53 Push Presents for Dad That He’ll LOVE

You may have heard of push presents for moms, but have you heard of push presents for dads? Like many, you might be under the assumption that push presents are only for moms, but it is a sweet idea to get the dad to be a gift too!

Pregnancy and birth is often focused on mom and baby, but dad deserves to be recognized too. After all, this time is special and needs to be remembered by a unique gift.

What are push presents?

Push presents have become popular as a gift for literally pushing a baby out of your body. Recently, it has become more common for men to receive push presents and we are here for this trend!

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Why should dads receive a push present?

Dad’s should receive a push present because even though they aren’t doing the pushing, it is a special time in their lives! This is a big moment for them and is a great idea to give a gift to celebrate this milestone in their life.

When should you give a push present to dad

You can give the push present to dad at any time! I think it would be cute to give it to him at the hospital if it was something you could easily pack. If not, you can absolutely give it to him before or after your stay.

There is no right or wrong time to give a push present. If you’re anything like me, you don’t have the patience to wait! HA.

How do you decide on a push present for dad?

Deciding on a push present for dad can be hard! Should you get something practical or more sentimental? I tend to lean towards something unique that I typically wouldn’t consider because this is such a special time.

Top Tips for buying a push present for dad

Make a List:

Make a list of things that your significant other wants or is interested in, then makes some notes about each idea.


What is your significant others personality like? Choosing a sentimental gift for your could be a great idea if that is the type of person they are. If they are more of a jokester, a gag gift might be perfect.

What are they into?

Of course you want to pick a great gift and to do this, you want to ask yourself what is my significant other into? What are their hobbies or things that they have been talking about recently?


Make sure to take your budget into consideration when picking out a gift. Depending on your budget, you may be able to get a few smaller gifts or one big gift. Completely up to you!

Should push presents be about dad or baby?

It really depends! I think the dad-to-be would just be excited to be getting a gift. The baby likely had a baby shower and will definitely not remember anything; Dad on the other hand will remember these moments for the rest of his life.

Best push presents for brand new dad

Eye Massaging Mask

An eye massaging mask is perfect for a dad that may be low on good sleep. This mask helps to get rid of dark circles, which is every new parents dream!

Portable Charger

With a new baby you may be up and down quite a bit. Having a portable charger will come in handy in the hospital, car or just walking around the house.

Practical push presents for dad

Hatch Sound Machine/Night Light

This is one of my favorite things we have ever owned. I love that you can control it from your phone. It doubles as a night light which is absolutely amazing!

Portable Fan

This portable fan has been a life saver for us! This is great for some white noise and circulation in the car or pointed at baby during a hot walk.

Jogging Stroller

Having a jogging stroller is so nice and convenient even if you aren’t a runner. Jogging strollers are typically better at maneuvering which is great for walks in the park or festivals. This is a very practical push present for dad!

Books as a push present for dad

The Baby Owners Manual

Being a first time dad is very intimidating. What do you do with a tiny baby? How do you change them? This book addresses those questions and more in a practical way!

Exceptionally Bad Dad Jokes

Every new dad needs some dad jokes up their sleeve! This book is bound to make you laugh and give the new dad some ammo!

Diaper bags for dad

SharkMouth Diaper Bag

My husband loves a diaper bag with lots of pockets and different compartments to stay organized. This army inspired bag seems to live up to that expectation and the reviews are sensational.

Changing Pad Diaper Bag

What a diaper bag?! Am I right? I love the USB charger in the bag and a little compartment to keep baby contained for diaper changes!

Baby carriers for dad

Alpha 6 Baby Carrier

My kiddos loves being worn in a baby carrier. This carrier is sturdy for bigger kiddos to ride in comfortably and allows your little one to sit in different positions.

Baby Wrap

We really loved wrap carriers for our tiny babies! This wrap is cute and functional for a new dad to be able to wear your little one and bond!

Push presents for dads who love tech

Canon EOS Rebel

It is so important to capture all of the moments because they go by quickly. This camera is a bit of a splurge, but allows you to have beautiful clear pictures of memories that will last a lifetime.

Home Control System

Having a home control system that is in a central location and can also be connected to a phone will make dads life much easier.

Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor

I love that this baby monitor has video and 2 way audio. If your significant other is tech savvy they will absolutely fall in love with this baby monitor.

Phone Docking Station

Dad’s night stand will probably be a mess for a while, so having a docking station to keep all of the tech organized is a must!

Push presents for dads who love tools

Magnetic Wrist Band

When we are doing a DIY project, I am constantly handing my husband something. This magnetic wrist band helps to hold things like screws, washers, etc so that you can be freed up!

Lantern Multitool

I thought this lantern multitool was super neat and a great gift for a new dad that loves tools!

Power Tool Organizer

A power tool organizer is a great gift for a dad that loves tools. This organizer helps to make sure everything is organized and easily found.

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Push presents for dads who love their car

Car Organizer

A car organizer is a great gift for a new dad! In ours we had a cellphone, diapers, wipes, snacks, etc.

Creeper Seat

If your significant other is constantly working on his vehicle, this creeper seat will allow him to comfortably work on multiple different projects!

LED Smart Lights

LED lights are a easy and unique way to spice up your car ride at night. My babies were scared of the dark as they got a little older, and this would have been great for that!

Push presents for dads who love gaming

Player 1 & Player 2

Press START for Player 2! Your gamer is probably so excited about the new addition. This matching set is perfect for him to show off his new gaming buddy.

