Organizing Every Drawer In Your House

Is every drawer in your house starting to look like a junk drawer? I get it! You’re busy and sometimes it can be challenging to keep drawers organized especially if you have little helpers *wink, wink*.

Organizing can be overwhelming, but if you take the time and just go step by step, you can tackle a large project in smaller chunks!

Here are a few of my favorite resources for organizing drawers in your home…

6 Tips to Organize Drawers In Your House

These are my best tips for organizing every drawer in your house. Keep in mind that drawers may have to be organized a bit differently based on the contents.

1. Set a Goal

Don’t overwhelm yourself by doing too many drawers at one time. Take organizing one step at a time. Depending on the location, you can try to do a few drawers at a time.

2. Dump Everything Out

It may seem a bit counterproductive, but dump everything out of the drawers that you are working on. This is helpful because you can see all of the items you have to work through.

3. Pair Down

Making a few different piles can help you easily sort through your items more effectively. I like to make a keep, trash, and donate pile when I am organizing. You can add to these types of piles based on your needs/wants.

4. Organize Drawers By What You Use The Most

I like to put what I use most in the most convenient location, typically in the front of the drawer. This will make it easier for you to remember the location of the item and also put it back when you are done.

Another option would be to put your most used items all in 1 drawer, depending on the drawer you are organizing.

5. Use Dividers

Dividers can be a lifesaver when organizing. There is just something so soothing about having a drawer sectioned and no objects freely floating around.

Dividers help to ensure that everything has a place to go and items are easy to grab.

Get the ones seen in the photo here.

6. Change Up The Layout

Don’t be afraid to change up the layout of your drawers and play with how you want them to be organized. It will defiantly take some getting used to, but there may be a more efficient way of organizing.

How To Organize all the Drawers In Your House

Okay, so now you want to organize all of the drawers in your house? It may be a large task, but that’s okay!

I will walk you through organizing every drawer in your house! These tips and tricks will help you not only get organized but also stay that way. Keep scrolling for my best advice!

Organizing Your Kitchen Drawers

The kitchen is one of the most high-traffic rooms in the house. The best way to cut down on confusion is to keep everything organized and clutter-free. First and foremost, make sure you group everything together.

To start with, figure out what feels the most natural for your space. If you can keep your dishes, silverware, glasses, etc., close to your dishwasher and sink, it will cut down on walking when it comes to cleaning up.

I also find it helpful to keep your spices and cooking supplies close to your preparation space. Having your spices in a cabinet or on a spice tree by your preparation space makes prepping meals a breeze.

Drawer Liners


Drawer liners are not only cute and come in a ton of prints, but they also make it easy to clean up messes and any spills that happen in the drawer.

Silverware & Utensil Organizer

I think a silverware and utensil organizer is a must in any kitchen. I like to put my more awkward and less aesthetically pleasing utensils in an organizer like this along with my silverware.

Baggie Organizer

I love this baggie organizer! Every type of bag has a place and even has room for saran wrap and aluminum.

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Snack Organizer


The best kinds of organized drawers are the ones with snacks in them! Get these awesome snack organizers here.

Go Vertical


If you are tired of your unorganized pots, pans, and cookie sheets – GO VERTICAL! These expandable drawer organizers are the perfect solution.

Organizing Your Dresser Drawers

Your dresser is the everyday box of preparation. While makeup, neat hair, and a shaved/trimmed face are optional in public, clothes are not. That means grabbing clothes out of your dresser almost every single day.

I prefer to keep my socks and undergarments in the top drawer, shorts and workout clothes in one drawer, pants in one drawer, and any random/awkward items in another. I also like to add bins/dividers to the drawers to help keep the mixed items separate from each other.

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Dresser Drawer Organizer


It is really easy for dresser drawers to get out of hand. I love these sectioned organizers because they give small sections for all of your more delicate items.

Drawer Divider

These drawer dividers are great for larger items that you still want separated like polos from t-shirts, pants from jeans, etc.

Organize Your Junk Drawers

It’s the junk drawer. Good luck.

