9 Under Bathroom Sink Organization Ideas

If you’re like me, our bathroom sink ends up a tossing place for so many items. My makeup, hair accessories, bathroom clean supplies, toilet paper, and more all end up mixed together.

Recently, I dove into trying some under bathroom sink organization ideas to take hold of this space.

Start by taking a look to determine what type of things you need to organize. Are the items bigger or smaller? Will things fit into storage bins or do you need small drawers for accessories?

Once you inventory your items, try some of these bathroom sink organization ideas to keep track of everything.

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9 Under Bathroom Sink Organization Ideas

1. Attach Wire Baskets to the Doors

One of the easiest under bathroom sink organization ideas is to attach wire baskets to your cabinet doors. This is perfect if you have a small vanity and need to maximize your space.

This gives you easy access to the items you used regularly like cleaning supplies, hair products, and other small items that easily get lost under your bathroom vanity.

Replicate this idea by grabbing a set of wire baskets for organizing. You can also use command hooks to attach them firmly.

2. Over the Door Storage Rods

Here is another easy organizing ideas for a small bathroom – hang a rod over the cabinet doors. It’s a great idea and makes it easy to hang spray bottles and cleaning products.

This idea also works for kitchen cabinets! Grab a set of towel racks for bathroom cabinets to give this a try.

3. Hair Styling Door Organizer

If you have a lot of hair products like a hairy dryer and a curling iron, you need this door organizer. It has a shelf that will hold items like hairspray or dry shampoo and special spots for your hair tools. This gives you easy access as soon as you open the bathroom cabinets!

4. PVC Pipe to Store Devices

Check our this cool idea for storing a hair dryer, a hair clipper, or a curling iron – use PVC pipes to make use of the vertical space under the bathroom vanity. It’s an easy DIY project; the PVC pipes attach to the back of the cabinet door.

5. Use Plastic Storage Containers for Makeup & Hair Accessories

If you’re like me, I have a lot of little things that need to be stored in my bathroom. While I have drawer storage, things get lost easily, and I typically cannot find the hair accessories I need for myself or my daughter.

The easiest way to handle this is by grabbing small plastic organizing bins that fit inside of the drawers.

My bathroom has two drawers. I use the top drawer for my makeup and small personal beauty items. In the bottom drawer, I keep hair ties, combs, and other necessary items.

6. Sliding Storage Shelves

If you have a small bathroom, you need to take advantage of all the storage space you have. A great way to all more under bathroom sink organization is to grab one or two two-tier sliding storage shelves.

The size of these shelves are great!

You can keep cleaning supplies or extra bottles of shampoo on the bottom shelf. Then, on the top shelf, you can storage smaller items or feminine products. It gives you a lot of storage potential even if you don’t have a lot of space.

7. Use Small Clear Drawers

Whether you want to add under bathroom sink organization or organize under your kitchen sink, try getting a set of small acrylic plastic drawers.

These drawers fit well under bathroom vanities and give you a way to store all sorts of things. Make sure you label each drawer to stay organized.

Use one of the drawers for soap, and keep first aid supplies in another. You can keep washcloths or whatever else you need to store!

8. Plastic Bins for Storage

You don’t have to be complicated when picking your under the bathroom sink organization. All you really need is some plastic organizing baskets and a storage caddy to store feminine products or cleaning supplies.

9. Lazy Susan Under the Sink

Another great idea to create more cabinet storage is to put a lazy Susan underneath the bathroom vanity.

You can use a lazy Susan for so many things! Put little jars to hold cotton balls, q-tips, first aid supplies, and hygiene products. This is such an easy idea; just grab one and start organizing!

Say goodbye to a messy bathroom cabinet and enjoy having all of your essentials in one, organized location. These bathroom organization ideas all help you make the most of the space you have available.

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