Universal Gaming Headset Stand

Having a unique lamp in the room is always enjoyable. Combine that with the organization this stand brings and you have a fantastic gift for any gamer.

Gaming Recliner

Every gamer would love this recliner. It has Bluetooth speakers and allows your gamer to feel fully immersed in the moment.

Sentimental push presents for dad

Leather Key Chain

This custom key chain is a unique replacement for the outdated wallet pictures. With wallets getting smaller, this is a convenient way for dads to still show off their little ones.

Initial Bracelet

These custom bracelets are a sweet sentiment for your significant other to proudly display his children.

Patch Cap

These patch caps are a cute way for the new dad to let the world know his new title.

Funny push presents for dad

Toilet Timer

We all know men tend to take their sweet time on the toilet. When you notice he is taking a bit too long, you can start the toilet timer.

New Parent Coin

We all know the displeasure of dealing with a dirty diaper. This unique coin is a fun way to let fate determine who gets to disarm the stink bomb!

New Balance Sneakers

Every dad needs a pair of New Balance sneakers while they’re on their feet with their new baby. Adding these sneakers to their wardrobe will instantly let everyone know they are now a proud dad.

DIY push presents for dad

Snack Basket

Grab dad’s favorite snacks, drinks, tissue paper, and a cute basket, and viola! You have a super simple DIY push present for dad!

BBQ Basket

A BBQ basket is a great DIY gift, especially for anyone who loves grilling. This basket is easy to put together and will be fun to use together.

Push presents for dads who love coffee

Gamer Coffee Mug

This unique mug is a great gift for a man from the 90’s. The nostalgia will be something every gamer will want to show off.

Coffee Warming Plate

We all know that it’s easy to misplace your coffee.. especially as a new parent. This warming plate is a perfect way to make sure his coffee stays warm.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee

If your significant other is a coffee lover, this is a great gift to give them a unique and original taste.

Push presents for dads who love food

Man Snacks

This snack box is all about bacon.. I mean who doesn’t love bacon?

Gourmet Gift Basket

A gourmet gift basket is the perfect gift for someone that loves food! This would make a perfect late night snack!

Push presents that mom and dad can enjoy together

Do You Know Your Spouse?

How well do you know your significant other? These books are great conversation starters and a good way to make sure you keep learning about one another.

Couple Reconnect

Having a baby can be challenging for even the strongest of relationshios. Making sure your marriage or relationship is strong should be top priority! These cards are perfect for sparking deep, meaningful conversations.

Popcorn Set

This popcorn set is perfect for an at home movie night together. I love the different seasonings and kernels to change things up.

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Push presents for dads who love clothes

Dad Shirts

DAD Shirt

This DAD tee is very simple, but really cute! This vendor has a matching MAMA shirt as well that would be adorable for matching.

DAD Est Sweatshirt

I love the simplicity of this sweatshirt, and a cute way to commemorate when he became a dad!

Dad and Baby Matching

Slice of Pizza Shirt & Onesie

This is such a cute matching set for dad and babe!

Brew & Micro Brew

If your husband is into beer this is the cutest shirt combo to get! The onesie comes in different colors as well.

Daddy-Rex & Babysaurus

How cute are these shirts?! I love the daddy-rex and the onesie is completely customizable with baby’s name!

Manly push present ideas for dad

Decanter Set

I love this decanter set and if your man is a whiskey or bourbon connoisseur, I bet he will too!

Man Box

This is a man’s box! If your significant other loves hunting, camping or the outdoors this is the perfect gift!

Beard Kit

If your man has a beard, this grooming kit is very nifty! It has everything from beard wash to beard balm!

Push presents for the dad who has it all

Leather Toiletry Bag

I love this leather toiletry bag. It is great quality and so nice to have for travel or just every day use.

Back & Neck Massager

Those first few weeks may be a little tense for dad from sleeping in the uncomfortable hospital to late night with the new babe. This shoulder massager will be a huge hit.

Wooden Docking Station

This docking station is sleek and so organized! I love that it has a place for everything from rings to glasses and phones!

Push presents that do not cost money

At home date night

Date nights do not have to be complicated or pricey! In fact, they can actually be free! We love having a late night cup of coffee together or maybe watching a movie together. Quality time is a great gift!

Handwritten Letter

I am a sucker for handwritten notes, and I am sure almost anyone would love a sweet note. You can write about how thankful you are for them, your excitement about this time in your life, and what the future holds!

Coupon Book

A coupon book is super simple to make! Grab some paper that you have laying around the house. Cut it into 3 inch strips and staple together. You can spruce it up by typing and printing your coupons, but handwriting them is fine too!

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A few coupon ideas could be:

  • I will cook your favorite dinner
  • I will change the baby’s poopy diaper
  • I will give you a foot massage
  • I will go out for the snacks
  • I will give 1 kiss

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Do dads expect a push present?

Most dads probably do not expect a push present. Push presents are sort of a newer trend. Giving a push present to the new dad in your life would probably be a nice surprise!

Do dads need a push present?

Of course no one “needs” a push present, but it is a nice sentiment to commemorate that special day! Most dads probably aren’t expecting a gift at all!

Push presents for dad’s are a neat and fun way to honor the man in your life and congratulate him on this new chapter. There are lots of different ideas, but it’s what is coming from the heart that matters most.

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