The 10 Best Teas for Fertility and Trying to Conceive

Trying to conceive is an exciting yet frustrating time for many women, and if you want to boost your chances of conceiving, you might decide to try some teas for fertility.

Women have used herbal teas for centuries to support fertility and balance hormones. The practice decreased as modern medicine took hold, but that doesn’t mean herbs aren’t useful for fertility.

Studies show that vitex improves fertility because of its effect on prolactin levels. The American Pregnancy Association says that red raspberry leaf helps to reduce the length of labor and reduce the need for interventions during childbirth.

If you’re interested in trying a fertility tea to help conceive, keep reading to find out the most recommended brands by mothers.

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What Are Fertility Teas?

Are you trying to conceive? Drinking teas for fertility improves the chances of successfully conceiving during your next cycle.

Fertility teas are a blend of different herbs, known to help balance hormones and support your body throughout your menstrual cycle. Many also are a source of vitamins and minerals that aid your body during the reproduction cycle.

Fertility teas target the problem areas that might decrease your chances of getting pregnant. Hormonal imbalances are a leading cause of infertility, along with thin uterine lining, low sex drive, and low sperm count in men.

While fertility teas aren’t a guaranteed way to fix reproduction issues, they will help your body.

As you research fertility teas, you’ll find several common ingredients, such as:

  • Nettle Leaf
  • Red Raspberry Leaf
  • Chasteberry

Medical research is inconclusive when it comes to different herbs for fertility. Some research supports the use of individual herbs, but few studies focus on the use of tea blends to increase the chances of conceiving.

If you use fertility teas, they typically need to be consumed at the right time in your cycle, so make sure you’re tracking your fertility.

Please remember that I’m not a medical professional that can provide you with medical advice. Always consult with your doctor if you have specific questions or concerns.

Are Fertility Teas Safe?

In general, most fertility teas are safe, but I suggest that you speak to your healthcare provider if you are already pregnant, have specific conditions, or take medications. Some herbs aren’t recommended for different health problems or medications.

Also, some herbs are dangerous during pregnancy. Talk to your doctor.

How to Track Your Fertility

Aside from teas, keeping track of your fertility is the biggest key factor in getting pregnant. Conceiving a baby is not just luck, but knowledge and preparation should go into it as well. 

Use an app to track your ovulation, clueing you into your most fertile period.

Ovia Fertility

Keeping track of your fertility is the biggest key factor in getting pregnant. Now there are plenty of free fertility apps to guide you step-by-step.

I’ve been using this app since before I had my first baby and it has always been very accurate.

After you input your data and information, you’ll get accurate fertility window predictions with a ‘score’ of how fertile you will be on each day. This helps you always know when the best days are to conceive.

Ovia uses algorithms based on fertility research to track your cycle and predict your exact ovulation and fertile window. 

It’s a place to record everything that your body is experiencing through each cycle as well as other fertility data that you’ve collect by other means, such as basal temperature, cervical fluid, and ovulation test kits.

If you have an irregular cycle, the Ovia app is most useful since your fertile window can change each month. You can even share the app with your partner so he’s clued in on your fertility which can make getting pregnant less stressful.

In my opinion, this app has the most features and uses out of all of them.

The 10 Best Teas for Fertility

1. Secrets of Tea: Get Pregnant Fertility Tea

Secrets of Tea has formulated remarkable tea blends specifically designed to address hormone imbalances and irregular menstrual cycles in women. Their fertility teas come in a variety of delightful flavors such as peppermint, fruit, and cinnamon.

Additionally, Secrets of Tea recognizes the importance of male fertility and offers a dedicated fertility tea for men, which has achieved a high success rate.

The testimonials and reviews for Secrets of Tea fertility teas have been overwhelmingly positive. Numerous women have shared their experiences, noting that they conceived within one to two months of incorporating this tea into their routine.

The key ingredients in Secrets of Tea fertility blends include:

  • Vitex
  • Red raspberry leaf
  • Lady’s Mantle
  • Nettle Leaf

These herbs are carefully selected for their potential to support reproductive health and boost fertility. Peppermint leaf and Hibiscus are used to infuse the tea with a unique and delightful flavor.

For optimal results, many women choose to combine the Secrets of Tea women fertility tea with the Secrets of Tea Male Fertility tea, enhancing the effectiveness of their fertility journey.

Each package of Secrets of Tea fertility tea contains enough fertility herbs to prepare 40 cups, ensuring an ample supply for women who are actively trying to conceive. This generous quantity allows for consistent consumption over an extended period, maximizing the potential benefits.

2. Pink Stork Fertility Tea

One of the most popular choices for fertility teas is the Pink Stork Fertility Tea. Each bag contains enough herbs for 30 cups, ideal for any woman trying to conceive.

Pink Stork Fertility Tea contains:

  • Vitex
  • Red Raspberry Leaf
  • Lady’s Mantle
  • Peppermint Leaf

When you buy this tea, you’ll find three varieties: mint, sweet mint, and sweet mint iced tea. Each comes in sachets that make two cups of hot tea.

