Chic Ways To Decorate Around Your TV To Help It Blend In To Your Decor

Most families in America have at least 1 TV in the home if not more. A lot of times, the TV is where the gathering happens.

If you are anything like me, you want your TV to accentuate your decorating style and not cramp it. I wanted to share some chic ways to decorate around your TV to help it blend into your decor.

The “Don’ts” Of Decorating Around Your TV

There are some definite “don’ts” when it comes to decorating around your TV. Now, remember it’s your home and you can do whatever makes you happy!

If you are looking to create a chic space, these are things you want to avoid doing if possible.

Entertainment Centers

Entertainment centers definitely used to be in style, however, they are pretty dated these days. If you are wanting the TV to blend into your decor, the bulky entertainment center can make the room feel dated and heavy.

Entertainment centers are also often either laminate or have a ton of shelves, which can look cheap and cluttered.

Try to stay away from entertainment centers if you are looking to decorate in a chic way.

Cheap Stands

There is nothing wrong with inexpensive if it looks clean and chic. However, cheap-looking stands make your space look cheap and cold.

A cheaper stand may be great for a game room or kids’ room, but definitely not for a living space.

TV Wider than the Wall or Media Console

If the TV is wider than the media console, or place on the wall that you are hanging the TV, you may want to reconsider. This look is not usually aesthetically pleasing and awkward.

You want to make sure that the space you are hanging your TV or your media console is at least a few inches wider on either side of the TV.

TV is Too High

Another thing I’ve seen is that the TV is hung too high. You don’t want to be practically looking at the ceiling when watching TV.

When hanging the TV, try to keep it around eye level. If you have really high ceilings, you have a little bit more leeway on what you can do to hang your TV. Just keep in mind that hanging too high is not aesthetically pleasing and hard on your neck.

Artwork is Not Well Planned

If your artwork is not well planned, the look can quickly become overwhelming and not aesthetically pleasing.

Something I like to do is cut out cardboard in the dimensions of my art. Then you can put masking tape on the back and play with the arrangement before committing.

Put TV in a Corner

In some instances, this may be okay but as a general rule try to refrain from putting your TV in a corner. This look throws off the flow of the room and is generally awkward.

Putting a TV in the corner will also use up space, that may be needed for something else!

20 Chic Ways To Decorate Around Your TV To Help It Blend Into Your Decor

I want to help you find chic and stylish ways to decorate around your TV to help it blend into your decor. There are so many ways to do this!

Your home is a direct reflection of your style. When decorating, choose pieces that you love and also accentuate your home.

Decorate around TV for the Seasons


It’s easy to bring your entertainment area to life with a seasonal theme! The key to this look is choosing pieces that can easily be changed out with the season such as the flower pots that can easily be changed to seasonal flowers, and the seasonally themed pillow and blanket.

Decorate Around Your Mantle

Jazz up your mantle by adding some personal touches and fun decor. If you decide to recreate this look, you will want to choose some cute faux lanterns and greenery.

You can always add something like candle sticks to add more height to the look.

Neutral Gallery Wall

I am loving this neutral gallery wall. The different personal touches really bring this look to life, with the antique clock and flower basket mixed with the more modern gold side table.

I love the baskets beneath the media console for storage and adding some texture to the look.

Chic Framed TV

I am absolutely in love with these framed TV’s that can double as art work when not in use. This look is perfectly done with touches of masculine and feminine pieces.

The more masculine pieces are the leather pillow, wooden side table and wicker basket. You find the more feminine touches in the rug, pillows by the fire place and little trinkets on the mantle.

Use Floating Shelves


I really love this look! To me, it is very aesthetically pleasing and intricate.

Each piece seems to be carefully chosen to give the space character and dimension. The staggered floating shelves are very neat and I love the art work. Even the lamp adds such a nice touch!

Decorate Your Built Ins


I really love the design of this space. The build in’s are very clean and I love the glasses to the left for a dry bar-type area.

The back light of the shelves is neat, and you can choose lighting that can alternate colors. The artwork is a great way to make it your own.

Chic Gallery Wall

Via OurKinandHome

This is another framed TV look, which I absolutely love. I am really loving the gold frames and the wooden touches like in the rocking chair and media table.

Black and White Gallery Decor

Via HomeTalk

Around the TV is a great way to display your family pictures. I love the black and white look, with touches of green in the plants and pink in the flowers. I also love the white media console.

This space is awfully cozy!

Simple and Chic Mantle


I absolutely love the look of this room and the mantle where the TV hangs is perfect. The candle sticks and trinkets help to tie to the whole look together. The framed TV helps to tie in the gold accented throughout the room.

Boho Built Ins

Via @randrinteriordesign

Another great way to really personalize built-ins if you have them!

I love the boho look of this living space. The built-ins are uniquely decorated with personal trinkets and are work, which is a great way to express your style.

Bright and Cozy


I am loving the look of this TV setup. The whole space is bright, yet cozy. The wicker baskets on the media console are great for storage and the vases are beautiful.

A gallery wall would be really fun to do around the TV to add some more personality to the room.

Retro Vibes


If retro is more your style, this could be the look for you!

The media cabinet is gorgeous, and very retro looking. The wooden pieces behind the TV give dimension and texture to the wall, and won’t be hard to recreate!

The artwork to the right adds a pop of color and really rounds out the space.

Cozy Chic


I really love the gallery wall on either side of the TV. This would be perfect for family pictures, or your favorite prints.

I like that they chose to leave the mantle mostly clear, with just a few items to personalize it a bit. I also really love the faux fire place!

If you don’t have a fireplace, you can definitely build or buy a mantle and create a space for an electric fireplace!

Rustic Decor


This TV set up has my heart! I love how rustic the mantle looks, and the paint color of the wooden paneling on the fireplace nicely contrasts the cream colored wall.

The gallery light above the framed TV really adds something to the look that I simply love!

Clean and Chic Look


I really love the clean and chic look of this room. The backlighting around the TV is neat when the room is dark and you are watching a movie!

The decor on and around the mantle is black and white, which creates a nice contrast and a classic look!

Light and Feminine


This setup is so light and feminine! I am loving the lamps on either side of the TV and I adore the floating media console.

I always am a fan of flowers in a room to cheer it up and add some color!

Modern Classic


This is another twist on a clean and chic look. I would call this look modern classic.

The tall candle holders help to give dimension, but what really captures my heart is the unique built in! If you have a set up similar to this, you can always add your own personal touches to decorate the shelves.

Cozy and Fresh


Yet another clean and chic look! The pops of green in the plants help make this space lovely. The TV is mounted at the perfect height and I love the texture of the brick background.

You can achieve the brick look by using faux brick paneling from Lowe’s!

Farmhouse TV Cover


If you are looking to hide your TV altogether these rustic sliding doors are what you need! I really love this whole look!

The picture frames add personality to the decor and I love the rustic look of the media console.

Living rooms are typically the heart of the home. You want this space to be inviting and relaxing.

The key to making this space your own is to first get a vision of what you want and then add pieces that you feel reflect your style. I really love to hit up antique stores and resell shops to find trinkets for pops of personality.

What is your favorite way to decorate around the TV to help it blend into your decor? Let me know in the comments below!

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