Just kidding. With the junk drawer, the first step is to make sure the items don’t belong with anything else in the house. The fewer items you have to keep in the junk drawer, the easier the junk drawer will be to manage.

I find it best to make sure thing’s are at least somewhat organized by task. I have any extra power cords all bunched together, spare tools in a container together, pens and notepads in the same corner, etc.

Drawer organizers


These little guys are just so versatile! They can really turn any junk drawer into a place that makes finding your needed “junk” much easier!

Organize Your Bathroom Drawers

The bathroom is full of a wide variety of items. I prefer to organize by person, giving each individual a specific location to store their items. I also find it beneficial to make sure each individual has some containers to keep their space organized.

If you don’t want to organize by person or don’t have enough space, another option is to organize by task. Organizing your oral care, hair and shaving items, general care, etc., will help keep the chaos of getting ready to a minimum and cut down on the digging through drawers to find something.

Clear Drawer Organizers

I love these clear drawer organizers! They can be used in all drawers, so that is a plus. I like that they are clear making the items easy to see. The organizers are a durable plastic that makes for easy cleanup should there be a spill.

Under the Cabinet Organizers

While not technically a drawer, if you are organizing your bathroom vanity, you might as well organize below the sink as well!

These organizers are great for chemicals, hair products, extras, you name it!

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Organize Your Bedside Table Drawers

Bedside tables are a great place to store some of the more random items in your room. It’s the perfect place to keep your current book, crossword puzzle, etc. It is also a fantastic way to keep all of your devices charged and organized.

It also provides the perfect place to keep your jewelry, watches, belts, and other “accessory” items out of your dresser. You can also keep some items you don’t want your children to find stowed away.

Clear Drawer Organizers

The clear drawer organizers that I talked about above would be a great addition to your bedside table organization!

Docking Station

A docking station is great to have on your bedside table to keep your drawers clear of things you use and need daily. Having those items out of the way makes it easier for your drawers to stay organized.

Organize Your Desk Drawers

Your desk is the work/financial center of your household. The last thing you need is to have to dig through a cluttered mess to find the one document you need. I start by keeping all of my pens, sticky notes, paperclips, and other supplies in an organizer on top of the desk or in the top drawer.

I also find it easiest to make sure to have a folder for every type of financial record. Having a folder to keep track of receipts, a folder for mechanical expenses, a folder for bank statements, etc. makes looking for something specific a breeze. You can even find some accordion folders to fit in your drawer to organize by month to make your organization even more specific.

Desk Drawer Organizer

This stylish gold metal mesh desk organizer tray is a key part of a desk organizer set. Desk drawer organizers and storage help make you more productive and add to your sense of style.

Triangle Divider

This triangle divider would be great in a drawer for organizing files, notebooks, important documents, etc!

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Organize Your Arts and Crafts Drawers

With kids around, we all have arts and crafts supplies coming out of our ears. Having them organized and accessible to the children makes it so much easier to manage. The first step is to make sure you lay down the ground rules pertaining to the drawers.

Once they understand what you expect from them, the next step is to find some organizers to keep all of the items contained and easy to sort. I find it easiest to have a separate container for markers, pencils, crayons, and painting supplies. By sorting the supplies from each other, it will give you more control over what they get out.

Next, make sure the paper/coloring books are in an easy-to-access space. The last thing you want to do is put them underneath the coloring supplies. The only thing that will accomplish is making a huge mess every time they want to get something out.

Craft Caddy

These craft caddies are handy to have! You can pull them out of the drawer, and simply put them back in when done crafting. The caddy is great because it shows children how to stay organized (to a degree) and everything has its place.

Drawer Organizer

Keep the craft clutter under control by being organized and ready. In this container, you can organize notebooks, paper, coloring books, scissors, hole punchers, sticky notes, and washi tape…anything really!

Organizing all of the drawers in your home can seem overwhelming. Remember to take it room by room. Start by cleaning out your drawers. Then go about organizing them.

Once you have an idea of how you want the drawers organized, you can purchase items that will help you get and stay organized.

What are your favorite ways to organize drawers? Do you have a “must buy” product? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

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