. Kids Wheel Barrel

My kids love having their own child size wheelbarrow they can push around whether helping me haul dirt or toys around the year.

12. Little Tikes T-Ball Set

Little kids love t-ball sets, and these make excellent Easter gifts or summer toys. Your little kids will love hitting the plastic balls with the bat, preparing for fall or spring t-ball season.

This t-ball set is adjustable in height, so it accommodates kids of different heights. It comes with five balls and a large, oversized bat. That means it much easier to hit the balls.

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13. Little Tikes First Slide

All little kids need to have a slide as one of their outdoor toys. This three-foot slide from Little Tikes is perfect for beginners, and it’s was to assemble – you won’t need any tools.

Little Tikes First Slide grows with your child, holding up to 60 pounds. You also can put on the edge of a kiddie pool or ball pit as your child grows.

14. Little Tikes Basketball Set

Here’s another one of the classic outdoor toys for kids – a small basketball set. It comes with several small basketballs, and kids love to play with them outside on the patio.

15. Kids Golf Toy Set

If golf is a sport you or your partner love, then you’ll want to get a kids’ golf toy set. This turns your yard Ito a golf course with a golf machine.

It comes with 15 golf balls and a spiral that holds them. The machine feeds balls to your child, so they can repeatedly hit balls. It has an adjustable golf club with three lengths, so this toy grows with your child over the years. Toddlers and older kids can use it!

16. Flybar Poam Pogo Jumper

The Flybar Pogo Jumper is great for outdoor and indoor use, withstanding all conditions. It’s crafts from high-quality, durable foam that lasts for quite awhile and won’t stretch up your floors.

Using a pogo jumper works on hand-eye coordination and balance. Then, each time your child jumps, the pogo stick makes a squeaking sound.

17. CAT Dump Truck Toy

I always keep a few trucks outside that are solely for outdoor use. Otherwise, they end up bringing in mud into the house. Outdoor trucks are great for imaginary play.

18. Sandbox Digger Crane

Your kids will love this sandbox crane, and it’s something that will last for years. We keep it in a space for our kids to dig sand and dirt, transferring from one space to another.

The Sandbox Digger Crane has a 360-degree swivel action, and a two-hand crane with a 33-inch reach. The seat holds up to 110lbs at a time.

19. Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk chalk allows your child’s imagination and creativity to run, and each set comes with 48 color options. Crayola created these chalk pieces thickly, so they won’t break easily or run out fast. They’re perfect for toddlers to grip, and kids love how the bright colors stand out on the concrete.

The entire family can work together to create an imaginative work of art on their patio, sidewalk or driveway!  I recommend letting your child be the “Art Director”!  Let their imagination lead the way for the parents!  Take a picture of the “final piece” and share it with the grandparents!

20. Giant Bubble Wand Set

Bubbles are a favorite toy for kids, and giant bubbles are a HUGE hit for kids. This giant bubble wand set is great for kids two years old and older.

21. Kidzlane Bubble Machine

Every little kids love bubble machines! Bubbles entertain kids for hours, but no parent wants to blow bubbles for hours on end. This machine blows 500 bubbles per minute with ten spinning wands.

You can bring this portable machine whenever you go outside or set it up at the park.

22. Soft Beaded Jump Rope

Older kids, typically at least six years old and above, enjoy jump ropes. Too often, parents forget to include these in outdoor toys, but they’re great fun and exercising.

23. Little Tikes Fish ‘n Splash Water Table

All kids need some outdoor water toys, and a water table is a must-have item. These provide hours of entertainment for children and last for years.

24. Sand Buckets & Sand Shovels – 6 Pack

One of the best outdoor toys for kids is a simple set of sand buckets. Buckets are an essential toy for little kids, and they can be used for anything and everything.

I prefer to buy buckets and shovels in bulk since my kids fight over them. One never seems to be enough.

25. Little Tikes Big Digger Sandbox

Every little kid needs to have a sandbox, and this Big Digger Sandbox is perfect for little kids. You can use the included excavator to dig in the sand, and the lid doubles as a ramp for the trucks.

26. Water Blaster Set

My kids love water blasters, whether we are in the pool or playing in the front yard. This set includes six blasters, and they’re great for all ages.

27. 3-in-1 Splash Pad & Sprinkler for Kids

My kids like kiddie pools, but I prefer splash pads or sprinklers. These seem to last longer and hold their attention for a longer area range.

This splash pad and sprinkler is easy to set up. The kids love to splash and play in the spraying water.

These awesome outdoor toys for kids will keep your children entertained for hours. From balance bikes to water toys, gather a few of the right toys to encourage your child’s imagination.

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