Peppermint leaf brings flavor and sweetness to their tea; they also add stevia to their sweet mint variety. You don’t need to use sugar or honey unless you want.

When you read the reviews of Pink Stork, women note they get pregnant within a month or two of starting this tea.

However, it will mess with normal, regular periods. Some women say that their ovulation totally stopped after starting it, so talk to your doctor.

3. Fairhaven Health FertiliTea

Fairhaven Health is a leading company in the fertility herb world, and their FertiliTea is a great choice for women who have irregular periods, imbalanced hormones, or need to strengthen their uterus.

This fertility tea contains:

  • Vitex
  • Green Tea
  • Nettle Leaf
  • Lady’s Mantle
  • Red Raspberry Leaf

FertiliTea is an organic tea that contains some mint for flavoring. It tastes great hot or cold, and Fairhaven Health recommends that women drink it twice per day.

You need to have a tea infuser to make the process easier; this is a loose-leaf tea rather than in premade bags.

Overall, this tea for fertility is highly rated. Many women say they get pregnant soon after using this drink. Plus, it tastes good even without sweeteners.

However, if you have regular periods and know you’re ovulating, I recommend not using FertiliTea because many women say that it causes their normal periods to change!

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4. Yogi’s Women’s Raspberry Leaf Tea

Yogi is a popular brand, available in most grocery stores and natural food stores. It’s safe for all women and works to stop painful periods and strengthens the overall health of your uterus.

The only ingredient in this tea is red raspberry leaf – that’s it!

Sometimes, simplicity is what works best, and that’s what Yogi gives you. The leaves are portioned into single-serving bags, and each box contains 96 tea bags.

Since it’s recommended that you drink two cups per day, one box lasts for 48 days! Experts recommend only drinking red raspberry leaf during the first half of your cycle, so one box will last you for three months.

That’s a bargain!

It’s hard to find any negative reviews about Yogi’s tea. The flavor is good, the price is right, and drinking it daily won’t cause any problems. If you have regular cycles, I suggest trying this tea for fertility.

5. Moontime Tea Organic Fertility Tea

Moontime Tea is a 100% USDA Organic tea that comes in chlorine-free tea bags. This tea helps support women’s reproductive health with a unique blend of herbs.

This tea blend contains a few herbs as the main ingredients:

  • Red raspberry leaf
  • Red Clover
  • Peppermint Leaf
  • Nettle Leaf

Each pouch contains 30 tea bags that make one cup of tea. The taste is flavorful even without sweetener; it helps you relax, so consider drinking it before bedtime.

The reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Many women say that they get pregnant shortly after starting this tea, and several also said that the tea improved their irregular cycles.

However, a few women noted that taking this tea made their regular cycle become irregular, so stay away from this as well if your cycle is normal.

6. Blue Stork Male Fertility Tea

Not many companies make fertility teas for men, which makes no sense since males are half the equation to a successful pregnancy! Blue Stork Male Fertility Tea is ideal for men who need to increase their libido, sperm count, and/or motility.

The main ingredients are:

  • Maca Root
  • Fenugreek
  • Green Tea

Aside from the main ingredients, you’ll find a lot of other herbs like peppermint, ginseng, turmeric, and more. Men should drink two cups of hot tea per day.

The brand says that men can drink this tea daily, so you’ll need two boxes because each contains 15 bags. They sell a regular or sweetened version or sweeten it yourself.

The reviews about Blue Stork are hit and miss. The flavor is overall good, but few contribute their successful pregnancies to this tea. Some say they had their count tested before and after with no changes.

However, drinking Blue Stork won’t hurt male fertility, so it’s worth a shot.

7. Herb Lore Fertility Tea for Women

Another popular choice is Herb Lore Fertility Tea, created for women who need to tone their uterus before pregnancy, increase cervical mucus, or need to reduce stress while trying to conceive.

Herb Lore uses these main ingredients:

  • Red Raspberry Leaf
  • Nettle Leaf

You’ll notice other ingredients that herbalists swear help with fertility, such as red clover, dandelion, and alfalfa. They added peppermint leaves for flavor, but no other sweeteners are used. They added chamomile as well, so you might find yourself dozing off after drinking a cup.

This herbal tea tastes great hot and cool, and it’s a loose-leaf blend that requires a tea infuser or straining after steeping.

The combination of herbs gently detoxes your uterus, especially after you’ve taken birth control before. It also improves cervical mucus and tones your uterus.

The biggest thing that stands out about Herb Lore Fertility Tea is that it seems to be effective for many women. Women with PCOS report their regular periods came back, and one review said it helped open a closed fallopian tube enough to conceive.

That being said, it’s not recommended for women with normal, regular cycles because it will cause changes and disrupt your hormones. Also, most reviews say you need to drink two to three cups per day to see positive results.

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8. Modest Earth Baby Maker Tea

If you want to improve your overall reproductive health or are already pregnant, Modest Earth Baby Maker Tea is an excellent option.

The main ingredients are:

  • Nettle Leaf
  • Red Raspberry Leaf
  • Alfalfa Leaf

Modest Earth added a bunch of other ingredients like dandelion leaves, chamomile, and peppermint leaves. The taste overall is sweet, despite some of the unusual herb additions.

What really stands out is the reviews.

Multiple women say that they reported pregnancy after the first cycle with this tea. Not only that, but many said that the tea calmed and soothed their periods.

Note that this is a loose-leaf bag of tea so you need an infuser. Each bag makes around 48 cups of tea.

9. Traditional Medicinals Organic Healthy Cycle Tea

Here is another brand of fertility teas that you might find in a local store. Walmart even sells Traditional Medicinals, so it’s available everywhere, making this an appealing option.

Healthy Cycle is for women with painful period cramps, and it’s one of the most popular teas for fertility of all time.

A few of the main ingredients include:

  • Raspberry Leaf
  • Stinging Nettle Leaf

This tea is meant to drink hot, and it has a unique, citrusy flavor because lemongrass and lemon verbena are in the tea blend.

Each box contains 96 tea bags, so that should result in enough fertility tea for three to six months.

Since this tea has more than raspberry leaf, I suggest avoiding it if you have normal, healthy cycles because you don’t want to make the situation worse.

10. Cysterhood Hormone-Balancing Tea

Women who have imbalanced hormones or PCOS need Cysterhood Tea, and it also helps women who face constant gas, bloating, and digestive issues associated with their cycles.

A few of the main ingredients include:

  • Lady’s Mantle
  • Red Raspberry Leaf
  • Stinging Nettle Leaf

Cysterhood Tea is meant for specific women who are struggling with PCOS or crazy hormonal problems while trying to conceive. The tea contains many standard herbs for fertility, but they also include herbs like cinnamon bark for PCOS.

Compared to other herbal teas on this list, Cysterhood has some seriously amazing reviews, but remember, this tea works for a particular subset of women.

This tea works great for women who have MIA periods, PCOS, and PCOS-related symptoms. It’s an effective choice but also pricey.

You pay for results!

Common Fertility Tea FAQs

What Herbs Increase Fertility?

When you look at all of these teas, you notice that most brands contain the same herbs. That’s because these are the herbs most known for balancing hormones and improving your period symptoms.

Here are a few of the best herbs for fertility that you’ll notice in most of the blends.

Chasteberry – Vitex

Chasteberry, typically called Vitex, is known for balancing sex hormones. Experts believe that this is the single best herb for improving the chance of conceiving.

Herbalists use vitex to treat infertility, premenstrual symptoms, menstrual disorders, and menopause. It also may reduce prolactin levels during their luteal phase and lead to regular periods.

Red Raspberry Leaf

Another popular herb for fertility is red raspberry leaf; it’s often used by itself to help women prepare for labor.

Red raspberry leaf has a long history of promoting healthy uteruses before and during pregnancy. It also helps to relieve symptoms of PMS, tightens pelvic muscles, reducing cramps, and improving iron deficiencies.

Stinging Nettle Leaf

Stinging nettle is no fun to grab in the garden, but it helps with fertility.

This herb contains antioxidants that encourage a healthy, hospitable uterus. It also reduces excessive bleeding and makes your period more pleasant.

Red Clover

Midwives regularly recommend red clover to boost fertility and improve a woman’s overall health. The plant contains natural plant estrogen called phytoestrogen that eases symptoms like hot flashes.

This herb also has high levels of nutrients that make your body and uterus more welcoming for conception.

Peppermint Leaf

Another safe herb that is added to many fertility teas is peppermint leaf. Not only does it improve the overall flavor of the teas, but it reduces period cramping.


I’m a huge cinnamon fan; the sweet flavor is delicious, but you might not know that it helps women to conceive, especially women with PCOS.

Is Green Tea Good for Female Fertility?

Yes! Green tea is an excellent tea for female fertility. It improves your overall health, but you need to include red raspberry leaf with it because green tea reduces your body’s absorption of iron from foods.

Some of the other benefits of green tea include:

  • Reducing bad cholesterol
  • Lowering the risk of endometrial, cervical, and ovarian cancers
  • Enhances other fertility herbs

When Should You Drink Tea to Help Get Pregnant?

The best time to drink tea to help get pregnant is starting on the first day of your period until your ovulation date. At that point, you should stop drinking these herbal fertility teas because some ingredients slightly increase the risk of miscarriages.

How Often Should You Drink Drink Herbal Teas to Get Pregnant?

Women who want to get pregnant can drink one to two cups of fertility tea daily. Read the directions on the tea brand you buy and ask your healthcare provider if more is better in your situation.

Drinking teas for fertility is one way to improve your chances of conception. Make sure you continue to track your cycle and speak to your doctor about other ways to increase the likelihood of conceiving quickly!

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